Crazy Love Episode 51 Recap

Episode 51 of Crazy Love actually made me not want to watch episode 52. Or rather…the previews at the end of the episode made me reluctant. Sigh. This drama. These characters. Don’t tell me Baek would try to sacrifice himself to keep Na Young away from Mi So. We all know how bad of an idea that would be.

So…yeah. Let’s begin.

Mi So goes to Oh’s car and meets Kyung Soo in the car garage. They arrange a lunch date for later and then Mi So heads off only to hit a car before she even leaves the garage. She is rushed to the hospital where Kyung Soo fusses over her and the nurse things he’s her husband. Nope, but how he wishes he was. Mi So insists that she is fine and can go home. Enter Jong Hee and Chan Ki. They both thank Seo for sending Mi So quickly the hospital. He is then told to leave since Moon Do is on his way and will not take kindly to seeing him there even if he did help Mi So.

Na Young is all worked up that her plan to kill Mi So failed. She threatens Oh with losing her job if she insists that Na Young knew there was something wrong with the car. Poor Oh insists that Na Young overheard her car trouble woes and that Kang can be her witness, but Na Young flies off the handle. Mi So is taken home and goes in to rest. She texts Kyung Soo to let him know that she is fine. Yoo Jung then calls all worried about the younger woman. Mi So insists she is fine and will be at work the next morning, but Yoo Jung won’t hear of this. Mi So will take a few days off to rest as after effects of car accidents can happen quite a bit after an accident. Mi So isn’t happy with this, but her hands are tied.

Myung Ja confronts Na Young about the accident. Na Young bluffs that she didn’t do it and then asks if Myung Ja didn’t want the nuisance to disappear from their lives. This horrifies Myung Ja. Betcha think Mi So was a lot better than this scary woman. Enter Min Jae. In order to secure his mother’s position, he sold off a very valuable golf course and gave the money to the shareholders. Oy. Myung Ja starts screaming at his stupidity which makes Na Young start in on her. Myung Ja goes off into her room and Min Jae storms into his. How can his mother be so mean when he was only trying to help? His idea of helping…sucks. He then asks after Mi So because of the accident making Na Young livid. Why care so much for ex-wife when he’s never once gone to an appointment with Na Young to see their baby? Her tower of cards keeps falling card by card.

Jong Hee doesn’t believe that Na Young is innocent and goes to the office the next day to accuse Oh. Manager Oh insists that she would never have let Mi So drive her broken car, it was Na Young who told Mi So to use Oh’s car and Na Young didn’t know at all. Oh then runs out and Jong Hee answers the ringing phone. It’s Jae Hyuk. He rushes to the office where Jong Hee tells him that Na Young has been bullying Mi So and the icing on the cake is the car accident in which Na Young told Mi So to drive a broken car. Jae Hyuk is horrified. Surely Na Young hasn’t stooped that low? Snort.

Jae Hyuk confronts Na Young who admits that she did try to kill Mi So. Jae Hyuk cannot believe this. How could she do such a thing? Wasn’t taking everything from Mi So enough? No, it wasn’t. Jae Hyuk then reminds Na Young how Mi So always tried to protect her at the orphanage by confessing she stole all the things that Na Young did. Even now, Jae Hyuk is certain that Mi So knows that Na Young did this on purpose, but is saying nothing to protect her. Na Young doesn’t care and promises to keep going after Mi So. If that girl gets in her way one more time, Na Young will make sure to succeed. Jae Hyuk puts in his own warning. This is the last time. How many times has he said that now…?

Na Young then worries over her stomach pains. Serves her right for faking about the baby’s safety all of this time. She’s just like the evil mother from Bachelor’s Vegetable Store. Why did that woman miscarry? She was under a lot of stress? Why was she under a lot of stress? Because SHE heaped it on herself by trying to get revenge against a certain young man. Na Young is definitely going that route, too.

Kyung Soo calls up Mi So who assures him she is just fine, no after effects so far. What a relief. He then asks to meet her later that night. Mi So quickly agrees and asks for him to bring her some peppermint candy. This surprises him, but makes him happy that he can do something for her. Is there anything else? Nothing. Just the candy. Kyung Soo promises to bring it to her. After Mi So hangs up, she recalls Na Young’s urging her to quickly go and take Oh’s car. I think Mi So does know that it wasn’t a misunderstanding and that Na Young did that deliberately.

