30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 Day 22

This is a repeat of the first day of the first challenge. See my answer here.

22. Your first Asian drama that you watched.

Instead of answering this question, I’m going to answer what was the first Asian movie I watched (that wasn’t anime).

Jo Han Sun, Lee Chung Ah, Kang Dong WonI’m not quite sure what led me to YouTube and why I suddenly started watching this movie in the first place and why I kept watching it (it wasn’t bad, but it did confuse the heck out of me at first), but somehow I stumbled upon the Korean movie A Temptation of Wolves aka A Romance of Their Own. The movie starred Lee Chung Ah, Kang Dong Won, and Jo Han Sun in the leading roles. Country bumpkin Han Kyung moves to the city after her father dies to live with her mother, sister, half-brother, and step-father.  There she attracts the attention of two rival high school jjangs Ban Hea Won (Jo Han Sun) and Jung Tae San (Kang Dong Won).

Tae San seems to know our leading lady, but he doesn’t tell her how he does. He asks for his noona to remember him (it takes her awhile, but she does). We get a very complicated and tangled love triangle with a very sad ending. Oh, we must not forget all the cool fighting. When I first saw this I wondered if school life was really what was depicted in this movie.

After watching this, I found out it was an adaptation of a manhwa that I never finished reading (the translations stopped after a few chapters). I swear the amount of dramas and movies based on these comics is amazing. But it was good for a first movie and an introduction to the Korean language which I was completely unfamiliar with at that time.


  • newkdramaaddict

    Thanks to Netflix, my first drama ever was BOF. I watched it in 2 days and became fascinated. I always watched Asian movies since I was a child going to the Saturday Kung Fu matinee with my brother (that’s what it was called) so I’d been watching movies like forever. I always loved mini-series and have seen them all so it was a natural progression to start watching Korean dramas. Now I’m just a full-blown addict! Turned cable off almost two years ago, updated my internet connection to support streaming only and have been happy as a lark since (buying an InternetTv helped)!

    • Same here! (Thanks to Hulu) Although, I’m embarrassed to say I never finished Boys Over Flowers…For some weird reason, I couldn’t get pass that bowl cut Goo Hye Sun sported. This doesn’t bother me at all now, but I’m not sure what was up with me 2 years ago. Hopefully I can get back to it someday, because it’s kind of a must watch for an Asian drama lover like me.

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