Crazy Love Episode 45 Recap

I was chortling with glee as Na Young’s plans got stomped on. I guess she didn’t do her homework very well on the woman she hates with a passion.

So we open this episode of Crazy Love with Kyung Soo holding on to Mi So asking her to be the anchor holding him on the straight and narrow…or something like, that. Mi So, being Mi So, refuses. She tells him she won’t change her mind. Before she leaves Kyung Soo vows that even if she won’t change his mind, he’ll wait for her. After she leaves he tells her that he loves her multiple times. I wonder if saying that to her at this moment would make a difference or not?

The Yoons are beginning to wonder what happened to Mi So when she finally arrives. Dinner has long been over and the family is sitting down eating watermelon. Mi So goes in to change and her father worries that her new job is stressing her out far too much. Inside the bedroom, Mi So pulls out the postcard. Didn’t she leave that with Kyung Soo? She did. Apparently after Mi So left, she circled back around and spied on the depressed lawyer. After Kyung Soo left the playground, she notices the postcard don the ground and picked it up. She really hasn’t given up on him, has she?

The next day at work Mi So and Jong Hee are busy putting the final touches on their first PT. Mi So goes off to show the information to Yoo Jung for approval. At this time, Baek is delivering important information to Yoo Jung. It arrived express from the US and contains information about the merger she’s trying to push through. Yoo Jung also tells Baek that she will be employing him in more such matters as she needs someone she can trust. Baek doesn’t complain about this, when does he ever? It will be nice for him to stop being Tae San’s hired thug for awhile and it will be much more entertaining if he’s at CK more often.

Baek goes to leave and runs into Mi So. Both are shocked to see the other there. I think its kind of cute how happy and natural Mi So is with her beloved oppa and just how uncomfortable and unnatural he is. LOL. He’s so much more awkward as an adult than he ever was with her as a child. Anywho, he worries as he learns that she is at CK. Mi So tells him she’s happy and this is the work she used to to do. She goes to tell him about Sun Hee (aka Na Young) when the devil shows up and lets Mi So know that she and Jae Hyuk never once lost touch. Na Young starts throwing barbs about how she was sure the two would never recognize each other, etc. and wonders if they should have a reunion of the orphan kids all coming to gather at CK. Mi So excuses herself from Na Young’s venom.

After she leaves, Na Young talks about the girl’s lack of pride and self worth for coming to work not only at her ex’s company, but under her ex’s lover, too. This shocks Baek. Mi So works under Na Young? Nope, they just share an office. Na Young asserts that she will make sure to squash Mi So like a dirty little bug. Baek’s response? He rough grabs Na Young’s arm as she tries to walk away. If she tries to pull another stunt like she did earlier, then he will not stand still. Oh, yeah. You’d think that Na Young would realize by now that the more antagonistic she is towards Mi So, the more Baek will pull farther and farther away and will seek retribution. Dumby. Babo. Baka. Moron. I’m exhausting synonyms.

Mi So earns Yoo Jung’s stamp of approval. Yoo Jung cannot believe how thorough the PT materials are. That is really great. She then talks about how Mi So seems to be getting brighter. Mi So smiles and bows and says it is all thanks to Yoo Jung for allowing her such an opportunity. Enter Shim. He will be working closely with Jong Hee and Mi So now. Yoo Jung wishes for Mi So to go over the proposal with him just to make sure it really is 100% ready.

After Mi So and Shim leave we get Yoo Jung taking out her matching bracelet and wondering about her missing daughter Da Hae. Did she turn out to be a nice and pure hearted woman like Mi So? Does Da Hae know how much she misses her? Um…I don’t know but I kind of feel the level of the drama has dropped a bit. I mean…the acting and scenes seem to have gotten a little hokier. It’s not bad…but…it seems really different from what we had at the beginning.

Na Young goes into the office and catches Young Hee or whatever the heck the female employee’s name is going through Mi So’s laptop. Na Young gives her a thorough scolding and sends her off on an errand and then proceeds to do just what she yelled at the employee for. Na Young couldn’t be more surprised. So Mi So isn’t just a mousy little housewife? She grins and tells Mi So to give it a shot as the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment and failure. Eyeroll.

Jong Hee and Mi So are both nervous and excited. Everything is in place for their presentation the next day. They leave work and as soon as they are out the door, Na Young steals into the empty office. We all know why, don’t we?

