Crazy Love Episode 46 Recap

I just had this feeling that Mi So took two step backs. She shouldn’t have allowed Myung Ja and Na Young to get away with what they did. And how adorable was Baek Jae Hyuk? It’s kind of cute to see this side of him with Mi So.

We open episode 46 of Crazy Love with a slight rewind to when Kyung Soo stops Min Jae from hitting Mi So. Min Jae is livid. His ex-wife is seeing this man still? Snort. What right has he to complain when he is still seeing the rotten gijibae? Sigh. Anywho, When Mi So tries to get Min Jae to stop, he gets in her face and Kyung Soo grabs him and tells him that he isn’t allowed to hurt Mi So anymore. Min Jae being the coward he is hurls insults and turns tail and runs. Hah.

Crazy Love 46.0001

Kyung Soo turns to Mi So and asks if she’s all right. She says nothing and sits down. Kyung Soo picks up his briefcase and she says that she can handle herself now. She will not be bullied and beaten like before. If he hadn’t arrived she would have kicked Min Jae. Plus, she has a pretty mean punch, you know. As if that’s believable. They’ve made her too frail in her demeanor. If this was Jong Hee, I’d believe her punch is powerful. Kyung Soo laughs and takes Mi So’s hand. She tries to pull it away, but he won’t let her. Her hands are delicate and should be used to make delicious food and bring happiness to herself and others. He then promises to ensure that Min Jae can no longer hurt her.

I wanted to believe that Mi So could handle herself…but a scene later in this episode had me wondering. Of course…no can change 100% overnight.

Na Young meets with Spy Yoon who tells her that Kyung Soo has been brought on as the merger lawyer. Na Young finds this funny. No doubt she thinks she can use this to her advantage against Mi So later. I had to laugh though when Yoon tells Na Young to stop contacting her. LOL. Na Young’s reaction is priceless. What did she say? Doesn’t that girl know that Na Young is the soon-to-be wife of the future owner? Snort. Unless she can stop the merger completely, Min Jae’s future as the owner of CK is not looking too bright. Haha.

Na Young returns to his office where she finds him all out of sorts and griping about how Mi So and Kyung Soo are still dating and at the office no less. Eyeroll. Na Young reveals that Kyung Soo is the lawyer behind the merger. This irks Min Jae even more. But the funny thing is his biggest gripe is Kyung Soo and Mi So dating. Na Young picks up on this instead. Min Jae blabbers that it’s all because his ex is trying to ruin him, but Na Young has this twinge of worry that he just might still be in love with Mi So. I love how her carefully constructed world isn’t as sound as she thought.

In the planning office, Jong Hee shows Mi So what she found in the office shredder—their presentation plans. Jong Hee is livid. She is certain that Na Young is the culprit. When Na Young enters the office, Jong Hee immediately confronts her. Na Young glibly lies that it wasn’t her and that Jong Hee had better be prepared to take responsibility for those words. This, sort of but not really, makes Jong Hee retract her words. Na Young then reminds them that they work under her (I thought Yoo Jung said that wasn’t the case…?) and tells the two women to go take inventory of the leftover stock.

They get to the warehouse and Jong Hee is shocked at its enormity. She then apologizes to Mi So for incurring Na Young’s wrath. Mi So says that when she started at CK 10 or so years ago, she had to do that, too. All new hires do. This makes Jong Hee feel slightly better, but she’s still not happy as she does know that Na Young is really bullying them. Mi So shares inspirational words from her sunbaes (the inventory isn’t going any where so there’s always tomorrow). True…but yet not very reassuring.

Crazy Love 46.0031

At the Yoon house, Jong Hee complains about how she hurts all over. What about Mi So? She’s surprisingly fine. Must be from all the street vending work. Anywho, she then has the three taste test five different broths. One is hers and the other four are from other companies and restaurants. She won’t tell them which is hers and wants them to do a blind taste test and evaluate each bowl. Of course, the Yoon men try to figure out which brother is Mi So’s when Jong Hee says this isn’t a test for Mi So’s broth, but an evaluation to see which one is better. Of course each person likes a different broth for different reasons. Mi So then gets a text which puts a happy smile on her face.

