30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 21

This is actually asking for the group and not a song from the group which I think I answered on a different day of the 30 Day Asian Music Challenge.

Day 21: your favorite boys group?

I’m not going just by idols just so you know.


I don’t think I know many male idol groups… But I can say that I enjoy Go Go Club and Fahrenheit. I like some of 183 Club and 5566’s songs, but not sure I can say they are my favorites. I think I know more solo artists than group artists.


My two favorite visual kei bands are the GazettE, Girugamesh, and Alice Nine. Although there are tons of VK bands I enjoy, such as An Cafe, AYABIE, Vidoll (defunct), Royz, LC9, and so on and so on. I could keep going.

My favorite jpop idols…I guess Arashi, NEWS, V6, and D★Date. I follow the visual kei scene more than the pop scene, so I’m not really familiar with male idol groups unless they are Johnnys who happen to act. I do like the bands Spyair, WEAVER, flumpool. I think I just recently found out that a band I like that performs in Japanese isn’t actually Japanese (they appear more European…was that Monkey Magik?).


Ah, I think Infinite will always remain as my favorite kpop group because they were the first group I really fell in love with.

I also like: 100%, CHAOS (defunct), A-jax, SHINee, SuJu, MyName, CNBlue, FT Island, Pure, Mr.Mr, C-Clown, Choshinsung, NU’EST, B.A.P, 24K, SPEED, and again I could keep the list going, but I won’t.

As for bands (since CNBlue and FT Island are technically idol bands, I don’t include them in the band section)…I like 10cm, Lunafly, and Toxic the most.


  • SHINee and JYJ are my favorites. Waiting for SS501.

  • I find Lunafly are in that middle category of not idol but not band either. They were trainees who were put together, which suggests that they are idols. But they don’t promote like idols. Although, that might just be because they’re new. But you don’t see them on variety shows, and they’re really trying to get the international audience rather than the Korean. But i wouldn’t put them in the same group as 10CM.

    I myself love Nell, and i really like Mate, although they only released two albums and then disappeared, lol. And then, the idol groups like Beast, Infinite, Secret, BAP. I feel sorry for FT Island and CN Blue because they don’t want to be considered “idols” but they are by virtue of their creation.

    • Whoops, forgot to include Nell! The horror…

      Yeah I didn’t know how to classify Lunafly, so I just stuck them in the broader “band” category, but if you do get technical, 10cm is definitely more indie & doesn’t belong in the same category.

      I know that FT Island & CNBlue don’t want to be considered idols and are trying to step away from the pigeonhole, but you cannot deny they were created as idol bands.

  • Oh, and LC9, the rookie Korean group. They’re my new crushes, lol

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