Crazy Love Episodes 43-44 Recap

By the end of these two episodes…I really wanted to give both Kyung Soo and Jae Hyuk hugs. They really needed them. But huzzah at having one more secret revealed! Baek will no doubt be unleashing fury at any who get in Mi So’s way. I’m also liking how Baek and Kyung Soo’s relationship has gotten better. Too bad it won’t stay that way.

So we open episode 43 with poor Kyung Soo all unhappy and shocked that Mi So wishes to end things before they are officially started. Mi So hangs up on him and just as he goes to rush out to find her (she refused to tell him where she was to boot), the nurse comes and says Crazy Wife is calling for him. Thwarted yet again thanks to Hae Ryung.

At the Yoon house, Mi So tells Jong Hee and her father that she is going to work for CK. They are worried that she is only working there to pay the settlement money, but Mi So assures them that this is something that she wishes to do as well. That doesn’t stop either from worrying as CK is a nest of vipers for Mi So. Jong Hee then vows that she will go with Mi So to return the settlement money to Min Jae.

At CK, our evil trio is unhappy. Mi So is coming and there is nothing they can do to stop her since the contract has been signed. Na Young assures the Lees that Mi So will definitely not last long, they just need to trust her to take care of things. Meanwhile, Jong Hee and Mi So arrive at the company to run directly into the rotten Na Young who is all smiles and sarcastic welcome. Mi So manages to restrain Jong Hee and goes after Min Jae.

Min Jae tries to talk her out of coming back yet again. He stresses that if she does, rumors will fly about the cheating wife coming to work for her ex. Mi So pays no mind to this. She doesn’t care if rumors fly or not—let them. She also gives Min Jae the money and tells him to immediately drop the charges hefted against baby brother. I also love how she gets that dig in that work and personal lives should be separate, thus she will call Min Jae by his official title and he should address her formerly as well. She’s got that hidden spunk coming out again. Let’s hope she doesn’t allow herself to be cowed.


Again, I have to laugh at Min Jae’s adultery leverage. Does he forget that the whole office was abuzz with him cheating on Mi So with Na Young? Plus, given Na Young’s false personality, I think it would only be a matter of time before Na Young’s loyal supporters turn on her in favor of Mi So who has both brains, business sense, and genuine kindness.

Mi So rejoins Jong Hee and the two run into Yoo Jung who invites them into her office. After hearing that Jong Hee was the brains behind the marketing end of the recipe submittal, Jong Hee is also offered a job. It’s nice that Mi So isn’t heading into enemy territory alone now…but doesn’t it seem entirely too convenient that Yoo Jung hires both her and Jong Hee?

At the Yoon household, they celebrate Chan Ki’s being set free (I half expected Min Jae to take the money and NOT let the boy go just because of what Mi So is doing) with a meal completely made up of tofu dishes (in Asian it’s tradition to greet people recently released from jail with tofu to help them regain health and spirits). Jong Hee then gets all teary eyed about her new job and Mi So tells the boy to quit the law firm and concentrate solely on auditioning. I would tell the boy to quit auditioning and if he liked the firm so much, officially get hired in to make some money, but that’s just me. Mi So then gets a call and goes off into another room just to ignore it. Seriously? She could have ignored Kyung Soo’s call in the dining area then. Of course, she recalls how he told her she was his strength and not giving him a hard time at all. The woman is torn by guilt over Hae Ryung and a desire to be with Kyung Soo.

At the hospital, Yoo Jung joins the depressed Kyung Soo. Hae Ryung wishes to go home. Kyung Soo promises to process her release a little later. Seriously? Sending a psycho who is unbalanced home just because they wish to be? That doesn’t sound too kosher to me. Yoo Jung then reminds Kyung Soo what the doctor has said about the woman’s unstable condition. Kyung Soo will need to remain by his wife’s side and help her until she is at a better place. Sigh.

Kyung Soo takes Hae Ryung home and puts her to bed. She again gripes about his fake kindness and how he wishes she was dead. There is no reasoning with this crazy lady. She then calls up Kyung Soo’s mother and tells the woman that she tried to kill herself and that it was all Mrs. Seo’s fault. Kyung Soo angrily takes the phone away and promises to call his mother later and hangs up. He leaves the room an runs into Yoo Jung who knows something is up and immediately goes to Hae Ryung. Kyung Soo then calls his mother back and tries to explain what happened somewhat.

