30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 19

Again…favorite…oppseo, nai.

Day 19: Your favorite music video?

I don’t have a favorite video per se. But I do tend to favor videos that

  1. Have a story instead of just plain singing or dancing
  2. Actually match the lyrics/meaning of the song
  3. Have some deeper meanings and symbolism [not that I notice this too much, but when I do, it’s kind of cool]

the GazettE are known for their very deep lyrics and their PVs really do match their songs and are full of symbolism and meaning. I really like this about them. My favorite videos are probably “Guren” and “Reila” but a good example is also “Remember the Urge.”

Infinite have a mix of videos that showcase singing and dancing and stories…some of which don’t seem to necessarily go with the lyrics of the song, but I really did like BTD’s story.

I recently discovered Yoga Lin…last year…I think. I really love his videos. All of them seem to tell a story and I love that. Plus, the places where the videos are shot really make me wish to go to where they were filmed – it’s a beautiful area. And it seems that his latest string of MV releases kind of went together with their plot. Check out his “Unrequited” MV.

Then we have videos by Tritops, Phantom, and FIX that are disturbing in their content and their stories at times, but they are good in that way for making you think.

Wanna share your thoughts?

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