Crazy Love Episode 53 Recap

In honor of poor, poor Baek-oppa, a song dedication—Tal Bachman’s “She’s So High” (that is NOT in reference to drugs by the by, lol).

I must say that I was cheering in this episode as Mi So fought back. How long has it been? Before she had no problem letting Min Jae abuse her, but now she’s finally not taking any more of his crap. Good for her. Of course…this could be because he hurt something that Kyung Soo gave her…but I’ll take what I can get. We get lots of good Kyung Soo and Mi So moments in this episode, poor Baek. But…there are times that Kyung Soo and Mi So are just WAY awkward and this usually is more on Mi So’s part than on Kyung Soo’s. Just why is she so awkward and teenagery around him? She’s not as bad as Shinohara Ryoko’s Sakura in Last Cinderella, since she isn’t down right juvenile…but again, she’s very awkward with Kyung Soo at times.

Anywho, enough of me griping or digressing. So…where does this episode start again? Oh, yeah.  Kyung Soo gives Mi So the shoes and this lacerates Baek to the very core. That’s his precious dongsaeng that he doesn’t want to be a sister. Anywho, Mi So happily accepts the lovely shoes. How did Kyung Soo know her size? He remembered how her shoes fit inside of his sneakers when she broke her heel. Thus, he went to a shoe store and told the clerk this and asked for a pair of shoes as beautiful and dainty as the woman who would be wearing them. Omo. Soooo corny and yet so good at the same time.

Kyung Soo promises he will be at the product launch and gives Mi So a mission. What mission? She must look at him three times during her speech. This alarms Mi So. That’s just impossible. If she can’t do it, then Kyung Soo will make her pay a penalty. What’s the penalty? She must grant a wish of his. However, if she can complete her mission, he will grant a wish of hers instead. It’s sweet, really, it is.

Meanwhile, the crushed and bleeding on the inside Baek is back in his car with his present. He recalls that he had asked Kyung Soo earlier if he was fighting so hard for Mi So because he liked her. Of course, this is way back when Jae Hyuk had no idea that Mi So was his precious Eun Joo. He then recalls what Jong Hee said about Pineapple-ssi and Mi So having a boyfriend. There is no doubt to him now who that man is. You’d think Baek would put up some sort of immediate fight (well…after getting over the initial shock that is) since Kyung Soo is

  1. married,
  2. married to a psychotic wife no less,
  3. and he’s the son-in-law to the horrible Oh Tae San who never lets anyone escape his grasp.

Oh, I’m sure Baek and Kyung Soo have some conflicts ahead, but I expected a bit more immediacy, like I said.

At the Yoon house, Jong Hee is admiring her dress and wishing she can wear nice new clothes to work every day. She then wonders if Baek is giving Mi So the shoes as they speak. Chan Ki then comes in with his gifts. He hides them behind his back and gets really irate as Jong Hee keeps talking about Baek and inviting Jae Hyuk to the launch. Does she like him as a man? Jong Hee thinks on this…quite possibly. This is not what our Chan Ki wishes to hear. Jong Hee then asks if the box behind him is for her. Chan Ki quickly lies and says it isn’t, but she is quick to pounce.

Kyung Soo drops Mi So off at home and asks if she is nervous about tomorrow. Of course! Mi So’s heart has been pounding like crazy all day. Kyung Soo smiles and leans in close. Mi So scrunches up her body and hunches her shoulders (almost as if she’s afraid) and Kyung Soo kisses her forehead. Those forehead kisses. Shakes head. This really surprises Mi So. You know…in the manga Honey Hunt our leading lady was more affected by Q-ta’s (her crush) kiss on her forehead than his little brother’s on her lips…think Mi So is the same? Anywho, Kyung Soo smiles once more and reminds her of her mission before leaving.

Mi So  goes inside and Jong Hee hands over Chan Ki’s gifts. Jong Hee is slightly baffled though as it seems like the hairpin that she received is more expensive than the hairpin that Mi So received. Mi So looks over at Jong Hee’s and says that it obviously suits her friend. She then assures Jong Hee that both pins probably cost around the same amount. Besides—doesn’t Chan Ki see Jong Hee as another noona? True. Jong Hee then looks at the shoes. How well they suit Mi So! She has a great benefactor, doesn’t she? Of course Jong Hee thinks they are from Jae Hyuk, but they aren’t. Jong Hee then says they should do a facial to be beautiful for the launch. She leaves to prepare the things they’ll need and Mi So goes through her bag and finds that her diary is gone. Where is it? She left it in Kyung Soo’s car and when he notices this, he picks it up and finds that she kept the postcard of the aurora in Yellowknife after all. This pleases him.

