30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 3

Um…is it bad that I don’t really care for girl groups?

Day 03: a song from your favorite girls group?

Well, I just have a problem with girl groups. The overly cute, the overly sexy. What ever happened to normal? Hearing cutesy/childish voices and seeing some of those cutesy moves for one song and the next song is overly sexy…I don’t like the dichotomy. We do have those tougher female kpop groups coming out (well…that are more hiphoppy…too bad hip hop still isn’t my favorite genre), which is nice.

Anywho…favorite…favorite…favorite. Think, think think.

Well, it might be a toss up between S.H.E., She’z, and Kara. Those are three girl groups that I pretty much always like their music.

She’z – “My Way”

S.H.E. – 花又開好了



  • Twins…is a Hong Kong Cantonese pop group. The songs are pretty good.

    T-ara…I don’t care for them much, but SS501 did a parody of their song, To my Boyfriend. It is hilarious.

    • Ah, I can’t really understand the popularity of T-ara. I like some of their songs, but after a while they all start sounding the same to me. Although…I’m sure Kara is no better in that department, but there was just something about them that doesn’t make me cringe or lose interest (yet). I forgot about Twins! They are a great duo.

      Now I needs must find SS501’s parody.

    • 2ne1…I discovered them late. But…I have liked their recent stuff

      • I completely agree about the overly cutesy or objectified images of female music groups, so generally I don’t like girl groups but I think 2ne1 stands out.

        I also love SHE with my favorite being Hebe.

        • I concur with you. Girl’s Generation is just girly. However, 4minute and sistar….That’s another story.

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