30 Day Manga Challenge Day 8

Why do I find this so hard?

Day 08: The most annoying character?

MayuraI’m kind of at a loss for this question. I mean…I know there are characters that annoy the heck out of me in various manga…but I just can’t pin one down at the moment. As soon as I say that a character pops into my head. The most annoying? Probably not. Mayura from Alice 19th just annoyed me. Sure…she was being controlled by the evil people, but still. Just didn’t like her.

She’s the perfect older sister character that’s so annoying. Yeah, deep down she’s not so bad and isn’t really evil…but just…

I also hate female leads portrayed as simple, brainless idiots. Or the male lead badboys with their typical mother baggage who play it constantly hot and cold with our female leads. Weak female leads who are spineless, let people walk all over them, and give up the one they really love without much of a fight out of a misconceived sense of guilt.

Wanna share your thoughts?

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