Crazy Love Episode 54 Recap

Let us watch Min Jae get his sorry rear kicked by Seo. It will be fun. Min Jae asks if Kyung Soo is Mi So’s bodyguard and then tells him that they will die together. Kyung Soo keeps his grip tight and reminds Min Jae that he told him once that he wouldn’t let it go if Min Jae bothered Mi So again. So…what is he going to do then? Mi So then rushes up and begs Kyung Soo to let the worthless sack of trash (my words, not hers) go as he’s not worth the trouble. When Kyung Soo doesn’t immediately comply, Mi So yells for Kang and Chan Ki to come help and the younger men finally rush into the fray to pry the older men apart.

After the men are torn apart, Min Jae asks if Kyung Soo is Mi So’s lover. No answer is allowed as he drunkenly says that he will ruin Mi So and have her ousted from CK. He then collapses and Jong Hee takes the others and drags his drunk butt out. Kyung Soo apologizes for showing this side of himself and all Mi So can do is constantly repeat that she is sorry herself.

Chan Ki and Jong Hee have the unpleasant job of taking Min Jae back to Na Young. They should have just left his drunk butt on a bench somewhere. Anywho, of course Na Young is unhappy. How did her hubby get to be in such a sorry state? They did that to him didn’t they? Eyeroll. As if Min Jae would allow them to pour drinks down his throat. Na Young must remember Min Jae’s penchant for alcohol when he’s feeling miserable. Anwyho, Jong Hee is immediately peeved and says a thank you is in order, not accusations. When Na Young repeats her question, Chan Ki says no one did anything to Min Jae, he did it himself. He showed up completely drunk to the celebration dinner and started picking on Mi So. So…her went to see Mi So? Min Jae pops up at the mere mention of his ex’s name. He drunkenly vows not to let her get away with what she’s doing  and picks up a pillow saying he will do that to her neck. This angers Chan Ki. He rips the pillow away and calls him a piece of trash.

Enter Myung Ja who does the exact same thing as Na Young. She blames both Chan Ki and Jong Hee for being thugs and getting her son into such a sorry state. Chan Ki yells in frustration that they did nothing to the man. Sheesh. No good deed goes unpunished. That’s why I’m saying they should have just left him somewhere. Myung Ja then demands to know what happened and Jong Hee lays out all of Min Jae’s sins from threatening Mi So and causing damages to the place they were celebrating. Myung Ja cannot believe her son would do something like that. Chan Ki then says he won’t sue Min Jae for three million (like Min Jae did to him), but he has to ask how Myung Ja raised her son. Fist pumping into the air. Hahahaha. Nice one.

Kyung Soo and Mi So go back to his office where Kyung Soo assures her that he isn’t hurt any where. He then wonders why she keeps staring at him. Mi So then frets about bad rumors starting and hurting Kyung Soo. Is this because Min Jae called Kyung Soo her love in front of everyone? Well…he is, so if rumors start there is nothing that can be done about it. This does not amuse Mi So at all and Kyung Soo apologizes. He just meant that she doesn’t have to worry too much. Plus, Kyung Soo just couldn’t stand back and let Min Jae treat her like that. If he does so again in the future, Kyung Soo won’t let it go.

Chan Ki and Jong Hee go home and tell Moon Do what horrible things Min Jae did yet again. Moon Do wishes to rush right over and give Min Jae what for so he never bothers Mi So again. Jong Hee stops him and then Chan Ki says if it wasn’t for Kyung Soo, who knows what would have happened. He then complains about being embarrassed in front of Kyung Soo over Min Jae’s behavior. Moon Do wonders what Kyung Soo was doing there and Jong Hee quickly lies and says he was just passing by. She goes back into the room she shares with Mi So and wonders if Pineapple-ssi is Kyung Soo. Jong Hee desperately hopes it isn’t him.

