Crazy Love Episode 50 Recap

We open with Yoo Jung and Kyung Soo in her office discussing the fact that the board members and major players in the merger will all be present for the new product meeting. This makes them happy until Shim runs in and tells them that there is a problem with the sample. Yoo Jung demands to know what happened and Shim says that the sample has gone bad. Their researchers are trying to figure out just what went wrong. Shim then urges Yoo Jung to quickly go to the lab with him.

Jong Hee and Mi So head dejectedly back to the office. They are both upset that they failed Yoo Jung as the product is bad and the presentation was cancelled. Mi So’s major concern is to figure out what happened. Jong Hee wonders if there was something the lab did wrong, but the lab says they remained faithful to the ratios on the recipe they were handed. Enter Na Young to scold the two for their big flop that ruined the company’s name. Was this Mi So’s plan all along? What does Na Young mean? Didn’t Mi So want to humiliate the Lee family? Jong Hee is livid and immediately jumps to Mi So’s defense. Mi So is not the kind of petty person to hold grudges and plot revenge unlike some other crazy woman we know.

Na Young says that it’s nice for Jong Hee to be a friend, but she should choose her battles wisely. Right now neither of the girls has a leg to stand on unless they can fix the very big mistake of theirs. Mi So sighs and says she understands Na Young’s attitude, but she would never stoop so low as to hurt the company. She also says that she will make sure to fix the problem. Na Young says that there is no way for Mi So to do so as she will only make things worse. No, Mi So needs to sit still and keep her mouth shut while others fix the issues. Jong Hee stands up—she’s had enough. Na Young needs to shut her mouth and keep that gloating smirk off of her face. Just wait and see…the two won’t back down. Na Young says they won’t be able to do that and she will make sure they are booted out the door so Mi So better right her resignation and have it handy.

Enter Oh and Kang. Na Young tells them the new focus will be on their product (which has been dragging forever). Na Young then tells the two to start working on the PR and getting the advertisements ready. Kang and Oh are just like their Team Leader. Nothing like bad business ethics. Healthy competition is good, this isn’t and it harms the business more than it helps it.

Kyung Soo is working in his office when he suddenly rushes out. Where is he headed? He’s going to the test kitchen where Mi So is hard at work trying to figure out just why the taste would suddenly change. She still has no idea as she followed Granny Hwang’s instructions to a “T.” Kyung Soo then takes her back to his office and asks about getting dinner for her. Mi So has no appetite since she has been doing nothing but tasting broth all day. Kyung Soo says that she still needs to eat anyways. He will rush out and pick something up. Kyung Soo puts a blanket on her lap and tells her to rest while he goes to get the food. Mi So smiles happily through her fatigue and worry. It’s nice to be pampered for a change, isn’t it?

At the Lee home, Myung Ja wonders why her son isn’t home yet and then asks if it was Na Young who did something to the new item sample. That’s a duh question. Na Young asks why Myung Ja thinks that. Wasn’t Na Young foaming at the mouth saying she’d ruin Mi So? It doesn’t matter who did it as long as it’s done. This is a victory since it puts Yoo Jung in a bad position and effectively stops the merger. Myung Ja should be going out of her way to thank the person who did this. Myung Ja says she doesn’t know much, but she doesn’t want Na Young to ever do such a thing in the future because Myung Ja has prided herself on CK being an honest company bringing the highest quality foods to their customers. Interesting…she wants Na Young to stop Mi So, but she doesn’t want her using anything too unethical. That’s nice. I mean…sure, the other two times Na Young did unethical things, but neither of those things really besmirched the company’s integrity like now. So Myung Ja isn’t a complete business idiot when it comes to such matters.

Na Young is not happy that she got scolded. She is not Myung Ja. She will do whatever is necessary to protect CK and kick Mi So out. But if you ruin your reputation…what good is it that you have done? Stupid woman who only sees revenge. That’s why this is a revenge drama. It’s not the leading lady, but the second lead hell bent on revenge.

