Crazy Love Episode 49 Recap

A song dedication. Actually, it’s not really, but I’m saying it is. For all of you who may or may not be curious, the song that they play during the waltz scene is none other than Celine Dion’s “I’ll Be Waiting for You”—how appropriate for our couple.

After a recap of last week’s episodes we open with Kyung Soo bringing Mi So home. She tells him it’s late and to be safe on the drive home. Before he leaves, Kyung Soo hugs her and says that because he has her he is starting to look forward to tomorrow. Before he lived day by day, but now he’s starting to anticipate life. He thanks her. Mi So smiles and asks if he will keep hugging her. Kyung Soo steps back and the two share a happy stare before Mi So goes upstairs to the house.

In the Yoon household, Jong Hee thinks that Mi So is with Mr. Pineapple. Chan Ki doesn’t think that is the case and Jong Hee reminds him about the man’s voice she overheard calling Mi So by her first name. Chan Ki then freaks out when Jong Hee says that Mi So might stay out overnight. He is to make sure to take a good look at all the men Mi So might date as they need his stamp of approval. He goes to call Mi So just as she enters the house. He goes to question her, but is stopped by Jong Hee. Mi So happily hands over her precious salt to Jong Hee and heads in to bed.

Kyung Soo sits outside in his car and recalls Mi So teaching him to waltz. As they are really getting into the flow of things, Mi So stops and tells him that she knows he wishes to hear something. She says that she will not hesitate anymore and will open herself up to love once more. This makes him happy of course. The next morning Kyung Soo and Mi So run into each other at the office and Kyung Soo asks how she slept. She says well and he replies that he didn’t sleep a wink at all. Enter Office Manager. Things get even more awkward and the two flee in opposite directions. Cute.

Mi So meets with Yoo Jung and tells her that thanks to Granny Hwang Geum Soon she has perfected the broth ratio. This makes Yoo Jung happy and she calls for Team Leader Shim. When Shim enters, she hands over the broth recipe and tells him to copy and distribute the information to the development team and then place the original to keep safely on her desk. Because on a desk is safe at CK. Shim leaves and Yoo Jung asks about Mi So’s thoughts on creating a jellied version. Mi So thinks this would be the best way to go. Yoo Jung then reveals that there will be a change in flavor in this method. This worries Mi So, but Yoo Jung assures her everything is okay as it’s the development team’s job to make sure the flavor is kept intact.

Kyung Soo texts Mi So and asks after her preference with coffee making Mi So smile. The two meet and he hands over her coffee (mocha, no syrup, no whipped cream) and says he has now memorized her coffee preferences and knows that she likes canned pineapple when she’s sick. It makes Kyung Soo happy that he is learning more about her. He then asks after her work. Mi So happily tells him that she’s perfected the ratio, but is worried about preserving the original flavor. Kyung Soo cares, but teasingly asks if she will only keep talking about work. He has been thinking about what he can talk to her about all day and feels like he’s coming in second to her job. Kawaii.

Mi So smiles and asks what they should talk about. Kyung Soo asks about going to a movie, play, or musical the next day. Mi So tells him that she can’t as she already has plans for a family dinner. Kyung Soo is disappointed, but says there is nothing they can do since she has plans. I’m  glad she’s not the type of heroine who shirks responsibilities and promises to date. Kyung Soo takes a sips of his coffee and then complains about the syrup making it too sweet. LOL.

Na Young meets with Yoon who tells her about Mi So meeting with the famous Hwang who has never before revealed her broth cooking secrets to anyone. So…was Mi So successful? She must have been as she handed over the rations to the development team. Na Young wonders how Mi So was able to meet with Hwang. Yoon does not know this and balks when Na Young tells her to snatch the broth ratios. Haha. Looks like Na Young will have to make her move without Yoon’s help.

Jong Hee asks how things went with Yoo Jung when Mi So returns to the office. Mi So replies they went well. So why does she look so down? Mi So again talks about her worry over the change of taste. Like Yoo Jung, Jong Hee assures her that is the development team’s responsibility to take care of. Mi So says that she wishes to talk to the development team and Jong Hee teases wondering why Mi So came back to the office first. The two get ready to head on over and Jong Hee reminds her about the dinner. Of course Mi So didn’t forget. Jong Hee then says that now that she knows Jae Hyuk is Mi So’s guardian angel, she can’t wait to know more about him. The two girls go off as Na Young enters. The office fly tells Na Young about Mi So’s broth problem. This makes Na Young happy.