As Jong Hee is grilling the teddy bears about who their owner is Mi So enters. Jong Hee asks if the shoes were from Pineapple-ssi. Mi So confirms this. Jong Hee then tries to get information out of Mi So, but she refuses to answer as she’s just too tired and wishes to rest. She leaves to prepare for bed and Jong Hee shakes the teddy she holds not happy and all confused.

Hae Ryung is happily laying out the gifts for her husband (that she had her lover try on) when Yoo Jung comes in. Yoo Jung is happy to see Hae Ryung is in a good mood. She then asks after the rehabilitation program. Hae Ryung says she is doing good and feels like she’s becoming a more mature and responsible person. She vows she will not go back to her old ways. Yoo Jung leaves when she hears Kyung Soo arrive home and Hae Ryung’s face darks. This girl…you can trust her.

Yoo Jung sends Kyung Soo into his wife and goes in to report everything that is happening. Tae San is worried that Yoo Jung’s forcing the issue of the treatments will have the opposite effect. Yoo Jung reminds him the doctor was adamant about Hae Ryung needing the treatments. Yoo Jung wishes to believe the best and that Hae Ryung is honestly working hard at getting better and trying to win over her husband’s heart. Too late. Just way too late. Tae San looks relatively uneasy still. That’s right, you know your daughter is a few crayons short of a box.

Kyung Soo goes into the bedroom and sees the stuff sitting out. What is all of this? Hae Ryung ignores the question and asks him to try everything on as she is sure they will look wonderful on him. Kyung Soo again demands to know what is going on. Hae Ryung then says she bought everything that she had Jimmy (her lover) try on for Kyung Soo as well. Hae Ryung plans on dressing Jimmy up like her husband and taking him around town. Eyeroll. Head shake. This girl. Totally off her rocker. She then talks about how Jimmy resembles him once he’s all suited up like Kyung Soo normally dresses, but he’s even better as an imitation because he actually listens to her. Meh. Kyung Soo demands to know why Hae Ryung is doing such things. If she’s not crazy and completes the program, then he’ll leave right? She can’t bear to let go of his empty shell and if he insists on running away, she’ll make she he regrets it and feels guilty for the rest of his life. Charming, isn’t she?

Yoo Jung’s secretary reports the incident with Min Jae to the VP the next morning. It appears that Min Jae was taking out his suspension on poor innocent Mi So. Yoo Jung is horrified. How is Mi So? Kim says that Mi So is thankfully okay. This relieves Yoo Jung. She then complains about how pathetic Min Jae is acting every day. She sends the secretary out just as Mi So comes in. Yoo Jung asks the girl herself if she’s okay. Mi So asserts that she is and Yoo Jung vows to make sure he never does such things again. Mi So says that is not necessary, but Yoo Jung won’t let it go as Mi So is her people.

Yoo Jung then hands over two department store gift certificates for Jong Hee and Mi So on a job well done. Mi So points out that it really was them only doing their jobs, but Yoo Jung insists that it was thanks to the two’s hard work that the presentation was so successful. Yoo Jung then takes out a second gift that she bought for Mi So. The younger woman is astonished when Yoo Jung pulls out a bracelet and puts it on her wrist. The bracelet is similar to the one Yoo Jung is wearing. Oh, the situational and dramatic irony. Yoo Jung says that she feels that if she puts bracelets around the wrists of the people she meets and likes, then that will keep them with her longer than a necklace or a ring. Interesting…kind of like she’s “handcuffing” them to her with a bracelet? That didn’t work with Da Hae, now did it?

Mi So is happy, but believes the gift is too much. Yoo Jung points out that she has bought herself the same bracelet. She really feels like Mi So is more like her own daughter, especially after learning that Mi So’s mother is dead. Yoo Jung then asks if she can take over that role in Mi So’s life. Mi So immediately bursts into tears. Yoo Jung quickly apologizes, but Mi So says she is crying because she is so grateful to have met Yoo Jung. I’m not saying these scenes are bad…but don’t they seem forced and contrived? They are driving the point home too hard that Mi So is really Yoo Jung’s biological daughter and building up all of these mother-daughter bonding moments that…yeah. Contrived. I felt the same way about the mother-daughter scenes in Kaew Lom Phet.

