30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 20

I’m doing a triple header as I’m kind of thinking these questions are all kind of interconnected in a way.

Day 20: What is a song with lyrics you love?/
Day 20: Name a song from a Pledis Entertainment artist.

So…yeah…NU’EST is from Pledis and I really do enjoy their song “Action” for its lyrics and the dialogue. One person will sing lines and the next will sing lines in response and the song really does have a deeper meaning about not conforming to what everyone else is doing and daring to stand out. You can see the translated lyrics at pop!gasa: popgasa.com/2012/07/10/nuest-action/

And speaking of lyrics that I really love…You needs must check out the song “Setsunakutemo… Zutto” [translated as “Even though it’s painful…always” from the anime Fushigi Yuugi. You can see the translated lyrics here: www.animelyrics.com/anime/fushigi/fyszutto.htm.

I also really love the lyrics to Matsushita Yuya’s “Hallucination” which I can never think of without thinking of Kuroshitsuji. This song is really fitting for the story if you know it. Lyrics are available at jpopasia: www.jpopasia.com/celebrity/yuyamatsushita/lyrics/you/hallucination::7612.html.

Day 20: What is your favorite song?

I don’t have a single favorite per se. But here are my top 10 (I’m kind of making that up, just some songs I know I like that spring into my mind).

  1. the Gazette – “Pledge”
  2. Alice Nine – “White Prayer”
  3. Infinite – “BTD”
  4. Matsushita Yuya – “foolish foolish”
  5. 10cm – “Nothing Without You”
  6. Toxic – tie between “Lonely” “No More” and “Fed Up!!”
  7. Big Bang – “Monster” (acoustic version)
  8. Instinct – “Kwam rak mai mee tee hai kam wa glua”
  9. Alan Kuo – tie between “Ling” and “Ai, Bu Ai”
  10. Bii – “Come Back to Me” & JJ Lin “Sarangheyo”


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