Crazy Love Episode 52 Recap

What happens when I don’t watch a drama while simultaneously pausing it to recap as I watch? I wonder if anyone can tell the difference? Totally off topic.

Anywho. Yeah, what an episode. I was really hurting for Baek. I know that there are those who ship him with Jong Hee. I just can’t because I see Jong Hee and Chan Ki together thanks to the first half of the drama and them kind of awakening to each other. Plus…I think Jong Hee suits Chan Ki more and is more natural around him. I really don’t like her obvious flirting and fawning of Baek for some reason. And Mi So? This girl. She can fight those who try to do good to her but makes a million excuses and forgives and forgets those who she should fight with. Go figure. I never thought I’d meet a female lead again as bad as the adult Chun Hae Joo, but this one is giving her a run for her money. At least Park Sun Young can act.

Yeah, so Baek beats up Min Jae who tries to retaliate. Of course Baek, like Kyung Soo, easily dodges and lands another punch. Min Jae is spineless, selfish, ignorant, childish, and boy he can’t fight worth a dang (unless its against a woman). Mi So is hanging onto Baek’s arm as he has a death grip on Min Jae’s collar. She tells her oppa to stop and Baek grinds out that Min Jae had better never lay a finger on his dongsaeng ever again. Awww. I’m actually surprised that Min Jae didn’t have a WTF moment as his wife only had a younger brother, not an older one.

Na Young and Min Jae storm out of the office and Baek demands to know if this is a frequent happening. Mi So insists that her ex has never done anything to her like now. Riiight. Of course, Baek was stressing the period of her coming to work at CK instead during the marriage, but whatever. Mi So insists it is all a misunderstanding created because Na Young apparently had a miscarriage. Mi So then goes to seek out Na Young leaving Baek stunned. The man didn’t even know Na Young was preggers.

Meanwhile, Min Jae is lighting into Na Young for putting herself in that situation with Mi So. Didn’t he tell her to quit work and rest at home? How could she allow this to happen? Need Na Young any more proof about how much Min Jae doesn’t really care for her? Na Young tries her best to defend herself. She only started working again at CK to help secure his position. Min Jae is livid. So it’s all his fault is it? Na Young quickly tries to back peddle. That wasn’t what she meant at all. She’s hurting, too, and saying things not quite right. Min Jae also worries over how to tell his mother. Na Young knows that her pregnancy is the only reason Myung Ja let her into the house, thus she cannot allow her position to be taken away because of the baby’s death. So she says they need to keep it a secret for now.

Na Young is in the office and immediately attacks Mi So (verbally). How she must be happy that Na Young lost her baby. Mi So is floored by this. How can Na Young say such a thing? Plus, Mi So lost Hae Ram and thus knows exactly what Na Young is going through.

Okay, I am not saying that losing a child in the womb is not devastating, it is, but you really can’t compare the death of a fetus that’s a few months old to the death of a child who was like four. It’s a bit different. I think losing a child sometime after birth is a bit more devastating than losing one before giving birth.

Anywho, Na Young says she had forgotten Mi So was Hae Ram’s mother. So this is what the other woman felt, huh? Of course, this doesn’t make Na Young feel guilty at all. Nope. Instead she rubs it in Mi So’s face that while she may have lost this baby, at least she’s not barren and can easily have another. Mi So doesn’t like this and tries to say something, but Na Young cuts her off and again blames Mi So for the baby’s death. It was Mi So coming to work at CK and trying to destroy her that made it all happened. Na Young is a person who will easily destroy herself if given enough rope—she doesn’t need Mi So for that. Jong Hee overhears this and is completely shocked. How can Na Young blame Mi So for the child’s death?

At the Yoon house, Mi So is distracted and out of sorts because of what happened at the office. Jong Hee fills in Chan Ki. The two believe that it was Na Young’s just desserts after all the crap she’s pulled. This upsets Mi So. It’s not because of Na Young, it’s because of a child. It’s always hurtful when a child passes. Mi So then goes into her room and Chan Ki and Jong Hee begin to feel badly. Again, not for Na Young, but for Mi So. They just rubbed salt in that wound, didn’t they?