In Myung Ja’s office, Min Jae is getting scolded by both his mother and Na Young. Min Jae thinks that the can’t be truly ousted because his mother is the president of the company. Myung Ja begins hitting him with a report once more and points out that on top of the bribery charges, there is no way she can save him if they had in sexual harassment. Min Jae doesn’t get this. He only asked Mi So to poor him a drink. More hitting. Even that’s considered sexual harassment, moron! Min Jae then asks his mother to fix the suspension or send him to Europe to meet with CEOs of other companies to gain new skills and connections. Wow. He’s really setting the bar too high. Myung Ja tells him that there is no way any CEO would want to meet with him. LOL. She knows how much of a loser her son is. She helped make him that way after all.

Myung Ja insists that no matter what, during his suspension Min Jae is to come to work every day even if he’s only playing games or reading magazines. Na Young insists that won’t be enough to stop Yoo Jung from going after Min Jae and getting rid of his position just like Myung Ja got rid of Yoo Jung’s development team. Myung Ja screams that Na Young is brilliant to just figure that out. She then demands to know what kind of horrible report it is that Na Young brought about the profit margin from the Planning Team’s new item. Looks like they made too much product and there’s not enough people buying right now. Since everything is organic, there’s a shorter shelf life. What will Na Young do now. Instead of trying to defend Na Young like he did in the past, Min Jae does that childish “you should have done better” to her. Haha. I guess he’s happy he’s not the only one getting yelled at by his mother. GOT to love Na Young’s look of disgust.

Mi So is happily admiring the bracelet that Yoo Jung gave her when Na Young comes into the office and starts lighting into her again. Mi So stands up and demands to know what the other woman wants know. Sure, Mi So may think the world is hers thanks to the spotlight and praise of the new product, but she needs to remember that she’s beneath Na Young. How so? Mi So needs to remember that Na Young is the daughter-in-law of the president of CK and the wife of its director as well. Um…I really think it would be funny if Mi So says that she was all of those things, too, and wishes Na Young all the badness that came with that title. Anywho, Mi So wonders why Na Young is bringing all of this up now. Mi So then asks if she makes Na Young nervous.

Mi So: “Na Young…do I make you nervous? Do you think that I’m going to steal your place?”

Na Young” I know that’s why you came to work for CK Foods.”

Mi So: “Let me make myself very clear one more time. The position you’re in…and everything you have…I have no interest in them whatsoever, so let’s not have any more exhausting conversations like this one. I don’t want to fight with you.”

Na Young then immediately accuses Mi So of belittling her after that high and might speech. Well…Na Young does deserve belittling for her narrow-minded and persecutory attitude. Just give up, Mi So, you can’t get through to that woman.

Enter Jong Hee with the other workers. Jong Hee immediately leaps to Mi So’s defense and says that Na Young should be apologizing to Mi So for Min Jae’s bad behavior that even Kang and Oh witnessed. The angry Na Young then snaps at Oh and Kang to submit a new profit report by the end of the day. Mi So sits down after insisting that Na Young wasn’t threatening her and gets a call from Shim asking for a report. Mi So promises to have it by the end of the day. Jong Hee then notices the envelope and Mi So tells her it is a present from Yoo Jung to thank them for the presentation.

Jong Hee is still gushing over Yoo Jung’s benevolence when the girls go to have lunch. Jong Hee then spots Kyung Soo in the cafeteria and immediately goes over to greet him. Kyung Soo stands up and greets her and Jong Hee asks if they can’t join him and his staff. Kyung Soo happily agrees and Mi So reluctantly sits down, too. Kyung Soo introduces both girls to his staff. Kyung Soo specifically wishes Mi So a good lunch and at Jong Hee’s look he awkwardly wishes her one as well. A phone then goes off and it’s the waltz tone that Mi So has. Jong Hee says it must be her phone while Attorney Go says that it must be Kyung Soo’s. Yeah…need you any more proof of these two being a couple? Jong Hee asks why Kyung Soo’s ringtone is the same. Mi So clams up and says nothing. Awkwardness to the max.

