30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 25

Again, I’m inspired to answer two of the day 25 questions.

Day 25: A love song? and Day 25: Find a dramatic MV.

Now, I wonder if they mean just any old love song or a favorite love song? Does Infinite’s “Be Mine” count as a love song? Why not? They are loving on a girl who loves someone else who only makes her miserable. Thus, they are singing their love to her. Or something like that. This can also serve as a dramatic MV (or really an MV that makes no sense whatsoever).

There’s also JJ Lin’s “Love U U” which is a bit sad, but still a love song. Actually there are really just too many good love songs out there in the Asian music world, both happy and sad.

As for a “dramatic” MV…they can be hard to find at times and then all of a sudden there’s a slew of them that comes out. A good one is 2BiC’s “Made Yet Another Woman Cry” and LED Apple’s “Someone Met By Chance.”

Wanna share your thoughts?

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