Mi So then gets a text from Kyung Soo who wishes to meet with her. She happily goes to the playground where he is sitting and waiting for her. Looks like he wanted to see her before going home for the day since he didn’t get to see her at the office at all. He then gets apologetic for asking her to wait for him. She’s wondering how long he’ll keep her waiting, isn’t she? No. Mi So doesn’t care how long it takes, she’s willing to wait for him. Plus, she loves sneaking around. She finds it fun and amusing. Who would have thought she’d have that kind of attitude? This relieves (and surprises) Kyung Soo. Oh. And we learn that Mi So asked for the peppermint candy not for herself but to give to her father. I wonder if that gap will ever be bridged or not?

At the Lee house, Na Young is upset because it’s late and Min Jae isn’t home. Shouldn’t she know by now what kind of habits her “husband” has? Didn’t she find him out drinking tons of times because of  bad things that happened at home? Need she really wonder? She then gets a call from Baek which she ignores. Shocking. She ignored his call? Baek sits in his apartment looking all tortured. He shouldn’t as Na Young isn’t worth it.

At the Yoon house, Chan Ki and Jong Hee ponder about just who Mi So makes up excuses to go see. Jong Hee thought it must be Jae Hyuk, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Her next thought is that it must be someone at the office as Mi So disappears from time to time. But who could it be? Jong Hee then calls up Jae Hyuk as she has mad side dishes from Yoo Jung’s gifts for Mi So and wishes to share. She tries to get him to tell her where he lives, but Baek insists that he will pick up the food himself. LOL. Denied. He then asks about Mi So and is not happy to hear Jong Hee talk about Mi So meeting with her boyfriend Mr. Pineapple. I honestly have no idea about time passage. I’m guessing only a few months, so I guess Baek has every right to be surprised. How soon is too soon after a divorce?

After an angry Chan Ki steals the phone from Jong Hee to hang up on Baek, he then gets a call from an angry Tae San demanding he find Hae Ryung and bring her home. Baek does just that and of course Hae Ryung isn’t happy. She mouths off to her father about living how she wants whether that means drinking, partying, or having some guys on the side. Is she trying to test his patience? Why? Why can’t she do such things when she’s already killed a man? SLAP! Hit her again! Nothing else seems to be working. Hae Ryung wishes she was upfront with her husband to begin with. If she had been, she so wouldn’t have been able to marry Kyung Soo. Tae San then threatens to force the two to divorce if she doesn’t straighten her act up. Um…that doesn’t even make sense at this point considering Hae Ryung is doing all she can to push her hubby away.

Outside Baek runs into Yoo Jung who demands to know if Hae Ryung was with a man. Enter Kyung Soo. He gets there just in time to learn that the place Baek took Hae Ryung from was a hotel and she was indeed with another man. He seems a little shocked, but he shouldn’t be considering he saw that young man drop his wife off. But, hey, need you any more reason or grounds for divorce than that? Yoo Jung then talks to him and explains that she and her husband almost gave up on Hae Ryung once because nothing they did seemed to have any effect on the girl. It was Kyung Soo who got her to straighten her life around. Can he please do it once more? I don’t think anyone can straighten Psycho Wife’s life up as she’s ruined it pretty thoroughly. Plus…even with Kyung Soo around, she was never particularly sane and was always prone to throwing fits as well…so it’s not like it was a good fix. Kyung Soo stays true to himself. He will only stay with his wife until she finishes her treatment and then it’s over.

The next day Shim meets with Yoo Jung and hands over the product launch schedule. It makes her happy as she knows it will really annoy Myung Ja. Shim also reveals that the motion to get rid of Myung Ja was overruled. Yoo Jung expected this as it was a gesture to scare Myung Ja. She is also tickled to hear that Min Jae apparently bribed the major shareholders as it was a great waste of a lot of money. Jong Hee and Mi So enter and they discuss the preparations for the product launch party and choose the final design for the packaging. Of course we get to see once more just how much Mi So and Yoo Jung match.