Kyung Soo hurries back to the office with a bag full of different foods and sees Mi So curled up sleeping on the couch. He happily stares at her and lovingly brushes the hair back from her face. Mi So wakes up and sits up. Kyung Soo tells her he didn’t know what to get so he bought a variety of things. Mi So finds something sweet that she likes and says she’ll have that. Kyung Soo opens it for her and she says she must be a boring woman keeping him away from home. Kyung Soo doesn’t care as long as he’s with her. Awww. Mi So then tastes her food and it’s strangely bitter. Why is that? It then dawns on her that there is a problem with the salt. She didn’t know this while constantly tasting hot broth, but she realizes it after eating something cold and getting that lingering bitterness on her tongue. She then rushes off to the lab. Kyung Soo follows behind and watches as Mi So looks at the salt. She’s horrified. It’s not the refined sea salt. It’s not even domestic salt. So what happened?

Mi So and Jong Hee meet with Yoo Jung in the morning and report the matter to her. Yoo Jung is shocked. How could low quality non-domestic salt have gotten into the product? Jong Hee is certain that someone switched the salt out to sabotage them. Yoo Jung is shocked even more—how could someone do that? Easily. Anywho, she is very unhappy since such an incident is deadly for a food company. She and Myung Ja have the same set of business ethics and values (for the most part) go figure we’d find something they have in common (besides coddling their children).

Yoo Jung asks for ideas of who could have done such a thing, but Mi So says it’s hard to say as they would have had to see the ratio sheet with her instructions regarding the sea salt. This means the mixing ratio must have been leaked somehow. This makes Yoo Jung recall seeing Na Young in her office. Enter Shim. He bows and he reveals that he has discovered who got Master Jang’s contract (the original person Mi So was trying to get). Who? Shim then reveals it was Na Young. Is he sure? He’s positive. The angry Yoo Jung storms out. Heeheehee. Yoo Jung’s going on the war path. Beware Na Young!

Myung Ja is in a meeting with Na Young about the new organic dessert product they are finally launching. Myung Ja wants to make sure Na Young does her best to make it look more “modern.” Enter the angry Yoo Jung who immediately accuses Na Young of stealing the mixing ratio report and switching out the salts. Na Young is immediately on the defense. Where’s the proof? Yoo Jung reminds Na Young about catching her in her office and Myung Ja accuses Yoo Jung of vulgarly stooping to accusing people at random and blaming others for her mistakes. Yoo Jung then says that she even knows about Na Young stealing Master Jang away from them. This shocks Myung Ja. Because she wasn’t aware of that part? Na Young then asks what is wrong with what she did when they got Master Jang to sign their contract that had the better conditions offered. Myung Ja then tells Yoo Jung to get herself out of her office since there is little that can be done to convince the vice chairman. Na Young then gleefully gloats that Queens is also looking elsewhere for the merger.

Kyung Soo, meanwhile, is busy trying to convince Queens to come back for a rescheduled item presentation. He rocks the Kasbah. Anywho, the man’s assistant says the man cannot go. Why? Because of the first canceled presentation? No, because his wife just gave birth and isn’t doing so well. Kyung Soo hangs up as Mi So enters. He tells her to sit down and she asks what the Vice Chairman of Queen’s has said. Kyung Soo says things are at a standstill from them for now, but not to lose hope as Queens is still interested in the merger. Kyung Soo then explains about the problem with the VC’s wife. This gives Mi So an idea. Can Kyung Soo find out which hospital the wife is at? Sure…but why? She wishes to pay the VC’s wife a visit.

Kyung Soo manages to find out which hospital she’s in and he takes Mi So there. The two are greeted by the VC’s executive secretary who wonders why they are there. Mi So then holds up some bone broth seaweed soup for the VC’s wife. She assures ES that she has no ulterior motives behind the soup. She has been through childbirth as well and was concerned when she heard VC’s wife couldn’t eat anything, thus she wishes to do whatever she can to help. ES takes the soup and says he will relay the message to the madam. He leaves and Kyung Soo and Mi So exchange looks.

The two sit down with drinks and Kyung Soo praises Mi So for her warm heart. Mi So says that after childbirth if a woman cannot eat properly then her body will deteriorate rapidly. She hopes that the woman is able to enjoy the food she made. Kyung Soo then says that Mi So is not human. This shocks Mi So. Kyung Soo then touches her back…does she have any wings? Angel wings? This makes Mi So laugh. He’s teasing her now, right? Not at all. He then asks her to admit the truth—she’s an angel isn’t she? At this time Mi So gets a call from Yoo Jung saying the VC of Queens as decided to reschedule the presentation with CK.

