30 Day Asian Music Challenge Day 2

Again, I’m not sticking in only one of the lists. So I believe this is the 2nd question for like the 3rd kpop challenge, but I refuse to be confined to one country. 😛

Day 02: A song that makes you sad?

Brian Joo

I had to think about this, yes I did. The first song that came to mind is by Brian Joo. “Let This Die.”

And then I recalled Bii (yes, I mean Bii NOT Bi). That man has a voice suitable for sad songs as it has a kind of…whiny sorrowful tone. One that really hit me was his “After Turning Away.”

And then we have visual kei band The GazettE. Ruki’s lyrics and the songs’ compositions really make for some sad songs. In particular the songs “Guren” and “Reila” about a miscarriage and girlfriend’s suicide respectively.

Then there is the opening theme for Chinese drama Bu Bu Jing Xin sung by Hu Ge and alan “One Persistent Thought”. The song is a bittersweet and sad love song.

One comment

  • Andy lau and kelly chen — I don’t think I loved you enough
    Kim jong gook– men are all like that (they play with their new toys and drop them when used up…and women just hang on…it’s depressing to think about)

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