30 Day Manga Challenge Day 5

If I enjoy something, I would love to recommend it to everyone, but at the same time, if you’re going by something that would have a more universal appeal…that might be more difficult.

Day 05 – A manga you would recommend to everyone?

Hmm, a tough question. I would say HanDan, but let’s face it, that appeals more to girls than to men. I think the same can probably be said of Fruits Basket as well. There are some manhwa and manga that would appeal to both sexes as there is both action and romance.

Maybe then some Fushigi Yuugi by Watase Yuu (a love story, fantasy, action, something for everyone) or Loveless (if you’re into some implied yaoi) by Yun Koga. There is also Red Lion by Kim Yong Sun with lots of fight sequences and some high school romance thrown in for good measure. Then there’s Inu Yasha by Takahashi Rumiko which again has a good mix of romance, comedy, and action.


  • I’ve added all of these to my list, except the first 2 because i’ve read them. I’m always looking for a new manga to read, so now I have a few to get into :-). I’m always hesitant to recommend anything to anyone because i’m scared that they’ll get bored and blame me for wasting their time, lol. Plus, because i generally only read shoujo manga, i can only recommend that to girls. And even then, I don’t have any females in my life that actually read manga, lol.

    • I hope you like them 🙂
      I hesitate to recommend too because people have such different tastes that its hard to find one thing that can please the “majority”.
      Feel free to throw recommendations my way, I love manga 🙂

  • If you care more for the story rather than illustration, i would recommend hunterxhunter.if you like short creepy fantasy and folklore, petshop of horrors is a good read. I also like Gakuen Alice,in a way its like the harry potter series, it started light and fun & it get darker and mire serious as it progress

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