The next day the Yoon men wish the Yoon women good luck. Moon Do is very unhappy that he can’t be there for his girls. I really think its cute how Baek and Jong Hee have been unofficially adopted into the Yoon family. Anywho, it’s a busy sale day at the market so he can’t attend, but Chan Ki will be there to cheer his beloved older sister on. That’s nice.

Mi So and Jong Hee are busy setting things up and Kang and Oh have been roped into helping. Something they are not very happy about. Jong Hee is less than tactful about their help, but Mi So is her warm and friendly self and talks about how she appreciates them being able to lend a hand and Mi So even promises to do the same if Planning is ever in need since they helped out today. This mollifies the duo a bit.

Meanwhile Min Jae and Na Young gripe about CK being all busy because of Mi So’s product launch. Na Young assures him that this is only one battle and Mi So has not won the war. Things can still go wrong for her. Min Jae then gets a call from a very angry mommy. He and Na Young go to Myung Ja’s office to both be screamed at. What happened now? The shareholders who happily received the bribes all reported Min Jae to the disciplinary board for his unethical actions. Snort. Assa! Serves the turd right. She, of course, blames Na Young as well for not being able to stop his idiocy. She then screams that she really can’t handle introducing Mi So as the next best thing to sliced bread after learning her son is up for disciplinary action. What poetic justice.

Mi So is nervously practicing her speech when Jong Hee asks if she’s nervous. Of course, she is! Does she want her friend to run out and buy some calming medicine? Nope. Mi So would rather just find a place to practice in quiet. She goes off to find such a place while Jong Hee asserts that she’s all nervous as well. Mi So runs into Kang and Young Soo (Deputy Manager Oh) and overhears them talking about Min Jae getting into trouble by being caught bribing. She shakes her head. Yep, her husband (ex) will always be an idiot.

Min Jae and Na Young go back to his office. Min Jae cannot believe how the shareholders happily accepted their bribes and then backstabbed him. Na Young cannot believe how stupid he was in doing something like that. So…wait…that means it’s all his fault then? Is that a rhetorical question? Na Young backpeddles yet again (she’s been having to do that lately has her coldblooded side keeps showing through entirely too much—yep, she only loves herself…sort of) and says she only said that as she is so upset right now. She then says that they must not lose focus of the real culprit in all of this—Yoon Mi So.

Must. Resist. The Urge. Grrrrrrrr. I don’t think I need to tell you how stupid they are to displace all blame on Mi So. It is their own fault that they are suffering like this, but they refuse to admit it to themselves.

The angry Min Jae leaves his office and runs into his ex-wife practicing her speech. He begins degrading her and the like. He then comments on her new clothes and her fancy shoes. He kicks them and Mi So immediately hops away to save her precious shoes. She tells him to stop, but Min Jae, of course, refuses and keeps blaming her for everything. Mi So asserts that it’s all his own doing which angers him more. When Min Jae grabs her, she’s had enough. She bits his hand, kicks his shin, and stomps on his foot with her heel. Assa! Score one point for Mi So finally asserting herself. She warns him that she will not be treated like that anymore and walks away leaving the angry and astonished (and in pain) Min Jae.

Mi So then runs into Kyung Soo just as she was examining her shoes to make sure they were fine. LOL. Kyung Soo talks about how he is looking forward to watching her during the presentation and looking out to see if she carries out the mission. He then compliments her shoes. What good taste the person who picked them out had. Nothing like tooting your own horn, Kyung Soo-ssi. Min Jae hobbles out and sees all of this which incites him even more. Before he can do anything rash and stupid, he gets a call to meet the disciplinary committee pronto.

Tae San gets a call from the excited and happy Yoo Jung. As long as this launch goes well then the merger is probably in the bag. Tae San hangs up and instructs Baek to take flowers and watch everyone to see if the atmosphere looks promising for the merger to succeed. Baek agrees and then Tae San asks after the man Hae Ryung picked up. It’s 23 and a model. Great. Another man has come to leech off of his daughter. He asks Jae Hyuk to keep an eye on the boy.

Hae Ryung is out shopping with her boy toy who is happy to be lavished with expensive things. Yep, he’s just using Hae Ryung. Which is perfect since she’s using him as well. Yay for people mutually using each other for whatever nefarious purposes. His happiness is slightly tempered when Hae Ryung asks for two of everything. He doesn’t like wearing the same things all the time. Oh…that’s okay, the second set is for her husband. Omo! How low class, but at the same time I had to laugh as Boy Toy was pouting over this.

Jong Hee is happy that Baek could make it to show his support of Mi So. Jae Hyuk looks around. No Mi So in sight. Is she in the room already? She sure is. Enter Chan Ki just as Jong Hee complimented the shoes and Jae Hyuk tries to tell her that they weren’t from him. Chan Ki is definitely NOT happy to see Baek with Jong Hee. Before he can quibble too much with Jae Hyuk the announcement is made that the presentation is starting and they all go inside.

