30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 – Day 17

All time…that’s…really difficult…

17. Who would you give the best acting award of all time to?

I will give a small shout out to all the actors who have played characters that I have hated so much that I can’t stand the actor. That’s talent. Too bad I usually can’t divorce character hate from an actor/actress. It makes me feel bad at times.

Jung Bo SukAs much as I love Ivy Chen, especially with her great embodiment of Kyoko from Skip Beat! (remember Kyoko = Japanese manga character name while Gong Xi was the Taiwanese version), I think one really standout actor has to be the father from Can You Hear My Heart. Not only did he do a great job of playing a man with a disability without making it trite or heavily exaggerated, but if you see Jung Bo Suk in other roles, it’s amazing just how well he can portray various types of characters.

But then there is someone I would be remiss in mentioning as I just love her acting. Ban Hyo Jung. She has played some great roles and her acting is superb. She is one actress who can play someone I hate, but I still love her.

Ban Hyo Jung


  • Gahhh I wrote about this topic recently. I can’t pick my ultimate favorite actor, but I gotta agree the dad from Can You Hear My Heart did reallyyy well. But then..there are others who have played the “mind of a child” character really well too. So. Hard. To. Choose.

  • I love both of your answers. They are 2 of my favorites as well and sadly very underused.

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