Vampire Heaven Episode 10 Recap

We open the episode with Minatogawa vowing to wait while an awkward Aoi just doesn’t know what to do. She asks if the two girls will be back to work. Sakurako says no, but Koma says that they will. The two girls change into their uniforms and stare at the awkward couple. Sakurako explains that Minatogawa was Aoi’s lover. Since Aoi knew there was no future for them, she left the man. Sakurako also believes such relationships between humans and vampires is impossible and was planning to leave. Koma hugs Sakurako and promises to remain by her side. The Count chortles at how well his plan is going.

Hayato enters the club and asks to talk with Sakurako after work. Sakurako agrees. Risa then approaches and asks if he didn’t like the guitar she bought. She can always buy him something else. As Hayato tries to talk to her she cuts him off and says that him becoming successful will be hard without her father. Nothing like trying to buy love. Hayato holds up Sakurako’s treasured guitar (the one Hayato tried to throw away) and says he has that. He then walks away and Risa sits down unhappily on the couch and says he didn’t have to laugh that much. Eh? It’s not like he loudly guffawed at the girl. And really, do you want to be with a man who you’re buying and who doesn’t care about you whatsoever?

Sakurako serves Minatogawa some coffee and the older man notices her gaze keeps straying to Hayato. That’s her precious person, isn’t it? Sakurako says he is. So…has she changed her mind? Sakurako says nothing and only stares at him. Koma glances her way and to Hayato looking hurt as Ken looks at Sakurako all worried. Risa…is munching on bread like crazy. Minatogawa then stares at Aoi. He gets up for some fresh air and collapses.

Aoi rejoins the girls in the back and sits down. She says humans get sick easily. Noboru has terminal cancer and refuses to seek treatment. Aoi complains that if he has 40 years to look for her, then he should have saved himself. Aoi complains that while his appearance changed, he’s still the same. She then starts bawling and Sakurako goes to comfort her while Koma looks on troubled.

Apparently Minatogawa Noboru never married. He asserts that he has only ever fallen in love once. Aoi sits down next to him and Ken says how amazing his love is considering Aoi is a vampire. Noboru and Hayato both assert that being with a vampire is no problem. You just have to be prepared and protect yourself. Ken gets and shows off his morocco that he uses for protection just in case his vampire friends get hungry. Noboru goes to lie down and is really still. This freaks Aoi out. He opens his eyes and says he’s not dead yet. Aoi storms out and he says he made her mad again. He meant to say how he just wishes for her to stay with him.

Aoi goes outside and recalls the day she left him. Did vowed she wouldn’t regret it, but could never get over the decision. Did she make a mistake? Sakurako says that Aoi didn’t make a mistake as their relationship is impossible in the long run. Aoi cracks a smile and says that while Sakurako is old, she really has no answers. Meanwhile Hayato has a talk with Noboru. The man had only live with Aoi briefly and searched for her for 40 years, but meeting her once more he is very happy. Ken and Hayato are then shown Noboru’s vampire lore collection. I’m guessing he was looking for a way for him and Aoi to be together longer. Ken gets excited and vows to show the power of a history geek by reading the texts that Noboru couldn’t.

Koma is out walking when the goons approach. The Count is impatient. When will she make a move? Didn’t the Count leave that up to her? Well…yes. She then complains that the Count has been living aimlessly for hundreds of years but it so impatient. She then ponders why his henchmen don’t take his heart hostage and make the Count do what they want instead. Hmm…so…has Koma really gone over to the dark side or is she plotting something else? His henchmen really like that idea. Koma calls them no good and walks away and they chase after her.

Vampire Heaven ep10 (848x480 x264).0077

The club is closed while Aoi and crew spend time with Noboru. He talks about how he planned the perfect proposal and Aoi disappeared on him. He then covers his face with a tray. Did he say too much? Aoi lowers the tray and Noboru complains about his body and she asks why he didn’t do it then. Noboru leans in for a kiss while the others avert their eyes, but he coughs and has to rest. Him resting freaks Aoi out as I believe she’s afraid that he won’t wake up.

Noboru says he has a lot to say and complain about to Aoi, but being able to see her face every day is the best. Aoi asks what is up with that and Noboru takes her hand and says that she should live her life while laughing all of the time. Aoi tears up and Noboru slowly lowers her hand, his own lifeless. The place is silent. The crying Aoi gently picks up his hand and holds it.

Sakurako rushes out and Hayato chases after her. She stops and turns to face him. She tells him she is leaving the town with a smile. Sakurako says that their love is impossible as she will not be able to resist the urge to drink his blood. She tells him to happily live with a human girl. She turns and he grabs her and asks if she’s serious. If she is then can she say that to his face? Sakurako says that she cannot make him happy. Hayato demands to know how she can know this. Vampires, humans, he doesn’t care. Being with Sakurako is what makes him happy. Sakurako’s face darkens and Hayato pulls out the morocco. He tells her to hurry and shake it. Sakurako does and he pulls her into a hug. She then then starts crying and returns the embrace. She tells him to please be prepared. Hayato nods.

The Count watches all of this most unhappy. Koma is sure taking her sweet time. Koma says it is best to destroy Sakurako at her highest point otherwise it won’t be as much fun. We then have Sakurako starting to get the urge to bite Hayato and she starts playing the morocco and Hayato laughs and says they are idiots. Sakurako laughs and pulls away and keeps shaking it. They are on the mend.

End episode.


  • i think its kind of bitter sweet i guess. they haven’t said anything about vampires turning humans – thanks to twilight and other movies and tv shows that’s in my brain now.
    but it’s really refreshing to see him saying that he loves her and he doesn’t care if he gets old as long as she’s with him and it did make me a little sad when aoi-sans love just died in front of them, and it was a little awkward.
    just two more episodes left, and thank you very very much for reviewing all these episodes.

    • I know. I was amazed at how well both Hayato and Minatogawa took the vampire thing and didn’t care about growing old as long as they could do it with their eternal lovers. It’s different and sweet. Most of the time you get the human begging the vampire to be turned. Obviously these girls started out as humans and were turned, so I find it odd that they don’t even consider that. Not that I like the whole let’s become vampires thing ALL the time, but it is strange.

      Yeah, Aoi-san’s lover scene was very awkward, but it was touching all the same.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the recaps 🙂

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