The next day Mi So is finishing dressing when she pulls out her bracelet. Her mother will be there giving her strength, right? She has NO idea. She leaves the room and her father and brother cheer her on. Meanwhile, Kyung Soo sits moping at his desk over Mi So when Office Manager (I really need to remember that man’s name) comes in with a bag and envelope for Chan Ki. It’s the younger man’s workshop book and final paycheck. So…he was getting paid. Anywho, Kyung Soo says that he will be in the area and will take the stuff to Chan Ki.

Mi So gets to the office and notices her printouts are gone. She turns on her computer and the files are all gone. Even the backups are missing. Ahem. You have an important presentation and you leave the stuff sitting on the desk? You don’t have an external copy of the files just to be safe in case the worst happens? Tsk, tsk. Jong Hee and Shim then come in. The women are freaking out when Mi So recalls that Jong Hee had a backup on her thumb drive. They’re saved! Not quite yet. Jong Hee accidentally left her USB at the printers! Jong Hee rushes out to get the USB while Mi So tries to come up with an idea to stall the presentation.

It doesn’t take long for Wonder Woman Mi So to come up with an idea. She calls up her brother and tells him to bring all of her premade broth cubes with him. Chan Ki immediately rushes to do what his noona instructed. As he’s running for a taxi, Kyung Soo pulls up with his book and check and offers the young man a ride (because it’s an important event for Mi So, you know?). Ah…the power of overwhelmingly convenient situations. Dramas really fall into two categories at times—the overly convenient and Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong and put our lead through hell, will).

Jong Hee calls up Mi So to let her know that she won’t be back for another hour as she has to wait half an hour for the print shop owner to return. I’m wonder why he’d have closed up shop so early in the day. Chan Ki arrives and Mi So and he rush to the kitchen to get to work as Kyung Soo jogs in. You know he won’t be leaving until after the PT as he has to see for himself how she does. Meanwhile, Jong Hee is anxiously pacing her office when Shim comes in. She wants to postpone the PT, but Shim doesn’t want to. He believes that this will test Mi So’s true mettle, plus the woman is already working on an alternative.

At the presentation, the executives wait for Mi So and Jong Hee to arrive. Myung Ja tries to cancel the PT since the girls are running late. Just as she, Min Jae, and Na Young get up to leave, Mi So enters with trays full of broth. She gives everyone present a bowl and says that she decided they should try the broth before the presentation to understand better. Nice save. Of course, Myung Ja tries to ruin Mi So’s pre-presentation, but Mi So uses her ex-mother-in-law’s snarky comments to her advantage and she manages to stall long enough for Jong Hee to arrive with the materials. Safe.

Needless to say their presentation is a success and all the board are happy and excited with the new product development. I know that Myung Ja is worried about her and her son’s footing in the company, but at the same time, shouldn’t she be more worried about her company’s growth and success? She doesn’t deserve CK if she can’t put personal feelings aside to better the business. Yoo Jung and Shim are very happy and proud of the girls. They have proved themselves to be even better than expected. Kudos to them. And thanks to Mi So’s brilliant idea, the board is even more behind the product. Now the next step is really concentrating on a marketing plan.

Of course Min Jae is livid. He’s especially unhappy with Na Young who had told him to trust her. Thanks to her flub, he’s going to get yelled at by mummy again. WHAT a whiny ass jerk. Na Young says she had no idea that Mi So would be so good. Plus, she thought that after getting rid of everything, Mi So would be finished. Now what?

After the PT, the girls are happy and Jong Hee promises Chan Ki whatever he wishes to eat. Chan Ki also reveals that him getting there on time is all thanks to Kyung Soo who brought him. The lawyer even stayed for Mi So’s presentation! Really? Jong Hee and Chan Ki leave and Mi So hesitates about contacting Kyung Soo.

Yoo Jung tells her daughter and husband about her victory and how happy she was. This has the board favoring her more now rather than Myung Ja. Of course, since Yoo Jung keeps praising Mi So to the nines, Hae Ryung gets very unhappy. She doesn’t like Yoo Jung talking about Mi So like that. Hae Ryung then goes off to her room upsetting her stepmother. Tae San say it’s a side effect of Hae Ryung’s new program and tells her that she can’t let their daughter dampen her victory. Of course this means that Yoo Jung will go full speed ahead with the merger and will be putting Kyung Soo to work to help her. Tae San tells her to keep a close eye on their son-in-law. Use a person while they are useful and discard them when they are no longer needed. Sounds fishy.