The following day arrives and Mi So prepares a feast for Jae Hyuk. He arrives and everyone is happy except for Chan Ki who remains cold and standoffish. Chan Ki is especially unhappy when Jong Hee takes on more of a flirty attitude with Jae Hyuk. Manage Baek has brought gifts for both Moon Do and Mi So. Moon Do  tells him he doesn’t have to bring anything next time and just come over comfortably. Jae Hyuk then hands over the cookie set to Mi So who is happily amazed that he still remembers all of her favorites from the orphanage. Chan Ki remarks on the childishness of the gift and is unhappy as Jong Hee keeps flirting.

When Jong Hee takes away the bulgolgi that Chan Ki was digging into, he snaps. He reminds everyone that his birthday is fast approaching and that he expects the same large spread for it. LOL. Moon Do chides his son for being a brat while the others laugh. Moon Do then says he hopes that Jae Hyuk comes over often—especially on holidays as it must be lonely by himself. Mi So seconds this and tells him to come over whenever he wants a home cooked meal.

After dinner, Mi So sees her oppa out and asks if he was uncomfortable since everyone was treating him as family. She tells him not to be and to come as often as possible. Jae Hyuk then says that he is happy to see that she was raised in a good home by good people as he always wondered. Mi So asserts that she would of course live well as she is her oppa’s sister. Mi So says that both her parents are good people and she then says that she will work hard to show him how happy she is now. Mi So then broaches the subject of Tae San Capital—is it possible for him to quit? Mi So then apologizes for saying that and Jae Hyuk apologizes for showing her how bad he’s become. Mi So is quick to assert that is not what she meant. Jae Hyuk says he will think about it and leaves. It’s not that it’s even a choice for him…he’s pretty much stuck in Tae San’s grasp. Will he eve be able to break free?

Inside the Yoon house, Jong Hee is gushing over Jae Hyuk which annoys Chan Ki and he storms off leaving Jong Hee puzzled. Mi So then enters and says she will finish cleaning up. Jong Hee asks about putting something in the fridge and Mi So tells her not to as it will harden. She then recalls Geum Soon’s words about controlling the saltiness to get the perfect dish. This makes a light bulb go off and Mi So tells Jong Hee she solved the problem. The two then meet with Yoo Jung and Shim. Mi So hands over the new ratios and instructions for Shim to take to R&D. Yoo Jung congratulates them on their efforts and says they will meet again when the production date has been set. Yoo Jung and Shim leave and the two girls celebrate how the problem has been successfully solved.

Jong Hee leaves to take some paperwork to the archives room when Mi So gets a text from Kyung Soo with a list of items ranging from walking in the rain to a midnight movie with a bucket of popcorn. Mi So texts him back wondering what that is. It’s his wishlist of things to do with her. Which would she like to do first? Mi So apologizes saying she will be busy for awhile, so she won’t be able to do any of them. Kyung Soo sends a pouty text saying he will get angry with her and Mi So laughs and says she will do one with him that night. Which one? It’s a secret.

The conversation is effectively put to an end when Yoo Jung comes in. She wishes to speed up the new item production date. The company they wish to merge with wants to attend, right? Yes, to see if they should go through with the merger or not. Yoo Jung tells him to check out their schedule and they will work out the best date to decide the product launch. Kyung Soo asks after the new product development and Yoo Jung says there was a snag, but it was solved by Mi So. Yoo Jung has high praise for the woman which makes her son-in-law happy. Yoo Jung then switches the topic to Hae Ryung. What a downer. The girl hasn’t said anything has she? No. Yoo Jung then says that Hae Ryung goes out drinking with her friends all of the time now. This makes Yoo Jung worry that Hae Ryung will get herself into trouble. Yoo Jung then asks if it was Hae Ryung’s request to go to the program alone. Yes, it was. Kyung Soo things she felt burdened and uncomfortable when he went with her.

We then cut to see Hae Ryung running out of her therapy session as they were asking all sorts of questions about Kyung Soo’s brother. She resented him for opposing the marriage, didn’t she? She even thought of killing him, didn’t she? Is that a question a therapist normally asks of his patients? I mean sure, she’s off her rocker, but to right off the bat ask her if she thought of killing her brother-in-law? Wowza.