She goes outside and there is Jae Hyuk oppa! She positively beams at him. He then gruffly hands over a bakery bag and Mi So is really happy to see her favorite bread inside. He’s remembered after all of these years? So…she still likes it? Of course! He then apologizes for not telling Mi So about Na Young (aka Sun Hee) earlier. Mi So tells him there is no need as she is sure Na Young kept the truth from him. Mi So isn’t stupid…all of the time. Their happy time together ends when an angry Yoon storms out demanding to know why Jae Hyuk is coming to bug poor Mi So. What more will he take from the Yoon family? He even calls him a thief. Mi So then yells out that it’s Jae Hyuk oppa from the orphanage. This really shocks Yoon and he turns pale. Jae Hyuk?

Inside Mi So tells the whole story. Chan Ki doesn’t think that Baek’s identity is enough to exonerate him. Mi So then says that she is sure her oppa had a difficult time to end up working for an evil man like Tae San. Oddly enough, Yoon jumps to his defense as well. This surprises me. But…I guess he’s feeling guilty for how Jae Hyuk ended up. Why? When Mi So was being taken from the orphanage she was crying nonstop as she didn’t want to leave her oppa. The two were as close as if they were blood-related siblings. Yoon made a promise to both Mi So and Jae Hyuk that he would adopt the boy, but Yoon never fulfilled that promise. Awww. Wae? We then cut to see the pitiful Baek standing outside with a pained expression.

The next day when our two girls go to eat lunch, employees move away from them. Planning department employee #1 then starts loudly talking about Mi So shamefully coming to work for her ex. She even accuses Mi So of using underhanded methods as revenge at the PT. Jong Hee finally loses her cool and goes over to threaten the girls who just walk off. Meanwhile, Myung Ja is giving Na Young a dressing down. She asked for a week to put together a new ad proposal and it’s basically the exact same. This throws Na Young. She tries to explain what she did and Myung Ja accuses her of taking Mi So too lightly. Myung Ja will have to re-evaluate her opinion of Na Young’s capabilities. Heehee. Na Young says she will redo it in a day, but Myung Ja says no and kicks her out. She then mutters, so Na Young can hear, that she wouldn’t even bother with her if she wasn’t pregnant. Why does Na Young looks so surprised? Surely she knew that all ready.

Jong Hee then goes to the toilet as hearing their crap gave her indigestion. Wouldn’t you know she overhears the planning chick talking to the other one about how she was lying earlier. The girl knows for a fact that it was Na Young who shredded the papers and deleted the files as she caught Na Young in the act (Na Young didn’t know she returned to the office for her phone and witnessed her doing her underhanded deeds).

Crazy Love 46.0067

Jong Hee storms out of the toilet and grabs the girl and drags her to the office. Mi So asks what is wrong and the worked up Jong Hee says they have a witness to vouch that Na Young was the one who tried to sabotage the PT. Enter the rotten woman in question. Na Young is angry when Jong Hee talks to her in informal speech. Jong Hee then calls her a gijibae and accuses her of foul play. Na Young asks for proof and Jong Hee points out the witness who runs away. Jong Hee then attacks Na Young who yells out that she is pregnant with Min Jae’s baby. Mi So who has been trying to get her friend to stop, does manage to finally pull Jong Hee away. She is immediately concerned for the other woman’s welfare.

So in comes Myung Ja and Na Young, being Na Young fakes stomach pains and then accuses Mi So of trying to seduce Min Jae and harm Na Young’s baby. Myung Ja slaps Mi So and hurls insult after insult at her. She again talks about her killing Hae Ram and having no shame as to try to kill a second child. How could Jong Hee just stand there? Why didn’t the two girls stand up for themselves? True, we know that Myung Ja won’t believe them…but it’s better than being punching bags and whipping posts.

