30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 Day 24

I’m still trying to figure out this “favorite” thing…

24. Favorite character (insert your favorite actor/actress) has ever played?

I will go for a beloved younger actress. I think that there is so far only one role to date that Kim Yoo Jung has played that I did not like and that was the child role for the leading actress in Flames of Ambition (which I have only watched one episode of to date). While she is a good actress, her acting there seemed more brusque and unrealistic at times.

To date I think her best roles were a tie between the baby gumiho Yeon Yi in Tale of a Fox’s Child and the young Chun Hae Joo in the disastrous May Queen.

One comment

  • Loved Kim Yoo Jung in Gumiho Tale and she made May Queen. Might be why I was totally disinterested with the adults!! I’m going to stick with a younger one too. My little Seo Shin Ae in Thank You was SENSATIONAL! She wasn’t bad in Gumiho either.

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