Crazy Love Episode 47 Recap

While not a bad episode and things sort of did happen…this was definitely a filler episode. And the only reason I don’t mind is we got a cute Baek scene and what Kyung Soo did for Mi So was really sweet.

Kyung Soo sees Mi So crouching and crying and looks very sad himself. She looks up to find him and dries her tears and stands up. What is he doing there? Kyung Soo ignores this. Why is she in that warehouse crying all alone? If she is having a difficult time, she needs to tell him. Mi So assures him that it has nothing to do with him and it’s just her frustration with happenings at work. It’s a mixture of both really. Again, Kyung Soo says that she must talk to him about such hardships as it pains him to see her crying all alone.

Mi So gets home and is greeted by a sleep Chan Ki. He was going to wait up and meet her outside, but he must have fallen asleep. Jong Hee and Moon Do are already in bed as well. Chan Ki is horrified to see his tired noona has brought work home with her as well. Mi So, Mi So, going full force like this is NEVER a good idea.

Crazy Love 47.0009

Kyung Soo and cronies have moved into their own offices at CK now and will remain until the merger has been successfully completed. Yoo Jung sees him and asks how he likes things before switching the topic to Hae Ryung. Isn’t the crazy girl doing so much better? She then asks Kyung Soo to go with Hae Ryung for her appointments. Yoo Jung then says she will make sure to fill his office with some plants before leaving.

Myung Ja, meanwhile, is angry at Ko for telling her the truth about the merger and how the board are all for it. She kicks him out of her office. She won’t let Yoo Jung usurp her position as CEO. When Yoo Jung returns to her office, there sits Myung Ja who vows to fight the merger with everything she has in her. Yoo Jung smiles and tells her that she wouldn’t be doing that if Myung Ja had the best interest of CK at heart. Plus, a merger doesn’t mean that Myung Ja will lose her position. Myung Ja will not be placated.

After lying to Myung Ja about Mi So, Na Young tells Min Jae that Mi So deliberately pushed her and threatened their child. When Min Jae goes to confront his ex, Na Young quickly stops him by saying that will only provoke Mi So worse and that luckily she saw the doctor and everything is fine. Min Jae is relieved by this and tells her to let him know first next time instead of putting up with Mi So. Enter the angry Myung Ja who bawls the two out about the merger and letting Mi So get away with trying to oust them. Na Young vows that she will not make the same mistake twice and will definitely ruin Mi So. She leaves and Min Jae chides his mother for yelling at Na Young before chasing after her. God his actions make me want to vomit at times.

Mi So is definitely burning the candle at both ends and is the worst for it. Jong Hee says another department wants the ratios for the broth, but Mi So refuses to give them without more research. To make the product unique and tastier, she wishes to look into traditional methods. Mi So goes to head to the test kitchen while Jong Hee goes to research traditional cooking schools. Manager Oh was eavesdropping and reports everything to Na Young, making the mistake of praising the formidable business woman Mi So. Na Young scolds her about this and tells her to keep an eye out on the two women and their project.

Mi So has a dizzy spell and Jong Hee tells her to hurry home instead. Enter Kyung Soo. Jong Hee happily greets him while Mi So looks uncomfortable. Mi So takes her leave and Jong Hee rushes after her while Kyung Soo watches on unhappy. We then cut to see Moon Do at work. Baek rushes in to help him lift some heavy bags. Moon Do assures the young man that he can do it, but Baek won’t hear of it and finishes the job himself. Afterward, Moon Do brings him a drink and Baek bows and formally apologizes. Moon Do has already forgiven the young man as he knows Baek would never deliberately hurt their family. Moon Do in turn apologizes for not keeping his promise to adopt Baek thus letting the young man have a rough life. He then hands over some money. Baek refuses, but Moon Do insists. It’s so cute to see him acting like Baek’s father. Moon Do also wants the younger man to stop by their house sometimes for dinner.

Baek gets home and takes out the money, smiling. I think Moon Do’s good will and forgiveness made him really happy. If Baek can be absorbed into the Yoon family that would be awesome. His good mood is instantly ruined by a call from Tae San. Oh wishes Baek to spy on Kyung Soo and report and problems with the upcoming merger to him and him only instead of Yoo Jung. Again, something smells fishy. Baek is not happy to learn that Kyung Soo wasn’t freed from Tae San’s grasp after all. I think this is mostly because it’s a sign that even if he tries as well, he won’t be able to escape either.