Mi So rushes over to CK where Yoo Jung says that she heard Mi So made the VC’s wife seaweed soup. Mi So says she did. Yoo Jung then says the call was made by the VC himself as he was grateful for the soup as his wife really enjoyed it. How did Mi So think of such a thing? Mi So says that she, too, wasn’t able to eat well after Hae Ram’s birth. She didn’t have morning sickness at all with Hae Ram, but after she gave birth to her daughter, she couldn’t eat at all. This shocks Yoo Jung as it was the same way after she gave birth. Need you any more proof that Mi So is really Da Hae? It turns out that the two could only eat the same type of soup as well. Yoo Jung then thanks Mi So for making the merger possible again.

At the Yoon house, Moon Do ad Chan Ki have bought fried chicken and a cake to celebrate the girls’ success. Moon Do then wonders how Na Young can do such despicable things when they work in the same company. Jong Hee then reveals they work in the same office and that Na Young is also from the same orphanage. Chan Ki wonders how their fates can be so twisted. Mi So says that Na Young wasn’t always like that and that her hard life changed her. Mi So then excuses herself to rest. Moon Do complains that he is very nervous about Na Young. Jong Hee tells him not to worry as she will definitely protect Mi So and payback anything that Na Young tries. Mi So sits in the room and recalls Na Young’s promise not to let Mi So steal what is hers again and daring Mi So to try the product launch and see how far she gets.

The next day Baek is called into CK by Yoo Jung to deliver the merger contract papers to her husband. She warns Baek to make sure he puts it in no one’s hands but Oh’s. He leaves and Yoo Jung calls in her secretary to have her call an emergency board meeting to dismiss Myung Ja from her position. Wow. Yoo Jung gathers no moss. She’s on a roll now that the truth has been revealed. Of course… this really wasn’t Myung Ja’s doing but Na Young’s…

On his way out, Baek runs into Jong Hee. He doesn’t recognize her so she reminds him about being Mi So’s friend. She then says that Mi So is out of the office at the moment since the VC wanted to meet with her personally. Baek is a bit disappointed and goes to leave. Jong Hee then asks him to wait. The two then end up sitting together outside in a very uncomfortable and awkward silence. She then gets a call from Chan Ki who is outside CK and wants her to buy him lunch. She says she’s meeting with Jae Hyuk so she can’t. This makes Chan Ki livid. Why is Jong Hee meeting with that Terminator. LOL. Jong Hee tells him to be good and wait for her at home and hangs up. Chan Ki, of course, does the exact opposite.

Baek then gets up and asks just what it is she wanted to talk to him about. Did something bad happen to Mi So? Jong Hee talks about how things are a mess and then pauses. Wait. That’s not how this is supposed to be going. Jong Hee then asks if Baek knows Na Young and explains about all the bad things Na Young is doing to Mi So. Baek’s face darkens. Jong Hee then tells him not to worry as they have everything sorted out. She finally gets around to asking about his thoughts on pineapple. This completely stumps Baek. Pineapple? No special memories? Has he bought pineapple recently? Baek asserts he hasn’t. Okay. When Jong Hee asks for his number and if he has a girlfriend, Baek looks very annoyed as we can all guess he thinks Mi So’s friend is hitting on him, lol.

Chan Ki arrives and demands to know where Jae Hyuk is. Jong Hee replies the man has already left. She then tells him that Jae Hyuk is definitely NOT Pineapple Man. This makes Chan Ki happy until Jong Hee happily says that Jae Hyuk is still single. She then notices how sweaty the younger man is and asks if he ran all the way there. No wonder he’s grumpy. He must be really hungry. He just needs to wait a bit and she’ll take him out to eat. After she goes off, Chan Ki curses himself for running all the way to the office.

Myung Ja goes to Min Jae’s office to break the bad news that the conniving fox Mi So managed to get another presentation date for her product. How is that possible? She won over the VC. How did she do that? Myung Ja is certain that Kyung Soo was the one who managed to snag the second chance. This makes Min Jae very unhappy and he gets downright livid when Myung Ja talks about the whispers of restructuring and how Min Jae will be one of the first two go. Serves the incompetent b*stard right.

Mi So meets with Kyung Soo and wonders how they even knew the broth for the seaweed soup was made using their new product. Kyung Soo fesses up that he was the one who told the VC. This surprises Mi So. Kyung Soo says that the VC asked him so he told him it was made from the new product. Mi So says that she believes Madam recommended the soup after eating it. Kyung Soo says that Mi So’s warm heart and sincerity was recognized.

