Thorn Flower Episode 2 Recap

We open with Ji Min standing and talking to Jae Joon. She denounces Se Mi as the servants’ child who always wished to be exactly like Ji Min. Everything that Ji Min did, Se Mi copied. Se Mi even tried to steal Ji Min’s Christmas presents (since Se Mi’s family was too poor to buy her any). Thus Ji Min gives Se Mi a teddy to get her to stop stealing. Even after they grew up, instead of becoming a teacher like the Jeon family wanted, Se Mi signed on to be a theater major just like Ji Min. The worst thing that Se Mi did was to steal the man Ji Min loves. Jae Joon refutes this—he was the one who liked Se Mi first and approached her first. Doesn’t matter, Ji Min won’t believe such truths. She then again invites him to her celebration party as there is no way for Se Mi to win against her since Kang is investing in the movie. Jae Joon, loyal to his girlfriend says he has other things going on. Haha.

We do see a scene with Se Mi still having that teddy bear. I’m thinking that even if she did all that Ji Min accuses, it wasn’t with such bad intentions like Ji Min spins it.

Anywho, the next day dawns and it is time for the competition. Mrs. Hong tells her daughter that it will be best if Se Mi loses otherwise there will be hell to pay with the Kang family. Jeon tells his wife to stop discouraging their daughter and tells her to go for it. He believes in her.

The final stage of this year long competition comes with an impromptu acting scene. The girls are given the scenario of a blind woman waking up in bed to a thief trying to get in. Ji Min’s try at the blind woman was somewhat convincing, but she seemed a bit forced and fake. Se Mi’s acting was a bit wild and she looked a little less believable in portraying a blind person (it’s hard to master the unseeing stare), but instead of Ji Min’s weak and helpless blind person, Se Mi’s was a fighter who tried to fend off the thief. When the director asks why she broke the lamp and unplugged the fridge, Se Mi says that darkness was her advantage, not the thief’s. Makes sense.

The competition officially ends and our girls are seen in their contrasting gowns. The director begins announcing that the winner is “Jeon…” but is immediately cut off by the others. Since they accepted Kang’s money, they need to choose Ji Min. The director says that in the end he has the power to make the decision and announces that Jeon Se Mi is the winner. Major burn to the Kang family. This makes Mrs. Min livid to see her servants’ daughter win over her own. The Jeon parents are happy and worried at their daughter’s success. Ji Min demands to know why she wasn’t chosen. The director tells her she acted well, but Se Mi’s acting was more wild and real. Ji Min scoffs at this and storms off the stage. She vows to never forgive Se Mi. Sigh. The girl didn’t insult Ji Min or do anything willfully and maliciously, but Ji Min still has it out for Se Mi.

Soo Ji tries to get Ji Min to calm down, but Ji Min won’t listen and keeps talking about how she’ll pay Se Mi back for what she did. As Ji Min and Soo Ji go to leave, they see Jae Joon arrive with a bouquet of roses for Se Mi. This ups Ji Min’s anger and jealousy. She goes over to Se Mi and congratulates her even though she’s still angry at Se Mi. When Se Mi apologizes saying she didn’t know things would work out this way Ji Min blows a gasket. Soo Ji tries to get her to calm down, but Ji Min, like always, won’t listen to anybody. She slaps Se Mi with her bouquet and Se Mi keeps stall and proud and says she knew that Ji Min would react this way. Soo Ji gets Ji Min out of there before she can do anything else and Jae Joon congratulates Se Mi on her handling of Ji Min.

Ah, the fallout continues. Kang calls up the movie team and threatens to pull all funding if the director isn’t fired or the leading actress replaced. Mrs. Min then calls up the Jeons and orders them to Seoul pronto. What about the party? Let Se Mi handle it. Jeon hangs up and wonders what they should do. Surprisingly enough, his wife changes what she said only earlier. Se Mi has one, she gets a grand prize of 300,000 won (or some large sum). Her future is all laid out. The Jeon family can now make it on their own so it’s time to cut the ties to the Kang family. This makes Jeon nervous since the Kangs have done so much for them. Be that as it may, Mrs. Hong can’t take it anymore and wishes to leave with their daughter.

During the ride home, Ji Min keeps spitting venom about Se Mi’s humiliation. I love the driver’s smirk. I think he’s happy Ji Min got trounced by Se Mi. He does get a shock when Ji Min screams about killing Se Mi. Soo Ji tries to calm Ji Min down by stating that it was not a role meant for her. They should go to the party and drink like crazy. Ji Min refuses. That is until Mrs. Min tells her that they have called bot the movie company and the Jeons. Learning that Se Mi will be at the party alone handling things makes Ji Min change her mind. We all know she’s looking for trouble for Se Mi.

