30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 22

A wild card day. I personally don’t really follow girl groups. Sure, other can gush about how great they are and how you can find those girl groups that really stand out and are unique. But…to me…girl group = meh. I’ve already done posts about songs/videos that make me laugh. I can’t think of any video that reminds me of good times, so…yeah. What to do?

Day 22: An artist you initially disliked that you love now?

Thanks to me finding Alice Nine, I started exploring more bands within the visual kei umbrella. This led me to discover D=Out and LM.C. Both bands were not bands that I was able to enjoy right of the bat. Kouki from D=Out has a very unique and husky voice, not something you find often in Japanese music. At first his unique color grated on my ears, but the more I listened, the more I fell in love with it and I am now a big D=Out fan.

LM. C was much the same. I wasn’t really sure that I liked Maya’s voice and the duo was very interesting. After listening to their music more and more I found myself becoming immersed and loving their songs, especially “Oh My Juliet.” and “Punky Heart.”

I can say about the same thing when it comes to Mandopop artist Bii. His voice really didn’t win me over and was a bit offputting for me, but I found myself being drawn in and now I listening to his music obsessively. It’s so catchy, don’t you think? [“Come back to meeee, come back to meeee”]

And then there is VIXX. Thanks to the rapper in the group, I didn’t really like VIXX even though the vocalists weren’t bad. Now, I still don’t like Ravi’s rapping. His voice still gets on my nerves. I just don’t know why, but I really have come to accept the fact that I’ll never like his rapping, but I like the group and their dynamics on a whole.

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