30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 17

Wow. This was really hard come to think of it…

Day 17: The first album you ever bought?

Thanks to college, I started listening to more and more Japanese music. So when my good friend Chani-chan studied abroad in Japan for a semester, I gave her some money to bring me back some Japanese…anime…CDs. Yes, yes I did. So she left at about the time I was really interested in the manga series Kaikan Phrase. I had learned there was an anime and that there was a real life band formed based off of the characters in the series. In fact, the band members actually started using the names of their corresponding characters (save for the lead singer). Thus, I wanted Aucifer [aka Lucifer]/Kaikan Phrase music and my friend bought me one of the anime OSTs with what I gave her. CDs in Japan are hella expensive. This CD contains mainly BGM, spoken word and then some insert songs from other bands.

visualism cover

Electric part by Cher Watanabe
01 – Ride On
02 – Rolling
03 – Objection
04 – Raising
05 – Daylights
06 – Dazzling
07 – Concrete Jungle
08 – Outlaw
09 – Alone
10 – Monologue of Instruments
Acoustic part by Kan Sawada
11 – Scamper
12 – Restless
13 – Hope
14 – Treatment
15 – Hesitation
16 – Allure
17 – Lost
Indie Tunes
18 – Crime of lunatic [by NEON]
19 – WIFE-LIFE [by Lorelai]
20 – SPARK [by Lorelai]
21 – Mint [by Lorelai]
Character Talks
22 – Private Talk – Yuki
23 – Private Talk – Atsuro
24 – Private Talk – TOWA
25 – Private Talk – Santa
26 – Private Talk – Sakuya

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