30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 – Day 18

I think I was griping earlier that I had already had this in mind, but then they didn’t ask the question.

18. Your least favorite female character?

To choose a horrible female character out of all the horrible females characters out there… it’s kind of hard. So here is a list.

  • Heo Myung Ja from Crazy Love – she brings evil mother-in-law to a new height
  • Oh Hae Ryung from Crazy Love – her crazy antics get old and stale and you want her out of the picture NOW
  • Han Na Young from Crazy Love – seducing a married man, kidnapping (and possibly killing) her lover’s child, making one woman’s life miserable for no real good reason
  • Chiyoko from Last Cinderella

I did have others, but since I’ve been watching Crazy Love daily, I’m just listing those characters as they top my infuriating list at the moment. I am sure there are even worse ones that I hate, too.

I would also like to take this time to pay homage to all the female characters that I don’t like simply because their mere existence is superfluous and unnecessary.

  • Hong Yoo Ra from Oh! My Lady – in order to understand her character, you have to read her backstory, but without that backstory…her character seems like a conniving woman out to nab our star just for a higher status
  • Jin Se Ryung from Full House Take 2 – let’s add in an ex for Tae Ik who really doesn’t play any sort of integral part to the plot and could have easily been removed from it
  • Momo from Last Cinderella – an unnecessary character that was just plain annoying
  • Risa from Vampire Heaven – again, given the plot, she really is kind of extraneous

I also dislike the evil mother in Don’t Hesitate. But since I haven’t finished that drama, I thought it would be unfair to include her. I think Asian dramas gives us many female characters to hate, but they can all be summed up into different types.

  • Evil Mother
  • Evil Mother-in-law
  • Evil second female lead out to either steal male lead or to completely destroy female lead’s life
  • Best friend/sister turned into evil enemy (half the time over stupid reasons)


  • newkdramaaddict

    I have to go with your list. An honorable mention to President Jung in Gloria. A father more caring about continuing his business success than whether or not it’s okay to force your daughter to marry a man who has admitted killing his first wife. No, I’m not kidding!

    • And you had her mommy dearest who I didn’t care for much either. Ah, that horrible dad, but kudos for the actor who did such a good job on playing him.

  • Oh Yoon Joo of My Princess, Kang Hye Won of Full House are my least favorite.

    My favorite antagonists are Chu Wunseok of Birth of the Rich and that guy from My GF is a Gumiho.

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