30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 24

Another triple header question!

Day 24: Name a happy song. | Who is your favorite male singer? | Day 24: Find a cute MV.

Okay, I’m not sure this entirely counts as a happy song, but “Love Is In The Air” by jpop coed group AAA makes me happy, so thus it’s a happy song for me.

My favorite male singer is a little hard to narrow down it seems. But I can give you a general list of solo artists that I enjoy. I’m not sure any of them stand out to me as being the cream of the crop, the top of the top, though.

  • K.Will
  • Kan Jong Wook
  • Bii
  • Nylon Chen
  • Yoga Lin
  • Gackt

And…lastly…a cute MV. There are so many of them out there, aren’t there?  Maybe Boyfriend’s debut with “Boyfriend” or Infinite’s “She’s Back” (as being the kind of cute that I can actually stand). I could list tons of girl group MVs…but…those I tend not to enjoy with the overly cutesy voices and expressions and movies. Shivers.

One comment

  • Gackt is definitely my favorite male solo act,
    I’m not sure if its considered as Happy Song,but G-Dragon’s “Crayon” makes me smile.
    And a cute MV will be Lee Hi’s “Its Over”,I know the meaning of the song is not cute but that blue bear is just super cute, there’s also Orange Caramel’s “Magic Girl”,well all of Orange Caramels songs are cute, that’s their concept. But is your asking for a guys mv then I think it will be B1A4 “what’s happening is cute.

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