30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 6

I didn’t like most of the day 6 questions, go figure.

Day 06: A song from the year you started listening to K-Pop?

I’m guessing they are referring to a song that you liked from the year you started listening to kpop. So…when did NeeNee officially jump on the kpop wagon? Back in 2009 with the discovery of SS501 thanks to Kim Hyun Joong’s acting in Boys Before Flowers. So…as always, NeeNee can’t name just one song. I should try to do this for cpop and jpop, too, but those two are harder to corner for some reason as I can’t pinpoint when I started listening to either.

You might notice there is no 2NE1 or Big Bang or SHINee. I didn’t really listen to 2NE1 until like last year and Big Bang started in like 2010 or 11 for me. SHINee I did not hear of until “Lucifer” believe it or not. And…I’m sorry I just don’t like f(x) or 4Minute all that much. Their music just never really floated my boat and Secret was hit and miss and still is as is T-ARA.

So top faves from 2009 (in no particular order):

FT Island – “Missing You” – “After Love” – “I Hope”

Super Junior – “Sorry, Sorry”

2AM – “Confession of a Friend”

2PM – “Again and Again” – “Heart Beat” – “Only You Acoustic Version”

SS501 – Collection album & “Love Like This”

T-ARA & Choshinsung “TTL” – “TTL Listen 2”

Kim Hyun Joong – “Because I’m Stupid”

After School – “Because of You”


  • For me, the first kpop song I heard was After School’s Diva. Then, I found SS501.

    • Actually…I had exposure to korean music long before then. I watched Autumn in my heart with my aunt in Hong Kong when it was first released. The chinese title roughly translates to blue colored death and life romance. xD So, Reason was the first song.

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