30 Day Manga Challenge Day 7

This answer might earn me a lot of flack, but oh well.

Day 07 – A manga you disliked enough to stop reading?

Vampire KnightI know this may sound absurd considering I disliked Zettai Kareshi and yet I finished the entire series… The first series I thought of is the very, very, very, very, very popular Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino. I know so many people who loves this manga and anime. Me? Oh sure it had a good enough start but chapter after chapter and volume after volume I found myself disliking the plot and how things were dragging. Even when Bleach gets repetitive with dragging stuff out, it’s still not bad to me. But this manga…after a point where we learn about our love triangle’s true identities…I just stopped reading. I couldn’t take it any more. My Love for the series was completely destroyed. I can’t even pinpoint exactly WHY that point did it in for me…but it did.

It’s just like my love-hate relationship with Secret Garden. My apologies to all those who still love the series, but it has just turned me off completely. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I really wanted to keep loving the series and take it to the end, but just couldn’t do it.


  • OMG VAMPIRE KNIGHT. I read part of it but eventually I gave up on it. *shakes head*

    I also gave up on Bleach but just recently I caught up on reading all the chapters I missed. I LOVE ISHIDA ❤

  • Don’t read the f*ck*ng ending. Vampire Knight was the first manga I’ve ever read, and after we learn the real identities of the characters it got sooo boring. From there up to the end it became CRAPTASTIC. So craptastic I cried at the end, for this was the one that compelled me to enter the manga and anime world fully, and yet things become shitty.

  • I stopped reading Vampire Knight as well. I was enjoying it originally, and then things got weird, and then it jumped forward in time, and then it was still weird. Urgh, just wasn’t interesting anymore.

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