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Search engine terms that lead people to your website can be interesting, entertaining, WTF, random, or…depressing. Why do I say depressing? Because I kind of hate the fact that May Queen (in all its search variations) is like the number one thing that brings people to AAA. I shouldn’t, but since I really ended up kind of hating that drama, it makes me sad. Search terms also make me feel guilty for NOT finishing recapping certain dramas that rank high (Smile, Donghae namely, but it will be finished…eventually…I promise!!!)

Here’s AAA’s top 25:

  1. dong yi
  2. korean dramas on netflix
  3. personal preference
  4. smile donghae
  5. may queen recap
  6. asian addicts anonymous
  7. ikemen desu ne
  8. May Queen
  9. oh my lady
  10. ouran highschool host club live action episode 1
  11. gumiho
  12. tamamori yuta
  13. korean dramas on netflix 2012
  14. full house take 2
  15. netflix korean dramas
  16. smile dong hae
  17. personal taste
  18. cinderella’s sister
  19. asian dramas on netflix
  20. asian addict anonymous
  21. ouran highschool host club live action
  22. smile donghae episode summary
  23. smile again donghae
  24. summer desire
  25. bachelor’s vegetable store recap

And so and and so on. If I keep going, you’ll see a lot of repeats for Smile, Donghae (that makes me happy) and May Queen (still doesn’t make me all that happy). Yay for people searching for Full House Take 2! It was an underrated gem that people either steered clear of because of its title or hated because it was so different from the original.

I must say that a lot of people search for drama ending spoilers. Oh, and I get some fun search hits looking for Dramabeans recaps for dramas they didn’t recap, but I did or dramas we both recapped. Oddly enough, their site is the only search term that leads to mine. I haven’t had any other drama recapping sites crop up. That could because Dramabeans is like the gods of kdrama recaps.

I do have a few terms that made me pause and go how did this lead to AAA. Some I can figure out why…others leave me mystified.

  • the plum in the golden vase movie

Ah, that’s right. nichan has blogged about the book (series)! Sorry, no movie news here, just a review of nichan’s about the book the movie is based on.

  • cailleach

That one took me longer to figure out. I did a post about Japanese visual kei band Misaruka and they had a single called Cailleach Rosary. I have no idea if that is what the person wanted to find, but somehow I doubt it.

  • guernica flow

This one took me really long to figure out until I remembered it was part of the lyrics from B.A.P’s “Power” – I guess people are looking for what it means as another search term coming in is “geurnica flow meaning”. In that case, it’s a reference to Picasso’s painting done in response to the German bombing of Guernica Basque Country village in Spain.

  • spanking

WHY is this a search term for my site? Do I mention someone in need of a spanking when I recap? I also have one for “asian kidnapped” and “shocked asian” again I’m not entirely sure why, but I guess my dramas might have some kidnappings and shocked Asians.

And some questions that people are searching for answers about:

  • yohio real name

I have no clue. I’ve searched other places, and I can only find Yohio’s stage name. If you come to AAA looking for that, sorry, you won’t find it. But you will find Yohio’s debut PV. That Swedish (I think) boy really does suit the vk genre.

  • no min woo girlfriend

I guess because I’ve made mention of No Min Woo I get this hit. I have no idea if he has a girlfriend or who she is…and nor do I care. I’m not all that interested in stars’ personal lives like others are. Sorry.

  • what korean dramas are on netflix

Full list of streaming kdramas is here:

And as for Japanese and Chinese dramas streaming on Netflix…none to the best of my knowledge.

  • what episode of may queen does saan get hit by a car

Episode 25:

Fun Facts:

For some reason EXO member Sehun shows up in search terms, but no other EXO members or EXO-related searches. Weird. The same goes for U-KISS member AJ. Also, Brand Guardian related searches did not show up until long after I completed the recaps and then only in reference to our OTP actors Yoon Si Yoon and Takahashi Yu.

Shine A Light Rose did a post on search engine terms and I thought it was really fun to see all of the stuff she found. My stuff…not nearly as fun 😦 Oh well. It’s always interesting to see what people are looking for.


