30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 16

Another double header.

Day 16: A song that was a huge let-down for you?

I am not sure I can say that any one song from a group I like has been a HUGE let down. But, I can say that there have been times where I was a bit disappointed as I wasn’t a fan of a new release.

LED Apple – “Bad Boy”

I like LED Apple. This song came out and unlike their other songs, I’m just not feeling it.

100% – “Want You back”

Not a bad song, but it’s just not my cup of tea. After loving their first 3 releases, I was expecting to love this one, too. It’s grown on me, but I still find it a bit disappointing.

B.A.P – “No Mercy”

After “Warrior” and “Power” came “No Mercy.” I wasn’t feeling it. I have since come to like the song, but I still remember my original disappointment when it came out…still not sure WHY I disliked it when it first came out…but I did.

Day 16: A song from someone or group who debuted in 2010?

Pico/Piko – “Story”

IIII-Ligro- – 「両極の天秤」

Lycaon – “Chains of Collar”

Lc5 – “Loveless”

CNBlue – “I’m a Loner”

Infinite – “Dashi Dorawa”

Red Soul – “Walk Back”

Sponge Band – “Can’t Hear You”

DGNA/The Boss – “Admiring Boy”

Code V – “Addiction”

Young Gun – “Must Let You Go”

G.Na – “I’ll Get Lost, You Go Your Way”

LED Apple – “Dash” [No, this is NOT the LEDApple we have now – this is the original lineup]

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