Tae San’s leaking the merger is in the papers. Yoo Jung is not happy and neither is Kyung Soo. Yoo Jung refuses to let the cat out of the bag though about it being her husband’s doing. Kyung Soo is relieved that it wasn’t their side’s doing and says that they will have to be careful in the future now that this has been leaked. Yoo Jung then talks about how worried she is over Mi So and how she won’t feel at ease until she sees the girl with her own eyes. She brings the injured Mi So abalone, fruits, and Korean beef. She has even made the girl porridge. Mi So is very touched as she feels that Yoo Jung is acting like a mother to her and she feels very blessed.

You have to love these dramas with the hidden identities. Either the parents don’t recognize their children in any way shape or form and do all sorts of evil things to them, or else they have this very deep intangible connection where they develop a natural parent child relationship without ever knowing the truth until a later time. Go figure.

Jae Hyuk pays Mi So a visit with ice cream. Chan Ki complains about Baek always comes with childish presents. He goes into Mi So’s room and when Chan Ki tries to invade, Jong Hee keeps a firm hold on him. Inside the room, Jae Hyuk apologizes for Na Young. Mi So asserts the other girl could not have possibly known and then Mi So scolds Baek for always taking her side against Na Young’s. Seriously? She protected the husband who beat her and know she’s protecting his mistress, her ex-best childhood friend who’s been bullying, sabotaging, and now trying to kill her? This girl. Shakes head.

Kyung Soo arrives at the playground with the candy in hand, but since Mi So is with Baek, she can’t go out to meet him after all. This makes him sad, but what can he do? He goes up to her house and leaves the candy on the doorstep. Mi So and Jae Hyuk bid each other good night and Mi So sees the candy. She quickly checks her phone and sees a text from Kyung Soo about how he was leaving the candy there for her and he wishes her good night. Warm fuzzies. While Mi So is happy with her oppa and her boyfriend, Na Young finds out some rather unwelcome news. She lost her baby. Why? Too much stress. What does she do? Blame Mi So, of course.

Meanwhile, Kyung Soo goes home to find Hae Ryung with her young boy toy. Hae Ryung looks completely wrecked and nearly passes out. Kyung Soo helps her in and goes to tuck her into bed only to have her spring up and pounce on him. Ewwww. She’s all liquored up, plus he knows she’s been with another man. What makes her think he’d want her? Kyung Soo says she is drunk and leaves the room. Hae Ryung throws another screaming tantrum. Same old, same old. This girl is spiraling out of control faster and faster.

Mi So goes to work and runs into Baek who is there to meet with Yoo Jung. She happily invites him to her office later for tea before he goes. The happy Jae Hyuk is quick to agree. Meanwhile, Min Jae gets a reminder about his new wife’s OB/GYN appointment and he calls them up to ask when it is and learns about the miscarriage. He immediately confronts Na Young who tells him that it was all Mi So’s doing—the woman pushed her. Enter Mi So. Min Jae immediately attacks. Enter Jae Hyuk who gives Min Jae some well deserved punches.

End episode. This isn’t believable at all. How can Min Jae blindly believe Na Young when she was nowhere near Mi So when she had the miscarriage. Think about it. She miscarried when Mi So was staying at home after the accident. There was no way she met with Na Young and pushed her, which killed the baby. Sigh.


  • He’s plain stupid

  • Now I have to watch! That woman didn’t deserve a child but my sorrow is definitely with the child; not those parents or grandmother from HELL!

  • Jae Hyuk is always saying it’s the last warning but he is as naive as MiSo . Why can’t they acknowledge Na Young’s evilness ? And Min Jae must learn how to dodge ! I think Tae San leaked the merger to have the stakes roar and sell them. Maybe Min So will get scouted by Queen once CK is ruined .
    What bothers me most in that drama is the to-be scenes that have been leaked in the first episode then in some episodes where MiSo looks way older . When shall we see them ? What does it mean ?
    Thanks for your recap as clear as usual .

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