30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 8

Normally I say that I don’t have favorites, don’t I? Or that I can’t choose one? I must say that I don’t like utilizing the term “band” with idol groups. Let’s face it, they aren’t bands in my definition (with exceptions of course – CNBlue, FT Island, etc.) since they don’t stand on stage with instruments and play them. I know band has many different meanings, but band = people playing instruments for me.

08: A song from your favorite boyband?

Invinite - EvolutionUntil this kpop group came along, I can honestly say that I did not have a favorite. Sure, I liked Super Junior and SHINee and SS501, but not enough to be all fangirly and declare my undying devotion. I usually don’t work that way either. I’m a realist. I don’t have to like everything to say that I like a group. I also don’t understand the whole “he’s my hubby” thing either, but that’s okay.

Anywho, it was the beginning of 2011 when I was watching Music Core and a group came on that I had never heard of before. They got two “comeback” song performances. The first wasn’t bad, but the second really caught my attention from it’s opening notes. So…who was it? What song was it? Infinite and their song “BTD (Before the Dawn).” I’ve been an infinite fan ever since.

And…I’d like to give a shout out to two of my favorite visual kei bands that I love equally for different reasons. No, they aren’t idols and they don’t sing and dance. But…talk about all the fan service… O_O Oh, and Alice Nine has this cute way they do a “roll call” at concerts.

Alice Nine – “Mirror Ball”

the GazettE – “Filth in the Beauty”


  • Love cnblue (band) and shinee and infinite (idol groups) but there is not a single group I go all fangirly for. Still, one of my favorite songs by an actual Asian BAND is Radwimps’ iindesuka (sp?).

    • I like Infinite…prolly not enough to incite true fangirly feelings. I’m not sure I’m capable of such things. And I enjoy several others, too.

      I don’t think I’ve heard of Radwimps. I will have to check them out.

  • Not much of a fan of JYJ but I adore JaeJoong. 🙂 My favorite band is SS501 although I have Shinee as my ringtone.

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