The upset Mi So goes to the bathroom and tries to calm herself. She’s okay. Riiight. She then gets a call from Yoo Jung who hears something in Mi So’s voice. Mi So assures her she is all right and Yoo Jung invites the girls out to dinner to celebrate their first success and discuss a game plan. Mi So quickly says that she and Jong Hee will both go.

Our lifeless Crazy Wife is dolling herself up and she flashes back to her mother saying that she was the one who asked Kyung Soo to do the program with Hae Ryung. Thus Hae Ryung should be doing her best to try to convince Kyung Soo to stay instead of behaving how she’s doing. I have to say the actress looks much better with her waves than her straight hair. So she heads over to Kyung Soo’s office where the OM is excited about their first independent case from Tae San Capital…which is working for Oh Tae San’s wife on the CK merger. LOL. Hae Ryung asks him out to dinner and he agrees, he just needs to finish something first.

Yoo Jung updates Tae San with what is going on at CK. He’s happy she’s bringing Kyung Soo in to handle the merger and he’s totally okay with Baek doing stuff on the down low for her. I guess he’s over his anger from the previous episode. Tae San then swears Yoo Jung to secrecy about him being involved in the merger. Yoo Jung promises this and is happy to see how much her husband “cares” about his son-in-law. She leaves and he laughs that Kyung Soo can’t escape him. No matter what he has our lawyer in the palm of his hand.

Jong Hee and Mi So sit in the restaurant waiting for Yoo Jung. Jong Hee is worried over Mi So who assures her that she is fine. Mi So also warns Jong Hee to take it easy on Na Young since she’s pregnant. If Mi So knew the truth…would she want a monster like Na Young to be a mother? Yoo Jung enters and the girls are told to order whatever they life. After dinner, Yoo Jung fusses over Mi So who doesn’t look so hot. Jong Hee says that they had a bad day and that she would like to take Mi So home. Enter Kyung Soo and Hae Ryung. They greet one another and Yoo Jung quickly tries to wrap things up to keep Hae Ryung from saying anything to Mi So.

Ye gads, can Mi So be any more obvious in how uncomfortable she is with Hae Ryung? She heads to the bathroom as Jong Hee heads outside to wait for her. Hae Ryung also visits the ladies as she is upset over running into Mi So. Of course the two bump into each other and Hae Ryung insults her for basically being a two-timing tramp. Mi So shakily says she doesn’t need to stand there and take that abuse and leaves. Kyung Soo immediately rushes after her to apologize or his wife. Mi So says that she can handle everything all right except when it comes to him. This is why she can’t accept his heart. Ouch.

Mi So is working alone in the warehouse finishing up inventory. Jong Hee calls her and says she can’t come help her as the wench has her doing paperwork up to the wazoo. Mi So still looks like she’s not feeling good and recalling her conversation with Kyung Soo doesn’t help. He calls Mi So and she ignores the call and continues working. He then calls the office and learns she’s at the warehouse. He immediately rushes over to find her sitting and crying (over spilt boxes—okay, we know that isn’t the real reason).

End episode.

Sigh. Weak and waffling Mi So is back.


  • Your recap is so precise , clear , with good pics . I do enjoy . Thanks . It must be quite a work . I love that drama . It brings me joy .

  • I tweeted the same thing. When she and Jong Hee let Na Young lie like that, I said, the doormat is back. Sad. Please, writer-nims, I do not want 50+ more episodes of this. Losing Hae Ram should have helped make her stronger

  • One thing I don’t understand about Korean dramas is that they show bosses hitting and kicking their employees. Is this something they could get away with in real life? That would be assault in the US.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing for awhile. Love my boss but if she was raise her hands; damn she raises her voice, I raise it back. Truth! I couldn’t tolerate it.

    • I believe it is assault in Korea, too. But…I think there would be people in the US who would take such abuse just to keep a desperately needed job. And if not physical, then definitely mental. There is a lot of bad things that go on that you don’t necessarily get to see, but I know people in the US who take a lot of crap from bosses that they shouldn’t have to just because they need a job and its hard to find a new one.

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