Se Mi and Jae Joon are eating black bean noodles and Jae Joon complains that he wanted to buy his girl some steak. Se Mi says it is okay since she had a craving for these noodles. She’s also craving spicy baby octopus. Jae Joon quickly says that he knows a great place. Se Mi turns him down on this offer and says she’s been unusually hungry of late. Well…that’s a glaring red flag. She then gets a call from her dad to come home early to help with the party since they have been called to Seoul.

After Jae Joon and Se Mi part ways she goes to a … family clinic. Oh yeah. So you all know what this means if you put this together with the attempted rape scene from the first episode and her fall. It’s not going to be good. She lies to her boyfriend saying she is waiting for a bus while she is really waiting to be examined. She gets called in and we learn that she is 7 weeks pregnant. Wow. She’s almost to the end of her second month. She then recalls a night where she and Jae Joon and friends were having a bonfire. Looks like that is when the baby was conceived. She doesn’t look very happy, so it’s hard to gauge how she feels at this moment.

Se Mi gets home just as her parents are leaving. They decide that they must also throw a huge party for Se Mi’s success. How can they possible have a huge party? They’ll catch a cow. They leave on that happy note. Se Mi’s smile fades and she apologizes to her parents for getting pregnant. However, she can’t give up this baby to secure her future as an actress. She will go to the director tomorrow and withdraw from the role. That…makes what will happen after the party a lot more tragic. Ji Min was so close to having her own way without anything bad happening.

We then get a scene with Seo Won and Hyuk Min driving to the vacation home for the party. Seo Won frets over Ji Min who was humiliated. You know, losing is not a reason to be humiliated unless you were pulverized. It’s not like it’s a game where huge point tallies are kept…so how is this an utter humiliation? Hyuk Min assures Seo Won that Ji Min will still be at the party as Soo Ji is bringing her. He then tells Seo Won to man up and take charge instead of letting Ji Min ignore him. I can’t imagine spineless Seo Won standing up and acting like a man for her to notice him.

At the Park household, the three elders of the family are all talking. We have Joo Daek wondering if Nam Joon passed his test. HIs mother believes that he has as her son is smart, but they haven’t gotten a call all day. We then cut to see Nam Hee manning the store for her mother when Nam Joon enters looking depressed. So…he didn’t pass his CPA (certified public accountant) exam? He then grins and says he did. The two yell and dance around and then rush to tell the family. More screaming and jumping. Later, Aunt Park Sun Young (Yoo Ah Mi) hands over Mr. Park’s belongings. She’s been keeping them a secret for so long and is now passing them over to the adult Nam Joon to do something about. What is buried in all of those floppy disks and books? What was it that Park wanted to come to light?

Mrs. Min goes to her husband’s study to have him fire the Jeons. He sees no need to do it himself. But he does end up going downstairs where Mrs. Hong was telling her husband that they should just quit outright. The Kangs sit down and Kang asks how long the Jeons have worked for him. 25 years since Mr. Jeon started as a driver. For their wedding, they were given the vacation home to run. That’s right. Mr. Kang then says it is impossible for them to continue living there. Jeon accepts this, but his wife doesn’t. What have they ever done wrong? This makes Mrs. Min livid. They dare ask that? Mrs. Hong accepts this ungraciously and then thanks Kang for all he has done. This has Mrs. Min shooting daggers. I wonder why?

The party is in full swing when Soo Ji and Ji Min arrive. Hyuk Min and Seo Won go over to greet them, but Ji Min ignores them as she is looking for her target. She leaves her brother and friends and goes off in search of Se Mi. Hyuk Min is called away and a maid trips and falls and spills a drink on him. She apologizes and he shoves her down. Enter Se Mi. She sees if the maid is all right and shoots Hyuk Min an unfriendly look telling him that the woman apologizes all ready. This catches Hyuk Min’s interest. And I mean interest. Guess he’s never really noticed Se Mi before.

I thought he went to his room to change his clothes from the spill…but what kind of room has one of those windows where a person can see out, but no one can see in overlooking a heated pool? Anywho, Se Mi is trying to pick up floating alcohol bottles and slips and falls in. She starts ringing out her shirt and the perverted Hyuk Min pulls up a chair and watches the show with a drink in hand. It seems…so wrong. End episode.

I’m actually shocked that we have already reached the events that we opened with as that never happens this fast usually. Wowza. A very intense drama with very unlikeable characters.


  • Hi, may I know where you watch the drama from? I really want to watch it/dwld it, but I can’t find the links anywhr.

    • The raws are available on D-Addicts. You can find subs for the first 18 episodes here: MVIBO (paid streaming service) does have the first 31 episodes available now. I don’t know why, but they are painfully slow subbing this series and I don’t know any other place you can watch it with subs.

      If this was a KBS show, I’d tell you to check out their YouTube channel because they upload subbed videos faster there than on their paid site which makes no sense at all.

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