  • I’m just as fascinated looking through my search terms.. I sometimes get search terms that make me laugh, like “cnblue yonghwa problematic skin problem face” – Oh dear, poor Yonghwa! XD And then sometimes there are search terms that just make me go Eww. Like this one: “picture of shirtless 13-16 young boys” I have shirtless on my blog, yes, but nowhere do I talk about 13-16 yo young boys, I promise! >.<

    • Yeah, I get a lot of girlfriend searches for various actors. I did get a Lee So Yeon plastic surgery search…that left me baffled…but I guess that’s all thanks to Prosecutor Princess. On my photoblog, I get searches for “porn coloring book.” Why? Because I blogged about a magazine’s little chapbook supplement called “Riot Porn Coloring Book” which was a coloring book for various Occupy movements. It’s kind of sad. I swear I don’t blog porn-related things either, but that remains a top search term.

  • Niiice. I don’t know why but the “shocked Asian ” one cracks me up. Of all the things.. Lol

    I’m trying to figure out a new one I’ve seen a couple times this week on my results: “autumns concerto and bridal mask” like.. Together as one search item.. Is there a hidden connection?!? :/

    • We’re taking a modern Taiwanese drama and pairing it with a Korean saeguk drama…interesting. Now I’m curious, too.
      Yeah, “shocked Asian” made me laugh, too, when I saw it.

  • Great article! I have been fascinated with search engines since I started blogging way back. Your insights can help new and experienced bloggers make use of their own keywords and write articles that are more responsive to what they want to read in your blog. I’m also depressed when I was analyzing my keywords and there is “mother and son Japanese movies” that keeps popping up, which shows my site together with porno sites… LOL sometimes it’s funny, but with all the effort, time and energy you put into maintaining the blog, it’s depressing that google will rank it with porno sites. Your top 25 list contains both generic and specific key words which only means you have succeeded to rank well in both, congrats! 🙂

    • I’ll never understand SEO and search engine rankings. 😛 But it is fascinating to delve into. Unfortunately, when I chose a site name, I did not choose wisely. Why? When I first started out you found me among porn search results (you still can). I also get thrown in with Alcoholics Anonymous search results, too, or rather any type of anonymous think like narcotics and sex addicts.
      However, more and more, it’s drama related things. And since I upped my security and commenting formats, I’ve stopped getting Asian porn comments, which is nice.

  • I’ve gotten some fun ones too. death by strangulation, beheaded princess, pororo loopy, pickled babies.

    I think my favorite ones are the ones looking for explanations of the end of Fashion King. I had too much fun with the last recap of that drama.

    I understand the dramabeans thing. I get that a lot and I’ve noticed that when I search for dramabeans on google it will often give weight to the word recap even I didn’t write recap in the search bar. I’ve had some pop up searching for AKP.

    • Given the bloody nature of some of your recaps and reviews, it doesn’t surprise me. But people honestly search for pickled babies? Wowza. That’s just a whole lotta creepy. Was that a Dr. Jin reference or something else? I do remember reading something about pickled babies from you, didn’t I?

      I feel guilty as a lot of people search for spoilers for Smile, Donghae. Still haven’t made it to the end of that drama, but I do know how it ends! I’m not telling though. Shhh…

      Yeah, and also if you type drama name and recap, they pop up nearly every time regardless of whether or not they are recapping a drama or even have it mentioned. Then there’s all these people looking for streaming dramas and find their way to my site. Sorry, I don’t stream and I only list legal streaming sites.

  • newkdramaaddict

    How in the world do you research this? It’s interesting. It was tweet to eyes that I found you because a tweet buddies knew how crazy we were about some dramas you are talking about. I don’t think I’ve ever search anything except music! Pretty funny!

    • Well I have both Google analytics & my JetPack stats to go off of. They give me all kinds of goodies & stats not that I always understand them all :p

  • Chani (being lazy and not logging in)

    LOL Spanking…. Got to love that one.

    • Yep. Hey, did you know that our Zettai Kareshi posts are starting to get more hits now? Guess we’ll need to find time to finish.

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