30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 15

It’s half over with. Yay! So…I liked multiple day 15 questions and decided to do them both. You know how indecisive I am.

Day 15: A song that surprised you a lot (in the positive way)?

Hands down B.A.P’s “Coffee Shop.” I mean just hearing the teaser had me scratching my head wondering just what the heck this could be, but when the full MV hit, I was pleasantly surprised by the mellower track. I love the fierce boys, the upbeat/cute boys, and now the mellow boys. They are very multifaceted and they keep shaking things up.

Day 15: A song from someone or group who debuted this year?

Like before, I have several songs to recommend from groups that debuted this year. Since I really only know about kpop debuts, I can’t saying anything about cpop or jpop. Most of the people I follow in the other two genres tend to be well established.

Airplane – “So Pretty”

Dasoni – “Goodbye” [okay, technically a subgroup and I tend not list them because they have made their official debut elsewhere…but I made an exception here because I sadly don’t really listen to exid]

Iconize – 나는 끼가 넘치는 아이

M4M – “Sadness”

Pure – “I Still Love You”

BTS – “No More Dream” [There debut kind of reminds me of B.A.P’s fierce debut with “Warrior”]

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