Kyung Soo and Mi So sit out on the roof together and he asks about her ringer being set to a waltz, too. Mi So confirms it is and that it seems like this is making Jong Hee suspicious now since she learned Kyung Soo’s is a waltz, too. Mi So then asks why and Kyung Soo says that he’s happy their ringers are the same as it means they are in sync without even talking. Awww. Mi So smiles and then changes her expression to a sterner one saying she will change it as she believes Jong Hee has caught on. She then tells Kyung Soo they need to be more careful in the future. Kyung Soo smiles happily and promises.

Jong Hee is inside the building desperately searching for Mi So. Just where did she head off to? She can’t be meeting with Kyung Soo, can she? No, that’s impossible, right? Jong Hee goes into the office and is relieved to see a text from Mi So saying that she is heading to the warehouse to check out new stock. The office phone then rings and it’s Jae Hyuk! Jong Hee instantly complains about what happened with Min Jae the previous night. Of course, Jae Hyuk isn’t too happy to hear that Kyung Soo swooped in to save Mi So from Min Jae. Jong Hee then tells Jae Hyuk to call Mi So’s cell since she’s out of the office at the warehouse.

Baek arrives and immediately starts helping her move boxes. Mi So is happy by the surprise and the two sit down to drink the refreshments Jae Hyuk brought. Baek then congratulates her on a job well down at the presentation. Mi So is surprised. Why didn’t he stay to say hi if he was there? Baek apologizes saying he had a prior commitment to get to so he couldn’t stay to  greet her afterwards. Mi So then happily praises herself and says that his little sister is good, right? Cute. Jae Hyuk smiles and happily agrees (not that he wants to claim her as his sister, but still…better than nothing, right?). He then asks about the Min Jae incident. Mi So’s face falls and she says that Min Jae did show up. Jae Hyuk scolds her for not calling him over so he could teach Min Jae a lesson so that the arse never touches Mi So again.

Mi So immediately chides Baek for those words. She’s happy to know that he worries and cares, but she herself worries when he talks like that as she doesn’t want him to hurt someone for her sake. This makes him look away a bit uncomfortably. Mi So then says that yesterday she realized she had another guardian angel besides him. Another arrow right through his eviscerated heart. Poor, poor, poor Baek.

The next day the girls arrive at CK to see an announcement posted on the billboard. In it, Mi So is appointed the team leader of the Development Team. Yay for Mi So doing well at work. At the same time, Yoo Jung delivers the terms of the merger with Queens to Kyung Soo who promises to go through the documents to see that there is nothing too extreme. Yoo Jung then says that Queens had an addendum that they wanted. What was it? To immediately promote Yoon Mi So to a new position as team leader. Yoo Jung is proud that CK spotted her protégé’s potential. Kyung Soo reads on and sees that they are also requesting Myung Ja’s and Min Jae’s dismissal from CK. This isn’t surprising as Queens was unhappy with Myung Ja’s ways of doing business from the beginning. So isn’t it funny that they even thought of doing a merger with CK then? This news will definitely cause some strife.

As Kyung Soo gets up to leave, Mi So enters. The two bow awkwardly and Kyung Soo leaves. Yoo Jung immediately congratulates Mi So on her promotion. Mi So is still reeling from the announcement. Is she really qualified for such a position. Yoo Jung assures Mi So that it was her talent that got her the new job. Meanwhile, Ko reports to Myung Ja about Queens’s conditions for the merger. No one in the room is happy that Min Jae and Myung Ja’s jobs are on the line. Myung Ja cusses out Yoo Jung and then grabs her neck and faints. So….typical. Well, you reap what you sow.

Mi So is in the hall when she gets a text from Kyung Soo congratulating her promotion and asking if they should go out to celebrate that night. Mi So texts back that she still can’t believe she’s been promoted and tells him she can’t meet him as she has to go to the warehouse after work. Kyung Soo then promises to go to the warehouse after he’s done at the office so they can have a private party to celebrate.