Na Young sneaks into Yoo Jung’s office and starts going through the woman’s desk. Tsk, tsk. Na Young finds the broth ratios and takes pictures with her phone. She is getting ready to leave just as Yoo Jung enters. What is Na Young doing in her office? She has paperwork for the woman to sign. Since when does Na Young and her team need Yoo Jung’s signature? Na Young says it’s about the marketing of the new product and events Yoo Jung will have to attend. Yoo Jung appears to accept this and tells the woman to put the information on her desk and leave. Na Young leaves the office, checks out the photo and grins.

Mi So and Jong Hee are still in a good mood over the production of their soup coming closer and closer to fruition. Mi So sends Jong Hee home saying that she will finish up the work herself for their presentation which is scheduled in two days time. As Mi So is busy working, Kyung Soo comes in with some sushi. She knows about the product presentation date, right? Yes, and she is more nervous about that one than the first. Kyung Soo reassures her that she will be fine and then wonders about what they will be doing on his list. Mi So tells him the night isn’t over with yet, but refuses to tell him which one she picked.

Kyung Soo takes her home and Mi So asks him to hold out his hand. In it, she places an envelope. Is that for him? Yes. Didn’t he say he wanted a handwritten letter? The abashed Mi So then bids him farewell telling him not to read the letter until he’s by himself and sprints to her house. Kyung Soo is very happy by this. Meanwhile, inside the Yoon household, Jong Hee is still trying to figure out who Mi So’s lover is. Since it’s a man she shouldn’t love…isn’t that Jae Hyuk since they are like blood-related siblings almost? Chan Ki tsks at this and starts practicing his singing once more. He isn’t bad, but he just can’t hit that one high note. Jong Hee speculates it has to be Jae Hyuk and that just makes Chan Ki upset. Mi So comes in and denies going to do the broth with Jae Hyuk before going into her room. Jong Hee hasn’t given up yet.

Mi So sits in her room and laughs. We then cut to Kyung Soo reading her letter. Mi So confesses that she lied to him earlier. In reality, she spent all of her time trying to figure out how to greet him. She decided to just smile. However, she was so flustered that she couldn’t do that and could only blurt out what she said which was also a lie. She didn’t sleep well at all either. She repeats his words about looking forward to tomorrow because he’s in it. Awwww.

Hae Ryung comes home and Tae San is upset that she was drinking again. Hae Ryung then says she has to quit the program as they keep asking her about Kyung Soo’s brother. This startles Tae San. So…did she say anything? Hae Ryung replies that she didn’t, but that she wished she had finally opened up about killing Kyung Soo’s brother. Enter Kyung Soo. Hae Ryung stops talking and her father tells her to hurry to bed. She shakily leaves and Kyung Soo looks like he’s wondering what’s going on.

The day of the presentation dawns and Na Young is very confident that she has ruined Mi So and we see a flashback of her doing something in the lab. Min Jae and Myung Ja wonder what she did and if they can really trust her. Na Young assures them that Mi So will be ruined and that will take care of the merger as well. Na Young then assures Myung Ja that their own product will be rolling out soon and things look good.

Mi So and Jong Hee are about to get ready for the presentation when they run into Na Young who glibly wishes them luck. The two go to the test kitchen where Jong Hee boils the latest sample into the broth. Mi So tastes it and wonders what is going on as it isn’t the right flavor. Jong Hee doesn’t get this. She tries it herself and the taste is weird. How could this have happened? The last samples were just the right flavor. Mi So then tastes the jelly and it is off, too.

End episode. Previews look intense. Will Mi So and Kyung Soo be able to pull off another miracle?


  • One thing I’ve been wondering about. Psycho wife never checked his phone? That’s the first thing any jealous or suspicious wives do lol With all the texting they do, you would think he has two phones but I don’t think he does.

    • I don’t think he does either. I’m surprised that no one has checked his phone yet and seen all those messages, especially Psycho Wife since she’s always afraid that he’s cheating. And who gets the cell bill as they keep records of all the calls (I don’t know about texts), so wouldn’t someone get suspicious of a certain number appearing quite often?

  • They don’t live together anymore . I remember the wife sent him off to another room to sleep . And the bill is paid by the firm law , I believe .Besides does the wife want anything from him anymore ?

    • She only wishes to own his butt for the rest of his miserable existence even though there is no love there. That Psycho, tsk, tsk.

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