Yoo Jung calls her husband to let him know Hae Ryung is home. Tae San hangs up when Baek enters. Tae San encourages the man to immediately go to a person’s store to take his inventory if he doesn’t have the money to repay the loan. Baek actually hesitates and tries to get Tae san to changes his mind to no avail. Looks like Baek hasn’t been comfortable being the loyal bootlicker and now that Eun Joo is back in his life, he’s even more reluctant to do his usual bad things to innocent people.

Mi So, Jong Hee, and Chan Ki are writing personalized notes for the last day of Mi So’s roadside selling business. It’s Mi So’s way of thanking all of her regular customers for their support at a low point in her life. The conversation then goes back around to just who put that money in her purse. Mi So plans on finding the young boy and asking him.

Mi So’s last day and business is booming like crazy. Her regular customers are sad to see her go, but happy to hear that she’s got a good job to go to now. Mi So then gets a large delivery order and takes off. On her way back, she runs into the boy who was showing off his new, cool sneakers to his friend and gushing about his new hyung who is taking care of him. Awww. He does break his promise to Baek, of course, and shows Mi So where the man lives that had him deliver her purse back. Mi So rings the bell and both she and Baek get a shock when he opens the door. Mi So is immediately angry and tells him to stop making her so pathetic and doing something so trivial with the money he gets from hurting others. She vows to bring it back to him right away and rushes off leaving Baek stunned and hurting—just the meeting he had wished to avoid. Oh, and it doesn’t help that Baek’s men show up with all the leftover kimbap they bought from Jong Hee. 😛

Mi So tells her family who their anonymous benefactor was and they are all livid. Chan Ki says he will take the money back instead, but Mi So says that she will do it as to clear everything up before starting work at CK. Meanwhile, Baek sits in his dark apartment recalling all the bad things he did to Mi So and all of Na Young’s hints and barbs. Poor, poor tortured man.

Back at the Yoon house, Jong Hee tells Mi So to go easy on Baek since he did return her beloved bracelet. Mi So then talks about her beloved oppa who took care of all the orphanage kids so they didn’t get picked on. He was a good fighter and wanted to be a police officer to put bad men away. Omo. How ironically sad. Jong Hee asks if Mi So would know her oppa if she were to see him again. Mi So isn’t sure, but she would think so. Nope, not at all. Mi So then gets a text from Kyung Soo asking her to meet him at their park. Mi So refuses and Kyung Soo vows to stay until she comes. She doesn’t come.

The next morning depressed Kyung Soo goes to work where the office manager hands over some important documents and tells him that Chan Ki officially resigned and will be in at a later date to personally say his farewells to Kyung Soo. More depression. Meanwhile, Mi So is getting ready to meet Baek when she recalls Kyung Soo’s text. She’s feeling guilty yet again. Kyung Soo goes looking for Mi So at her usual spot and is shocked to learn she closed up and has a job somewhere else.

Mi So arrives at Baek’s only to find him gone. Since his number is still in her phone from his harassment days, she calls that up and his man answers and tells her where Baek is. He’s at the store of the man who pleads for more time. Just until the end of the month as agreed earlier. Baek stands wooden. He has held back Tae San for as long as he could and can do no more. Baek turns to leave and there is Mi So. She angrily flings the envelope at him. He tells her he gave it to her so she must keep it. There is no reason for her to do so and she especially doesn’t want his money when he’s basically scum. Hurting, Baek forces out two words as Mi So turns to leave: “Eun Joo.” When she pauses, he manages to say her full name, “ Hong Eun Joo.” She turns in shock and that is where 43 ends.

See? Doesn’t Baek and Kyung Soo need hugs?

We open episode 44 with Mi So and Baek having coffee at the usual café we see in this drama. Baek is totally out of his element and so ruffled that he is decidedly not himself. Mi So cannot believe how funny fate is. Baek tells her that he only recently found out who she was an thus he apologizes for all that he has done to her. Mi So quickly shakes this off as she knows that if he had known from the beginning, he wouldn’t have done so at all. Mi So broaches the subject of why her oppa is working at such a place as Tae San Capital, but Baek clams up. Guess he doesn’t wish to admit his full criminal background (thanks to him protecting Na Young from her adopted dad). Mi So apologizes for the rudeness of the questions and tells him that since they have found each other once more, they must now keep in touch. Nice. It really is. She leaves and Baek is still reeling from everything.

