30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 5

Again, I was torn between two different day 5 questions so I am doing them both.

Day 05: Name a song that people should listen to more.

10cm “Nothing Without You”

I learned about them at the beginning of the year. What have I been missing? This band has some really great music and I highly recommend people checking out more of their music.

ToXiC “Lonely”

I think you should check out all of this rock duo’s songs. I love their sound. I’ve loved them since watching them in Top Band.

Day 05: A Japanese version of a song (that you actually like from a Korean artist)?

I generally cannot stand Japanese versions of Korean songs. I think a group is better off promoting original Korean or Japanese songs versus translating songs back and forth, so it’s rare that I actually find a Japanese version that I can enjoy like the Korean version.


And my thoughts were we actually got to hear Takuya sing! lol

Oddly enough I tend to like all of MYNAME’s Japanese versions of their songs…not quite sure why that is…


  • Love love love 10cm, but i’m interested on why you like Nothing Without You..I found that song to be ok-ish compared to the rest of the songs on their 2nd EP album. Maybe for me it was the slow tempo..but I’m actually listening to it while writing this and I’m starting to change my mind. It’s good. Oh 10cm, why do you do this to me.

  • I think Nothing Without You is a really pretty song. It’s a good background song too.

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