30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 Day 28

A favorite thing about an actor, huh?

Day 28. Favorite thing about (insert your favorite actor/actress)?

I think that when I was listing some actors that I loved, I forgot to put this one on the list. How sad!

I really do like Korean actor Choi Jin Hyuk. He’s got this amazing deep voice that I love. He’s not all that bad in the looks department and he’s got a great acting ability. But the thing I like the most is if you see him in an interview, he is so humble and thankful and almost…a bit shy in a way. I first saw him in Pasta, but really fell in love with him thanks to It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl. I really hope that we get to see him in more dramas and taking on more leading roles (that don’t necessarily equate to second male lead). Oh, and you see him with that stoic and serious expression…but when he SMILES it’s killer.

And then there is Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen. Her acting talent is phenomenal. I really like that if you look at the BTS with her, she is a really fun and cheerful person. When you see that and see her take on darker or more serious roles, it shows off really just how talented she is. She’s also got this aura about her that draws you in. That little twinkle of mischief… And I like how in most of her roles we don’t get her doing that really annoying cutesy voice that you find so often in Taiwanese and Chinese (idol) dramas.


  • I thought i’d commented on this post but i haven’t. Odd. Choi Jin Hyuk is gonna be in a movie and a drama this year, woot!

    • Exciting news! Have you seen Tone Deaf Clinic? He was in that…but his role…not a lot of screen time even though he was the leading lady’s first love. I want to do a write up of that movie soon.

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