Enter the livid Min Jae to confront Kyung Soo. He yells that he’s the president of CK and the successor. He notices Mi So and then accuses the two of trying to oust him. Min Jae then says crude things about the two carrying on outside and inside the office. Mi So tells him to watch his mouth and he tells her to shut her yap. Kyung Soo’s response? “Get out of my office now before I call security.” Priceless. Min Jae is stunned. WHAT did Kyung Soo tell him? He reminds Kyung Soo that he’s the president’s son and and lunges at Kyung Soo who dodges. Min Jae cannot believe this. How DARE Kyung Soo dodge. He lunges again and Kyung Soo dodges again. Haha. The wounded Min Jae runs out of the office with tail between his legs. I’m sorry, but no sane person will stand there and let another man beat him for no good reason whatsoever. Looks like Min Jae needs to go visit the Wizard for a brain only his head isn’t’ filled with straw, but rather hot air.

Min Jae limps back to his office and Na Young demands to know why he did that. Min Jae starts griping about Kyung Soo and Mi So. This makes Na Young angry. He must still have feelings for his ex-wife if her being wit Kyung Soo really makes him angry. Min Jae is shocked. Of course he doesn’t. Like a person can believe that. Mi So helps Kyung Soo clean up his office and she apologizes for him going through such things because of her. Kyung Soo says that he doesn’t want her to hurt because of Min Jae any more and she and her ex are strangers now, aren’t they? He the apologizes for sound angry and Mi So says she understands him.

Baek hands over the merger contract to Tae San who tells him to leak the contract to the press to create a buzz about the merger. Baek is reluctant to do so because he believes Yoo Jung should be in the loop, but of course, Tae San tells him its an order he has to follow. Baek unhappily leaves and Tae San calls up his daughter who is out drinking yet again. She ignores his calls and angrily keeps drinking. A man sitting near her goes over and starts to hit on her and she asks him if he wishes to spend the night with her. Yeesh. I suppose since she’s pretty much ruined her life already, she doesn’t care any more and is going to thoroughly trash it.

Myung Ja paces angrily in her office the next day. How dare Yoo Jung try to oust her? Enter Na Young who Myung Ja starts yelling at her for all the problems she’s caused. Na Young asks what the problem is and Myung Ja says that Yoo Jung is trying to have her kicked out of CK thanks to Na Young’s doings. Myung Ja then kicks Na Young out of CK to stay in the Lee home to stop causing more problems. As Na Young leaves she overhears Myung Ja muttering about her poor origins and not being any better than Mi So.

The angry Na Young goes back to the planning department where Oh comes in complaining she is late due to the brakes on her car. Kang asks if she is okay and she says she is lucky to have made it to work alive. Oh and Kang are sent out to do work for the new product when Mi So enters. Na Young tells her to go to the factory in Incheon to get the anaylysis report for her team’s new product. Mi So cannot believe this. Now? Of course since Na Young’s team is too busy preparing for the launch. She then hands over the keys to Oh’s car. Typical.

Now Na Young is going to add another large sin to her repertoire of kidnapping (and possibly murdering) children, lying, backstabbing, etc. Let’s add on attempted murder. Poor Mi So, she doesn’t deserve enemies that vicious. Just think of what will happen if Mi So does end up in a car accident because of Na Young. Baek will go ballistic on her rear. Not that I want Mi so hurt, but I’d love to see Baek exacting his street justice on Na Young.


  • Kyung Soo dodging Min Jae lunging was priceless . How can MiSo obey NaYoung ? This isn’t believable .
    Thanks for your hard work , so enjoyable .

  • What’s unbelievable about this is we are 1/2 through, when is Mi So going to start getting smart? Sure, I want her to have her revenge because of Hae Ram (not sure she is dead, I just don’t believe the writerswould go that far….would they?) but she sure isn’t on a path of revenge! Even in Glass Mask, by ep 40, Yi Kyung was finally smart enough or maybe near death is what it takes like Yi Kyung! Maybe that’s what will do it!! Please, writer-nims? And let’s give a two finger clap to the MIL from HELL! Boy was I happy to see her take Na Young to task about messing with other’s food! Very happy to hear that. And alexe said it all, ducking and dodging Min Jae was PRICELESS!

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