Crazy Love Episode 48 Recap

I know, it’s a bit late this time around. Having children over really eats up all of your time.

Again, it feels so weird NOT restarting where the previous episode ends. Mi So meets with Yoo Jung to discuss the product development. Mi So has contacted a chef renowned for their bone broth soup and is hoping they can form a partnership. She knows that they are pressed for time as CK wishes to get the new product to market, but by doing this, Mi So hopes to have a competitive edge over other companies.

On her way back to the planning office she runs into Office Manager and the two happily greet each other. She asks after Kyung Soo and is told he stepped out for some air. So, of course Mi So has to go find him. While she stares at him from afar, her phone rings. Kyung Soo is sitting there and texting her. Mi So quickly goes off to an opposite bench where she reads text after text with a smile. When Kyung Soo asks why she isn’t replying he looks over and notices her. Mi So then quickly rushes and hides. Are you kidding me? She’s starting to act like a silly teenager by doing that. Before Kyung Soo can catch her, he gets called out and has to leave.

Na Young receives Mi So’s product information from her informant Yoon and is not happy to learn just how far Mi So is getting on in its development. She must stop her at all costs. Meanwhile, Jong Hee is staring at the pineapple picture and wondering who it is. When Mi So enters Jong Hee immediately pounces and asks her all these questions. Mi So promises to tell her later. As Jong Hee is trying to weasel this information out, Na Young enters. The witch immediately accuses Jong Hee of slacking off and tells her to double check the inventory again as there is too big a discrepancy between the computer data and physical data. Jong Hee goes to do so and as Mi So tries to leave with her, Na Young accuses her of going after CK and promises that she won’t let Mi So take what is hers again. Oy. Mi So would rather forgive, forget, and move on. Na Young says she can’t forget as Mi So is the one who came in to steal from her again. Their ill fate is not over yet. She leaves and Mi So gets a call from the chef and they arrange a time to go over the broth process. My words to Na Young (and the Lee family, too)? Get over yourself already.

At the Yoon home, Moon Do gripes about eating pineapple yet again and scolds Chan Ki for buying so much because it was a bargain. Jong Hee quickly shoves pineapple in Chan Ki’s mouth to keep him from spilling the secret and the topic is then safely switched to Moon Do saying they should have Baek over for dinner that weekend. This makes Mi So happy and Chan Ki angry. Moon Do talks about how Baek helped him at work and tells Mi So to call him and invite him. Jong Hee then tells her to make sure Mi So asks what he likes so that he will be touched to eat his favorite foods.

Mi So calls up Baek who positively beams at receiving a call from her. She says she heard he went by Moon Do’s work and thanks him. She also says there is no need to feel badly as Moon Do has already forgiven him. Mi So then thanks him again for helping her father and asks if he’s busy that weekend as they would love for him to come over for dinner. Baek’s smile widens even more. He says he’s not a picky eater and if possible his happy face gets even happier when Mi So asks if he still likes bulgolgi. Of course he does. Then she will show off her cooking skills and making that for him. The two happily laugh and say goodbye. They are soooooo cute! Again, if no Kyung Soo, I could ship these two as lovers instead of siblings. Mi So’s smile fades as she looks down at her phone. She pulls up the texts from Kyung Soo and smiles as she verbally answers each one. Text him back instead! She tells him that she isn’t mad and apologizes. Why can’t you say that to his face?

Min Jae comes in drunk yelling for Mi So while Na Young is busy trying to sabotage her by stealing the chef out from under her. She hangs up and Min Jae demands that Mi So be brought forth. He is angry with her and wishes to fight I guess. Na Young tells him to come to his senses and tosses him angrily on the bed. Haha.

The chef calls and cancels the appointment and refuses to talk or meet with Mi So. This makes Jong Hee angry and sets Mi So into panic mode. They are back to square one and must rush to find a replacement ASAP otherwise the product launch will be delayed and Yoo Jung’s reputation will drop. The two rush out and Kyung Soo comes in and hears the other planning department staff talking about the deep doodoo Mi So is now in. Kyung Soo rushes to his office and finds a business card and puts in a call to someone. This man has mad connections.

As Mi So and Jong Hee part ways to try their luck at getting somebody else, Kyung Soo rushes in and tells Mi So she has to go with him now to see a new soup expert. It turns out that this woman is the original first on Mi So’s list, but Mi so was originally unable to meet her. This makes Kyung Soo happy. They go inside and the woman happily greets Kyung Soo, calling him even more handsome. He calls her pretty and she laughs happily at the comment. She then asks if Mi So is his girlfriend. Awkward silence. She then says she was rushing out as a friend is sick and in the hospital. When will she be back? Sometime in the evening.