At JR, Office Manager brings in stacks of books for Kyung Soo to look at as they are getting ready to donate unused ones. As he puts them down, one book falls off and a postcard slips out. It’s a picture of the northern lights in Yellowknife, Canada. Apparently Kyung Soo has never been there and wishes to go there and see the phenomena. Enter Chan Ki with a treat to say his goodbyes. Kyung Soo is shocked to learn the boy was in trouble (which Mi So resolved) and that Mi So told him to quit. Chan Ki does promise to stop in when he can to visit his new friend. Kyung Soo smiles and tells the younger man he is welcome any time and he will treat him to more delicious food than the black bean noodles from last time. Before Chan Ki leaves, Kyung Soo has an idea. He throws the postcard back in the book and tells Chan Ki that Mi So had wished to borrow it. Once Chan Ki gives it to his noona, he must tell her to call Kyung Soo so he can explain something. Chan Ki agrees and leaves.

Mi So reveals to Jong Hee Baek’s real identity. Jong Hee is also floored. Mi So swears her friend to secrecy as there is no way her brother or father would be able to accept Baek after all he’s put their family through. Mi So goes into her room and recalls all the horrible things she said and done to Baek. Looks like she’s hurting and feeling guilty for slapping him and calling him less than a human being. Enter Chan Ki to tell Mi So about saying his goodbyes to Kyung Soo. He then hands over the book which mystifies Mi So as she did not ask for it. Out slips the postcard. I think the meaning is pretty clear. Mi So seems to like it just as much as Kyung Soo.

At the Oh house, Tae San is drinking when Kyung Soo gets home. Oh tells his son-in-law that he is relinquishing all doings with the law firm so it fully belongs to Kyung Soo now to do with as he wishes. Tae San also says that he will keep Kyung Soo out of Tae San Capital’s doings as well. This should be enough to stop Kyung Soo for insisting on divorce, right? Tae San then says that only one thing scares him—Hae Ryung. He will never forgive his son-in-law if anything should happen to her. You know…I’m sure it’s partly because of how he raised Hae Ryung that she’s as crazy as she is.

Jong Hee and Mi So are preparing their things for work the next day. Jong Hee is unhappy as she has no office clothes. Mi So is looking for ratios for the product when she comes across the postcard once more. Jong Hee sees this and thinks its pretty as well, but would never wish to go anyplace cold. Mi So smiles and says that she would go just to see the lights. Jong Hee goes back to trying to figure out what to wear on her first day of work while Mi So stares at the postcard with a small smile playing on her lips.

The first day of work dawns and both girls are nervous and trying to encourage one another. I never really noticed it before, but Mi So really seems slouched in this episode. The girls go inside only to find Na Young the only one in the office. The other to workers then come and start chiding the women for being “temporary” workers (since they were hired by Yoo Jung who’s development team was disbanded). Jong Hee is livid, but Mi So keeps things calm and cool and politely greets them. Na Young then tells Mi So that Myung Ja is asking for her.

Mi So goes to meet her ex-mother-in-law. Myung Ja talks about Mi So only being there as a tool for Yoo Jung’s revenge. Mi So promises to do the best that she can for the company and her product. Myung Ja then warns Mi So about trying to play the innocent woman to lure Min Jae once more. This completely baffles Mi So as she has no desire to come back to CK just to win her husband back. I do like how Mi So didn’t completely cower or give way to her former mother-in-law. Kudos.

Yoo Jung is meeting with Kyung Soo as she is planning a merger with another company behind Myung Ja’s back (can she legally do that when the company isn’t hers alone?). She asks for Kyung Soo’s help and promises him that she will be coming to him more and more in the future. She then tells him about a treatment facility for Hae Ryung. She believes it will be best for Kyung Soo to go with her otherwise Hae Ryung probably won’t go. Kyung Soo agrees to do this and to remain at his wife’s side until she is better. After that, however, he still plans on going through with the divorce. This disappoints Yoo Jung.

Enter Mi So to give her greetings. Needless to say, Kyung Soo is shocked to learn that she is now working at CK. He takes his leave and Mi So again thanks Yoo Jung for everything. Yoo Jung tells Mi So that she is under her authority and not the Planning Department’s so Mi So is to only concentrate on developing her product. Mi So then broaches the Hae Rung subject, Yoo Jung tells her that her daughter is doing somewhat better and talks about how she hopes Kyung Soo will choose to remain with Hae Ryung in the end.