Myung Ja practically chokes on Mi So’s introduction. Again, I know she hates Mi So, but I really don’t think as a businesswoman that she should hate someone who could help make a profit and an even better name for the company. Anywho, Mi So steps to the podium and begins her speech as Myung Ja sits down and asks Na Young for her heart calming medicine. Na Young quickly hands it over and Myung Ja asks after Min Jae. She is even more upset to learn that he was called out by the disciplinary committee already.

During Mi So’s presentation, Baek watches on all proud of her until he notices her gaze and her faltering when she meets Kyung Soo’s gaze. Not being able to stand seeing her like that, Baek takes his flowers and quietly leaves. Na Young witnesses this and immediately gets up to follow. She watches him leave without a word looking forlorn. How dare he try to love Mi So when they are so far apart. This wasn’t even angrily said…more like she pities him. Pity yourself (she does anyways). You always want what you can’t have (i.e. Baek).

After Mi So’s speech, both companies go around and see the new product in action and seem very impressed. Kyung Soo comes up to give his congratulations as well. Mi So smiles happily and he winks at her. This surprises her again, but she smiles brilliantly before running off to catch up with the others. Yoo Jung goes back to her office happy with how things seems. She then tells Shim to treat the Planning and Development teams who helped today to a dinner on her with no spending limit. Wowza.

Mi So is on the roof massaging her poor legs when Kyung Soo comes up with drinks and starts massaging her feet as well. This embarrasses her to no end and she assures him she’s fine. He looks at her poor feet and says they are so swollen. Kyung Soo then changes the subject to the mission and Mi So blushes and then scolds him for winking at her during her speech. That threw her so much she almost lost her place. LOL. Kawaii. Kyung Soo then says he had his eyes on her the whole time and she did not complete her task. Mi So is quick to assert she looked at him three times, but Kyung Soo refutes this. She didn’t meet his eyes three times, she just stared at him. She had best be ready to pay the penalty. Wonder what it will be?

The two go back downstairs where Jong Hee is rounding up the gang for the dinner on Yoo Jung. Kyung Soo is invited along for all his help in the matter as well. The gang is having a great time and Mi So thanks everyone for all of their help in making this launch possible. At this time, Na Young paces the office wondering where Min Jae has gone after receiving the news that he’s temporarily suspended from his position. Of course he’s out getting wasted and talking about how he won’t let his ex-wife get away with everything she’s doing.

At the party, Kang and Young Soo start to wonder if they shouldn’t be joining the development team and Mi So instead of sticking with the sinking ship that is Na Young and Min Jae while Chan Ki, Jong Hee, and Mi So have fun on stage singing. Enter the drunk Min Jae to cause a scene. Mi So tells her drunk ex to stop making trouble and just go home. Min Jae says he’s only there to congratulate her and poor her a drink. Jong Hee comes over and urges him to leave as well. Min Jae refuses and grabs onto Mi So. Chan Ki tries to get him away from Mi So and is thrown to the ground. Jong Hee holds him back reminding him about what happened last time he fought with Min Jae. Enter Kyung Soo. He can’t take Min Jae’s treatment of Mi So and throws a punch. Nice. Hit him until all the dirt is blown out of his head. Maybe then his brain might actually work.

Anywho, end episode. Previews show Baek trying to get in touch with Mi So who is knocked unconscious and locked in a burning building by Min Jae (who just might be drunk). Baek also wonders why Mi So didn’t call him when Min Jae was bothering her at the party and boy he’s not happy when Mi So says there is someone else who can rescue her, too. Poor guy.


  • Round of applause!!! I clapped SO loud when Mi So, snatched away, kicked and stomped Min Jae! His ready use of abuse, he needs his ass SUPER kicked!! Yes, the way they readily put the blame on Mi So for everything is astounding! I bet she made you sell the golf course and use it for a bribe, huh Min Jae. Useless excuse for a man! Yes, Kyung Soo and Mi So’s scenes were so cheesy but oh so cute. Yeah, I feel sorry for Baek…but all I have to do is have a couple of flashbacks from their earlier encounters before he knew who she was and I’m cured of any sorrow on his part. Sorry, I’ll never forget that! Abusing a woman is abusing a woman. Regardless whether you know her or no!

    • Yeah, and then Mi So turns around and tries to save Min Jae when he tries to kill her. The displacement of responsibility is so absurd it’s amazing. Why are you blaming me? Blame Mi So…I don’t know how but her mere existence is the cause of all problems. Eyeroll.
      I don’t like abuse against women, but (not that I’m defending him) he really only pushed her down…twice. He did nothing near as bad as Min Jae who hit her, strangled (and now he tried to set her on fire…).

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