30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 4

I was torn between doing two different ones…

Day 04: Name a song by your favorite male idol vs.
Day 04: Name a song that makes you laugh.

So I thought to myself…wow…watching too much Kuroshitsuji that puppet episode…ahem. Anywho, so I thought to myself I’d do both.

Actually…to me unless you were once from an idol group, how can you be a singular male idol? What is the definition of an idol? It’s always mystified me. You then have idol bands vs. regular bands vs. idol ballad groups vs. non-idol ballad groups. I just give up on understanding it.

Day 04: Name a song by your favorite male idol.

Again, I don’t have a favorite. But, here’s a collection of songs loved by some male idols I do like.

Japan: Tegoshi Yuya (NewS) – “Ai Nante” (the video is an FMV for Japanese drama Tumbling I highly recommend watching that drama).

Korea: Kim Sung Kyu (Infinite) – “60 Seconds” (I also really liked other songs from his first solo album). I have to say that I used the band version so you can concentrate on Sungkyu vs. the awesomeness of L.

Taiwan: Jiro Wang (Fahrenheit) – “Pretend We Never Loved” (sniff…so sad…sniff)

Day 04: Name a song that makes you laugh.

Norazo’s songs…”Curry,” “King of Sales,” and “Woman Person” – their videos in conjunction with the lyrics, it’s a great combo. If you don’t get this video, then you’ve obviously never watched The Professional.


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