30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 9

Another day that it was hard to find a question that I liked. I’m not really happy with any of them. So I’m combining several of the kpop challenges about songs that come from the different companies into one.

Day 09: A song you like that comes from a YG/SM/JYP/Cube Entertainment artist?


Big Bang – “Monster” (in particularly the acoustic version)

2ne1 – “I Love You” (it was tough choosing only one as I do like “Lonely” and “Ugly” as well.

Lee Hi – “Rose”


SHINee – “Lucifer” this remains my favorite song of theirs to date.

TRAX – “Blind” (my favorite by them is actually “Jagiyah”)


2AM (they do count as JYP, right?) – “Like Crazy”

2PM – “I’ll Be Back”

Wonder Girls – “Be My Baby”


BTOB – “Insane”

Beast – “Midnight”

Kara – “Pandora”

One comment

  • I like how Cube is included with “the big 3” 🙂 I’m not terribly fond of their girl groups (goes for most girl groups in general barring a few), but I am a bit impressed by the music quality from both Beast and BTOB.

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