The next day Yoo Jung has Kyung Soo meet her in her office. She hands over the merger documents and says she is going full force thanks to the success of Mi So’s presentation. Yoo Jung then swears Kyung Soo to secrecy about being her son-in-law as if Myung Ja knows she can throw a wrench into the merger plans by saying Kyung Soo wouldn’t be fair and impartial. Enter Myung Ja. Kyung Soo takes his leave and Myung Ja asks how Yoo Jung can possibly push forward a merger without discussing it with her. Yoo Jung warns her rival that the board has taken more notice of the woman’s mistakes and she should be prepared. Snap!

Na Young reports this information to Min Jae who is in full whiny child mode about it. He gets downright livid when Na Young says the merger and possibility of the Lee family getting kicked out of CK is all thanks to Mi So’s product. Min Jae rushes after Mi So who had just arrived with Jong Hee. He grabs her and drags her away just as Kyung Soo arrives. Of course Kyung Soo gives chase.

Min Jae takes Mi So outside and tosses her away from him. She came to the company to kick him out, didn’t she? Mi So (who has no idea about the merger)  tells him that she doesn’t have such power and goes to leave. Min Jae stops her and demands she stop her product development. What? And if she says she won’t? Min Jae raises his hand to hit her and is stopped by Kyung Soo. Min Jae is surprised and starts deriding the two “lovers.” Mi So tries to get him to stop, but Min Jae goes to hit her again and Kyung Soo grabs him. He won’t let Min Jae hurt Mi So ever again. Nice. It would have been even cooler if it was Baek instead.

Hae Ryung instantaneous dislike if Mi So is just ridiculous, but Hae Ryung is unstable and insane…so that sudden turn isn’t surprising, but I can’t believe she really believes Mi So had an affair without any proof. Eyeroll. And I can’t resist a barb at Na Young, looks like she’s helpless if she can’t use her body to get what she wants and must solely rely on her brain.


  • Thanks for the recap. Awesome episode. Love the growth of Mi Soo. Go girl show them you have a brain and that you were not only a housewife. Love the following lines: “He won’t let Min Jae hurt Mi So ever again. Nice. It would have been even cooler if it was Baek instead.” I was thinking the exact same thing. I know that Baek would have kick his ass left , right and center. I am hoping the k-drama gods give us that satisfaction. Isn’t it ironic that both Mi Soo guardian angels will be working at CK at some point, nice. Well Na Young and spineless ex-husband your nightmare is about to begin.
    Please don’t get me started with that mental case Drama Queen, when will she grow up. She is in for a rude awakening when she finds out Mi Soo is her step mom’s daughter and her husband is in loving with her and she about to divorce her for his true love. Karma , karma, payback

    • You’re welcome! I’m enjoying her growth, too. It’s not perfect and she falters, but if this keeps up she will be a pretty good lead. I don’t know why the shock about Mi So’s abilities at CK. It sounded like she worked there for about 5 years before her marriage to Min Jae. She was even part of product development then…so how come they had no idea about her capabilities. I guess it makes sense that Na Young wouldn’t necessarily know since she was probably in the US at that time, but Min Jae and Myung Ja should have been well aware of her potential. I think that’s a bit of a plot hole there.

      Yeah, Baek would have been awesome in that scene. Min Jae needs a good beating to teach him being a spineless sissy who hits women is a bad thing. He better get beat to a bloody pulp by Baek at least once. Chan Ki fracturing his nose with a headbutt, while amusing, wasn’t good enough.

      It’s so funny that both Baek and Kyung Soo will be entering CK and both are solely on her side. *rubs hands gleefully* Even though Mi So shouldn’t be putting up with any crap herself, she’s got her guardians in there with her and there will be hell to pay.

      Drama Queen Crazy Wife WON’T grow up. Unfortunately, I think she’s just wired that way and she was coddled too much by Yoo Jung since Yoo Jung lost Da Hae and her father was way too lenient and caved to the girl’s every whim. People like that don’t grow up for those reasons as its too hard once they are cemented in selfish child mentality. Her lifelessness is scary for some reason. Her craziness = annoying. The lifelessness changing to evil stares (shot at Mi So) is downright shiver inducing.

      • Baek would have beat Min Jae’s ass and I would have savored in the scene, just like I did with those wonderful head butts! This man constantly raising his hands against his wife needs a good, ole fashion gangster beat down!! C’mon, Jae Hyuk; give it to him!!

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