30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 23

I can actually answer this question relatively easily. Go figure.

Day 23: Who is your favorite female singer?

Utada HikaruNumber one in my heart will always be Utada Hikaru. Hikki’s voice is lovely and even though I’m not an overly huge fan of dance music all of the time, even her more dance heavy tracks really draw me in. I own many of her English and Japanese albums and find myself singing along with them all of the time (especially the English language ones). I love many of her songs that end up as themes for anime and dramas.

I especially love “First Love.” It’s such a beautiful song. And then there’s “Eternally,” “Prisoner of Love,” “Flavor of Life,” “Distance,” “Can You Keep a Secret,” “Exodus,” “Apple and Cinnamon,” “You Make Me Want to Be a Man,” “Sanctuary” and more.

And, just a shout out to my top five female artists.

  1. Utada Hikaru
  2. ayaka
  3. miwa
  4. Lyn
  5. Joey Leung


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