Just Give Me a Reason Showdown

Crazy. I guess you know a song is popular when covers start springing up like crazy. Of course, the more popular the song the more criticism you are bound to receive for your cover. Within in the past few weeks we’ve had lots of kpop groups (okay, at least 3) covering P!nk’s “Just Give Me a Reason.” I LOVE that song. I love P!nk. She’s got some kick butt songs.

The original:

The covers:

LED Apple featuring Kim BoA from Spica

This is my favorite cover. They brought in a girl to help sing the song and that helped make it stand out from other covers. Since Han Byul is a native English speaker, he’s got great pronunciation and so does BoA. I was surprised by how well she sang in English. Kyumin…he does fairly good for not being a native speaker. He seems a bit out of place with the other two, though. His voice and tone doesn’t mesh well with the rock edge that BoA has going. But, like I said, my favorite kpop cover of this song.


I love Lunafly. Their covers are usually excellent. And unlike other kpop artists, their English pronunciation is very clear and done well. Yes, I know Sam is a native English speaker, but Teo and Yun aren’t and do so well. I love listening to them sing in English because I can understand them. At times I think Teo’s rough rock tone doesn’t quite fit on certain parts. But, I really can’t complain about this version of the song.

Aoora from AA

I like Aoora. He has a unique voice. I’ve enjoyed some of his other covers, but not this one. He has the most noticeable accent out of the covers. His singing isn’t bad, but I think there’s just something missing. I think this would have been better if he had accompaniment by one of his members as this is a song that is meant to be a duet. Some duets are okay to be changed to solo, but this song…really works better with a dynamic and dialogue.

Which version do you like best?


  • I like Led Apple’s best. I love Lunafly, but sometimes I find their versions of songs a bit boring. But Led Apple with BOA really sound great. I would follow Hanbyul’s voice to the ends of the earth though, so i’m a bit biased, lol. I’m not really a fan of Aoora.

    • Yeah, Hanbyul has an awesome voice. I like Lunafly’s covers for the most part, but sometimes they start sounding a bit the same, so it could have a boring effect. BoA and LED Apple rocked that song. I was really impressed by their explosive performance.

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