Mi So leaves the office and gets called out by Kyung Soo. He immediately asks her why she is working there and why she did not tell him about the Chan Ki issue. Mi So will not change her mind about working at her ex’s business and tells him that she handled the settlement just fine by herself. She can’t rely on him any more. Kyung Soo finally puts two and two together. Someone told her about what happened, didn’t they? Is that why she’s thinking she’s giving him a hard time? She isn’t. She is what is giving him strength to continue on. Mi So then reminds him that even if you can think of 1,000 reasons to divorce, as long as there is one reason why you shouldn’t then you should keep trying. Um…does that mean she can actually see a reason for Kyung Soo to remain with Crazy Wife, because I’m not seeing one? She turns to leave and Kyung Soo calls after her that he will not give up on her if that is what she wants as that is impossible for him. I have to say that her telling him to TRY is slightly annoying. He’s been married to the crazy woman for 5 years. He’s put up with all her crap and when he realized that he liked Mi So, he did try to do the right thing and work out his marriage, but that failed. Is there really any reason for him to keep trying at this point?

Baek meets with the livid Tae San. How dare Baek go against his wishes and start acting more and more like Kyung Soo? This earns him a slap and a shin kick. I bet Baek could so kick Oh Tae San’s rear if he really let go. Baek asks Tae San to give the man more time, but Tae San says that because of the lawsuit and compensation being paid out, his customers are starting to think it is okay not to pay. Is Baek worried that they will end up like Gu? Who cares if they die as long as he gets his money? Poor Baek, he’s caught between his job and his desire to stop hurting people amplified by finding his Eun Joo.

Kyung Soo is out drinking when Baek comes in. Our manager asks how it feels to finally be out of Oh Tae San’s shadow? Kyung Soo doesn’t know as he fears that this is just another trap for him. Kyung Soo then opens up about how he’s gotten to where he is and how much of a coward he’s been. There’s something he should hold onto, but he’s not sure if he’s strong enough. Baek tells him as long as he has something like that, there’s still hope. This really shocks Kyung Soo. So…does Baek have hope or not? NeeNee is random. I have no idea, but for some reason during this scene, I was thinking of Serenity in which the bad guy did bad things to create his “world without sin.” His object was to create it – not to live in it as there would be no room for a man such as himself. I wonder if that is kind of Baek’s feelings, too. That he’ll protect his precious Eun Joo, but he might not be in her life as he would wish as he doesn’t have a real place in it given all he’s done.

The next day at work Jong Hee and Mi So are shocked to learn that their first product PT (presentation) is in only a week. How can they possibly be prepared in time? Yoo Jung assures them they will do fine and just need to focus on their original research for the first PT. Back at the planning department, Mi So is all ready to go with a plan to finish the planning and marketing ideas for the PT. Jong Hee is shocked to see how much Mi So has already done. This reenergizes her and the two get up to do their supermarket working mother research. Enter in the female employee. Knocking off already? Nope, doing research for their PT. The woman is shocked—their product is getting a presentation already!?

We cut to an angry Min Jae. Seems mommy just got done scolding him over the new development. Na Young tells him not to worry as she has plans to completely destroy Mi So. Min Jae looks nervous (guilty? worry that Na Young’s plan will bite her in the rear?) as Na Young vows to ensure that the first PT is a complete and utter failure. Min Jae wonders what she will do, but mums the word.

So Kyung Soo tries to talk to Hae Ryung about going for treatments. Since he wishes to treat her like a crazy person and lock her away in an asylum, then she will do as he wishes. She takes out his clothes and throws them in a suitcase and starts screaming and screeching once more telling him to leave and not come back. Yoo Jung rushes in and ushers the crazy woman out. Ye gads. I’m afraid my poor abused ears will never be the same thanks to Hae Ryung’s screechy meltdowns and all of Myung Ja’s yelling fests.

At the Yoon household, Jong Hee gets upset when Chan Ki wraps a lettuce roll for his sister and not her (the way he acted at first, you thought he was going to give it to Jong Hee). This makes her complain about how there is no meet left and she didn’t even get any. This makes Mi So spring up to go buy some. On her way home she stops in the park and stares at the postcard which she slipped into her purse earlier. Enter Kyung Soo. He wishes to go to that place and see the aurora borealis with her. That would be the place where they start their lives over. Mi So, even though she desperately wants this as well, puts the picture back in his hand an goes to leave. Kyung Soo stops her with a back hug. He can’t let her go.

End episode. Previews for next week look interesting with both Baek and Kyung Soo descending on CK to protect their beloved Mi So.


  • Thanks for your recap . It’s a pleasure to somehow rewatch the episodes .

  • Why oh why is it okay for Kyung Soo to stay in that relationship. Okay, sometimes divorce is a GOOD THING!! I hope this pushing him to stay with Hae Ryung and Mi So realizing just how dangerous it is for him turns around soon. I really don’t want this attitude to continue for another 10-20 episodes! Please, writer-nims, turn it around; make that frown into a smile for goodness sake!

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