That night Kyung Soo gets a call from Jimmy who is at a club with Hae Ryung who is throwing a fit and acting all crazy. Nothing new there. How amusing that he calls his sugar mama’s husband. Kyung Soo can hear Hae Ryung screaming for him and throwing bottles. Jimmy begs him to come and get Hae Ryung pronto. The unhappy Kyung Soo asks where they are and then texts Mi So saying he will be late. She tells him its okay and to take his time.

Min Jae who is driving like a maniac arrives at the parking garage with a gas can. How dare Mi So try to get rid of him? He goes into the warehouse where Mi So is checking over the products. She’s, of course, not happy to see him (her eyeroll and sigh was priceless—how did she live with him for 5 or so years?). He immediately starts spraying the gasoline around. Mi So is alarmed. What does he think he’s doing? Min Jae states that they just need to die together and end all of this. Mi So rushes to him to stop him as it will be dangerous if the warehouse catches on fire. Well…that was Min Jae’s point, wasn’t it? Min Jae shoves her out of the into a stack of boxes knocking her out. Min Jae flicks open his lighter and says they should never have met before turning tale and running. Ummmm…didn’t he say they should just die together?

Baek gets a text from Jong Hee about celebrating Mi So’s promotion and he goes to buy a cake and then he calls up Mi So as he was also tasked with getting her from the warehouse. When she doesn’t answer, Baek looks frightened. Is his spidey senses tingling that his lady love is in danger?

End episode. Of course, Mi So won’t die. But can we get a beat down on Min Jae. Coward. If he says they should die together then he should sit there and get his arse fried, too. Na Young and Min Jae really deserve each other as both try to kill the girl they believe is the cause of all their problems. Only Min Jae is a bit better, he takes a more direct approach than Na Young’s sneaky underhanded ways…Not that I condone violence and murder, but kudos for Min Jae for having the gall to actually do it himself.


  • OMG can we get a complete beat down of that prick Min Jae. Talk about a spineless coward, so he cannot beat Attorney Seo or Beak directly so he goes after Mi Soo. Can we gas him up then light the fire please. Can Mi Soo stop been so damn nice to Na Young and really slap the taste out of her mouth. She is so unbearable, always blaming someone else for her sorry life.

    Can Attorney Seo just let his Drama Queen wife have her breakdown and leave. She will never change so he might as well move and let the chips fall where they may.

    I feel sorry for Baek but he might have a chance once Mi Soo and Attorney Seo’s relationship comes to the forefront.

    I am so happy that Min Jae and his mother are getting what they deserve. Payback is a bitch.

    • Going to take a miracle for him to leave her. Guilt always sends him back. Maybe Baek will help him with his decision! Competition is good! Only time I welcome it because he needs the push. Hae Ryung needs to be institutionalized. The attitude of the father and step-mother has been a detriment.

  • She might probably not remember that Min jae caused the accident because she definitely hit her head somewhere while falling and got a selective amnesia. A 100+ drama needs its amnesia plot 🙂

  • I think everyone is in agreement. He SO NEEDS his ASS KICKED! Min Jae? Coward! Yes, let’s die together while I run out the door! ASS!! And Kyung Soo? How in the HELL is he going to get out of that relationship! Nucking Futs is just plain crazy!! Props for the actress for maintaining that level of craziness!! Amnesia? I sure hope not!! I’d like one drama WITHOUT it! Sorry for all of the caps and cussing but that’s what this drama elicits from you!!

    • Well…you see a lot of caps and cussing in my recaps at times, too, lol.
      I know MJ gets his ass handed to him by Baek in this week’s episodes. Need to find the energy and ambition to watch…maybe if I don’t have to cut grass after work I can catch up…

  • I don’t know how the actress who plays Kyung Soo’s wife manages to live with such a character 4 times a week .
    Thanks for your recap .

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