She then invites the two inside for tea while she waits for her bus to arrive. Kyung Soo asks his favor, but the woman says that she hasn’t been able to make the soup since her big problem that Kyung Soo helped her solve. If that is the reason they are there, then they wasted their time. Mi So rushes after her and pleads with her. She wishes the world to learn about and love the soup that she fell in love with as a child. She wishes to bring that happy flavor to her own product. The granny tells Mi So to make her own version of the broth. Depending on how it is, the woman will determine whether or not she helps Mi So. This makes the two happy as that means there is still a chance for her.

Back at CK, Na Young tells Myung Ja about stopping the partnership. She does caution that this will not ruin Mi So. In order to do that, they need to find out a flaw and exploit it. Na Young promise to make both Mi So and Yoo Jung laughing stocks since she cannot allow Mi So to ruin Min Jae’s career.

Back at the granny’s house, Kyung Soo and Mi So are hard at work. It’s Mi So’s first time cooking with a fire and Kyung Soo smiles and says he’s from the country so he’s used to cooking with fires. His childhood stories make Mi So smile. Kyung Soo catches this and she turns away a bit. She thanks him for the pineapple and he asks if she’s still angry. No, she isn’t. Then why didn’t she reply to his texts. Mi So asserts she did before grabbing a dish full of veggies to wash outside. Kyung Soo quickly takes out his phone and looks. Nothing there. LOL. I guess she’s too embarrassed to say she verbally replied to each and every text at home.

Outside Mi So gets a call from Jong Hee asking how things are going. Mi So says she is being tested and if she passes, then they will be all set. This makes Jong Hee happy. Kyung Soo then calls out for Mi So so the girl quickly hangs up leaving a shocked Jong Hee wondering who the man’s voice is.

Hae Ryung is out clubbing while her parents frantically try to reach her, worried. Hae Ryung takes a break from dancing and goes up to her table and notices the text from her dad asking where she is. Hae Ryung angrily calls and says she will be home late as she is at a club. Yoo Jung and Tae San both try to get her to say where she is, but she refuses and hangs up. Thus the Ohs decide to send Baek after her yet again. We learn that Hae Ryung lived very recklessly and had bad friends. Yoo Jung is worried that Hae Ryung is back to her usual bad habits with her bad friends.

At granny’s house, she tastes Mi So’s broth and cucumber dish. She first compliments Mi So’s cucumbers and then says the broth will be just as good if Mi So pays that much attention to the broth. The woman then reveals the secret to her own broth—salt, wood, and fire. If you can master these then you can master the taste. Granny hands over the special salt and tells Mi So to come back again with Kyung Soo and she will make them both bone broth soup. The two agree to this and set off.

Kyung Soo glances over at the still smiling brightly Mi So. Did she like it that much? Yes. She feels Granny’s heart in the salt and is very happy. She was devastated earlier, so she is both thankful and sorry to Kyung Soo. Since he has decided to stop apologizing, he wishes for Mi So to stop thanking and apologizing to him as well. There’s something he’d much rather hear from her instead. The car then suddenly comes to a halt. What happened? They ran out of gas. LOL. WHY do people in dramas NEVER look at their gas gauge? Kyung Soo calls for help and it will take an hour for them to get there.

Kyung Soo tells Mi So she can wait in the car, but she’d rather sit out since it is nice. So…would she like to listen to music with him? Sure. Kyung Soo puts music on and Mi So recognizes it as a waltz. She learnt it when she was in college. Kyung Soo immediately jumps up and pulls her up with him. She must teach him. This shocks Mi So, but she does go into Kyung Soo’s arms to teach him how to do it. Their first time out someone’s foot gets stepped on. Kyung Soo apologizes and Mi So tells him that he isn’t apologizing any more, remember? As long as two people’s feelings are the same, the dance will flow like a river. The two continue on with no problems the second time. Mi So silently tells him that she has decided to not hesitate any more and open herself up to love again.


Scenes for this week show some great scenes between Mi So and Kyung Soo. It also looks like Kyung Soo just might learn about what happened to his hyung at this rate since Hae Ryung is unhappily vocalizing about how the therapists wish her to talk about him. Oh, and Na Young manages to snatch the data about the broth recipe. Can Mi So and Jong Hee fix the flub before it’s too late?


  • Thanks for this recap . No matter if it’s late .

  • Agree about the gas gauge. Unless that village did not have a gas station, it did not make any sense but it was cute the dance. I sure hope he finds out about his brother soon. That will truly be the nail in the coffin of that relationship.

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