Kyung Soo is hard at work when he recalls Mi So’s dizzy spell. He rushes out of his office to hers where the girl is still working. Idiot. He wishes to take her to the hospital, but she refuses. He wishes to at least take her home, but again she refuses. She doesn’t want anything to do with him as he’s just making her life harder and its already hard enough. The boy is only concerned and wishes to help. Don’t bite him. See? She’s snappy the most with people who shouldn’t be snapped at. Poor Kyung Soo goes home to find his wife drinking. Great. Let the psychotic person have alcohol. He reminds her she isn’t supposed to and she says she’d go crazy completely listening to a doctor. She’s crazy already. She then says that its important to keep her away from the people she doesn’t like so she’s had his things moved upstairs to a different room. She then says she isn’t grateful that he saved her life as she just wishes to kill him more and more. Then let the man go already. End your torture and his.

Mi So comes home and wakes Jong Hee up. The startled woman is shocked to see how bad a state Mi So is in. Jong Hee tries to talk her into the hospital as well, but Mi So refuses. She’ll just rest. Jong Hee then rushes out to buy her some medicine while Mi So crawls into bed. You know there are things that even one good night’s sleep can’t cure you of. Overworking yourself to that point is one of them.

The next day Na Young is having a fit. Wasn’t her team supposed to be putting a stop to Mi So’s product development? With the boards approval and all of that jazz, they really can’t say to scrap it. Then it’s their job to find all problems and if none exist, create them. If Mi So’s product goes to market and is a huge success, then Na Young and her department will be put out to pasture. I could live with that.

Jong Hee helped Mi So take a sick day and Kyung Soo is not happy when he overhears this. HE does hear that Mi So craves canned pineapple whenever she’s sick. That’s…an odd craving. You’re sick and your going to eat a sweet and acidic fruit? I guess that’s not different than drinking plenty of OJ. After Jong Hee hangs up, Kyung Soo asks after Mi So and she tells him how she’s doing before chipperly heading off to work. He then tries calling Mi So who of course ignores the call.

Chan Ki then comes in. He’s a sweet little brother who made Mi So’s favorite porridge. She thanks him, but says she has no appetite yet. Chan Ki tells her to take a nap and heat it up later as he must run to register for an audition. He leaves and she pulls out the postcard to look out. Looks like she’s finding it harder and harder to resist him. Good. Although, he still needs to clean up psychotic wife mess, but still…

Moon Do is working at the store when the anxious Chan Ki calls and reports Mi So’s condition. He tells his father that he will wire the money from JR to his father’s account so that Moon Do can buy Mi So an herbal medicine to help her get better and keep up her stamina. Such sweet men. Meanwhile, Kyung Soo recalls what he overheard Jong Hee talking to Mi So about. You know he’s going to do something. Wait for it.

Jong Hee is on the way home talking to Mi So and complaining about how the market was completely sold out of canned pineapple. Jong Hee’s eyes then widens and she gasps. She tells Mi So she needs to come out pronto. Mi So does and is shocked to find a pyramid of canned pineapple, fruit baskets with fresh pineapple, and two giant teddy bears (one holding a bouquet). Jong Hee says it must be fore Mi So’s secret admirer. They find an unsigned card urging Mi So to get well quickly. Mi So then takes out her phone and notices a new message. She listens to her voice mail and we get to hear Kyung Soo apologize…a lot. Yes, he was only thinking of himself and he made her hurt and said. He’s very sorry for that. But he also knows that she is lying and feels the same way he does. Therefore he won’t give up on her. Mi So quickly rushes to their park, but Kyung Soo is long gone.

That night Jong Hee tells Chan Ki what happened and the two try to figure out who mystery man is.  Moon Do arrives home looking a little warn out and Jong Hee has to repeatedly stop Chan Ki from mentioning his sister’s new man. Yeah…I’m not exactly sure as to just why it would be a bad thing for Moon Do to know, but for now it’s a secret. Mi So then comes home looking all depressed and Jong Hee vows to get the secret out of her. When they are alone in their room, Mi So cries and wonders what she should do. She can’t hold back her feelings anymore and she should not love this person. But then again…why can’t she be selfish? Why can’t she finally get what she wants? Why indeed. It’s okay to be selfish every now and then, Mi So-ssi. Just don’t make a habit out of hit like spineless ex and both crazy witches. End episode.

Today’s episode looks really good, but I just don’t have time or energy to bother with it tonight.


  • Filler episode ? An episode to show that Mi So is unable to resist anymore .
    Thanks for your big work . I am now used to watch your recap after watching the episode to double the pleasure .

    • Sure, it showcases Mi So’s inability to resist any longer, but I call it a filler since not a lot major happenings can be seen in the plot. I’m glad that my recaps are able to help double your pleasure.

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