Baek arrives to visit Yoo Jung and runs into the happy girls. Jong Hee asks him out to lunch and he happily agrees and tells Mi So she can have whatever she wants as oppa is buying. Mi So refuses she has plans (when she met Kyung Soo at the park, they arranged to go on a picnic together the next day). This deflates Baek. Mi So happily goes off for her lunch date and Jong Hee reveals her dating suspicions to Baek which makes him more and more unhappy. Yeah. Thus he cancels his lunch with Jong Hee. Poor girl. She pouts that she is stuck eating alone after all.

Kyung Soo sets out a blanket near the river as Mi So approaches. She compliments his preparations and begins unpacking the lunch. She made all of his favorites. Kyung Soo restacks the food and puts it aside. There is something he wishes to do first. He lays down on her lap. How nice and comfortable. He feels that he can finally get some sleep like that. Sooooo cute.

Meanwhile, Baek meets with Na Young to offer his condolences. Na Young doesn’t want his pity—she can get pregnant again. Need you any more proof that she never cared about the baby for being a baby? She’s not even really grieving except for how the miscarriage put a big damper on her plans. Of course the topic always comes back to Mi So. Na Young knows that Baek will forever side with her after what happened the other day. She has to rub salt into his wound and says that Mi So doesn’t care about him at all. Must amend that phrase. Mi So loves him like an older brother. Nothing more, nothing less, and thus you can’t say that she doesn’t care for him. Na Young then says that just like Baek never saw her as a woman, Mi So will never see him as a man. They were too much like siblings at the House of Angels. Maybe it’s their curse? Baek then wonders what happens if he stops treating Mi So as a sister now? Well…maybe it would work if there was no Kyung Soo. Since there is a Kyung Soo…it’s not possible.

That night the Yoon men learn about the product launch party and how Mi So will even be presenting at it. Moon Do vows to hand over whatever money he can spare so that both his daughters can buy new clothes. Chan Ki also says he will do the same. Mi So reluctantly takes her father’s money offer, but just says she will accept her brother’s feelings and intentions. Jong Hee, of course, asserts that she will accept his money as well. Chan Ki then gets all flustered because Jong Hee’s actions make his heart flutter. This makes him get upset and call her smile scary. LOL.

Na Young vows to do whatever she can to keep her miscarriage a secret. When Myung Ja arrives home, EMIL is shocked to see a fully prepared dinner table. Even since Na Young has been pregnant, she wouldn’t cook and would only nibble bread because of the morning sickness. Na Young lies and says she is out of that phase now. Then she must be able to learn the sex of the baby, right? Na Young says she will know soon, but she is certain the baby is a boy. Min Jae then comes home.

The two go to their bedroom and she berates him for going out drinking the previous night while he asks her how long the lies will continue. Na Young promises that she will only keep up the farce until the crisis at CK passes. You know, usually it’s the man telling the woman that it’s okay and they can always have another baby. It’s weird to hear the woman say it instead. And as if you didn’t need any more reasons to be disgusted with Na Young, she talks about how a miscarriage can actually make it easier to get pregnant again. Oy.

The next day Chan Ki goes to CK with presents for Mi So and Jong Hee. Kyung Soo catches him in his tortured act as he worries over why he’s giving Jong Hee a present. Chan Ki tells him about the presentation and how he really wished he had the money to buy his noona a pair of shoes to wear as Mi So is the kind of person who puts everyone above herself. Yep, can’t deny that. Thus she buys everything the boys need and nothing for herself.

And now our stage is set. What do I mean? Well, Chan Ki told Kyung Soo about the shoes so you know he’ll buy her a pair and he texts Mi So as she works late to come meet him on the roof. Meanwhile, Jong Hee told Baek about Mi So’s need of shoes and the man has happily bought her a pair and goes to the office to give them to her. Of course he doesn’t catch her before she gets on the elevator. Mi So goes up to the roof where she happily accepts Kyung Soo’s shoes shooting Baek unknowingly through the heart.

I’m really curious to know what will happen next. Sure, Baek knows that Kyung Soo is trapped in a loveless marriage with that harridan, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s married and still seeing Mi So. Previews for this week don’t look too good.

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  • Thanks for your recap . I enjoy reading it .
    Maybe MiSo doesn’t want to be bothered by NaYoung because she said she only wants to care about Kyung Soo . That would explain her attitude . She knows but by saying to the others it’s not a big deal , she doesn’t have to think of it .

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