Crazy Love Episode 41 Recap

So…just as things look up and our couple is taking a step forward, they get knocked back to the beginning without passing Go or collecting $200.

We open with the charged atmosphere in the kitchenette at JR interrupted by the screaming Hae Ryung. Kyung Soo quickly leaves Mi So and seeks out his wife. I will spare you the details of their conversation (partially heard by the leaving Mi So), but it basically comes down to Hae Ryung demanding he come home and forgive her for one lie and Kyung Soo insisting that their marriage is over and that she needs to give up. Of course, Hae Ryung insists that she will never give him up and he equally insists that he will wait for her to see the light. Not going to happen.

Kyung Soo goes back to the kitchenette and immediately tries calling Mi So. She doesn’t answer the phone, but texts him instead. She’s fine and got home all right. You know that she’s probably worrying over him and feeling guilty about her feelings and their relationship because of Crazy Wife.

I wish to fast-forward scenes with Min Jae and Na Young. The Evil Wench is happy to finally returning to work while Min Jae is not thrilled and urges her to not be in a hurry to get things done. He’s also not happy that Na Young is choosing to hide her pregnancy for now. She leaves to greet her teammates who are all thrilled to have her back. The female employee excitedly asks when Na Young will marry Min Jae. I’m sorry. He and Mi So have not been officially divorced for all that long, so that is just wrong. How on earth can you support someone who willfully and maliciously split up someone else’s marriage?

Mi So and Jong Hee successfully submitted their recipes and are optimistic since Jong Hee had a good dream the night before. The two then part ways so that Mi So can finish her lunch deliveries and Jong Hee can cheer Chan Ki on at his audition. Right after the two women leave Yoo Jung and Assistant Yoon arrive for a meeting about the contest.

At the audition, Chan Ki is warming up his voice while Jong Hee applies makeup and makes him drink raw eggs. Shivers. Can’t do it. Nope, nope. Enter Min Jae as CK is thinking of diversifying and getting into the entertainment business. Ode to joy. Min Jae mocks his ex-brother-in-law for pursuing his dream that won’t happen when he should be helping his noona. Min Jae then degrades his cheating wife for her lack of common sense and how she shouldn’t be sullying the Lee reputation by selling kimbap on the street. The livid Jong Hee tries to hold Chan Ki back, but the younger man erupts at Min Jae as this is the first time he’s heard anything about his sister getting kicked out for an affair. He headbutts Min Jae not once, but twice. Priceless. It really was a great scene and there you have Min Jae on the floor whining like a little kid.

Again…I have to wonder how Min Jae can throw around how Mi So cheated on him when he had been cheating on her with Na Young from the beginning. Sigh. Men and women and double standards.

Myung Ja rushes to the hospital where Min Jae whines and keeps touching his nose (IDIOT) saying it is fractured. Nice. It’s so funny as you never know what will happen with noses. My unnie has slammed her nose with a hammer, it’s broken her fall on cement and she’s never fractured or broken it once…Min Jae on got headbutted twice and his nose broke. Go figure. Anywho, Myung Ja screams at Jong Hee and Chan Ki for bullying her son like thugs. Chan Ki gets angry and yells back and we have Mi So enter just to hear Myung Ja dress her down about her family. Fairly typical.

At home, Min Jae still can’t stop touching his nose. Dude…it won’t heal any faster and will only hurt more if you keep doing that. Na Young is supremely unhappy about this turn of events, but she does smile gleefully as Myung Ja tells Min Jae not to settle with the Yoon family so they can end this bad blood once and for all. Like NOT settling will end things. Min Jae asserts he won’t settle and that he will go forward with suing Chan Ki.

In their bedroom Na Young asks if Chan Ki is always violent towards Min Jae and our sniveling brat of a husband replies that Chan Ki and the entire Yoon family disgust him as they are unrefined and lower class. Omo. Na Young encourages him not to settle as well and he promises he won’t. She leaves to put dinner on and he gets a call from Mi So. The ass tells his ex that he won’t settle for less than 30 million won for the hospital bills and mental anguish. WTF? Of course, Mi So tries to get him to be lenient since Chan Ki was once his brother-in-law, but Min Jae refuses. So…how can the Yoon family come up with the money to pay Min Jae? Why is it that the rich arses are the ones who demand an absurd amount of compensation when they really don’t need it?

Tae San lies about in bed recalling Hae Ryung’s words about being a murderer and begging him to help her to the end. Enter Yoo Jung who tells him that Kyung Soo is aware of the truth already. This should make Tae San understand his son-in-law’s feelings and be more lenient. Tae San does not want to cave in, but he decides to heed his wife this time and make amends for his daughter.

Assistant Yoon hands over the finalist information for the contest to the depressed Yoo Jung who sighs and starts looking through them. Meanwhile, the Yoon family is trying to figure out what to do. Yoon shuts himself up in his room since he has no way of helping while Chan Ki insists on jail time rather than paying off the ass who belittled his sister. How dare he kick her out on false charges unfairly? As if the beatings weren’t enough. Mi So does demand he not tell Kyung Soo. Chan Ki gets it as he would feel badly if he kept asking Attorney Seo for favors as that will also shed a bad light on their family. Once the family meeting breaks up Jong Hee bitterly complains about how Min Jae is tearing them apart. Mi So then gets a call from Yoo Jung asking to meet to discuss Mi So’s idea that she entered into the competition and that was shelved at CK.

Kyung Soo has lunch with his father-in-law. Tae San starts the conversation by saying the compensation will have all been paid out by the end of the day. This makes Kyung Soo happy and he says he will start the procedure to stop the lawsuit. Of course, when Tae San tries to intervene with his relationship with Kyung Soo, the attorney tells Tae San like he told Yoo Jung—that is between him and his wife and the two should not interfere. If that is the only reason Tae San is willing to pay the settlement, then Kyung Soo would rather sue him to get it. Well, well. Bold move. We then get more of Tae San yelling at Kyung Soo about how his life will be over for suing him and leaving Hae Ryung which is all overheard by Mi So who is at the same restaurant to meet Yoo Jung who ends up standing her up due to a last minute work emergency.

Baek stands outside the Yoon house holding Mi So’s bracelet when she comes up with her bike. She accidentally drops it and the chain gets all twisted. She complains about the bike giving her trouble like everything else. When will Baek come out of the shadows? Or does he plan on playing the silent knight who remains in the shadows helping his princess?

Hae Ryung and screaming. I’m so sick of it by now. She’s upset that Kyung Soo hasn’t called and goes crazy when her father finally snaps and tells her to do whatever with her life—even leave the Oh house—if she’s going to keep clinging to that lost cause. Yoo Jung enters in time to hear Hae Ryung assert that she will disappear from his life and lock herself into her room.

Our friendly office manager tells Kyung Soo that he will be leaving JR at the end of next week with him. Kyung Soo says that is not necessary, but his manager smiles and says that was his plan all along. Once he leaves, Kyung Soo texts Mi So to meet. Mi So agrees as she has something to say. After overhearing Hae Ryung and Tae San…we can all guess what she has to say. Unfortunately, the two won’t get to meet as Hae Ryung calls up Kyung Soo to let him know she has swallowed enough pills to kill herself. Meh. Typical.


Mi So agrees to work with Yoo Jung making Myung Ja, Na Young, and Min Jae livid, Tae San threatens to destroy Kyung Soo if Hae Ryung should end up dead, and Mi So breaks her relationship with Kyung Soo to make his life easier.


  • Okay so that spineless piece of shit of an ex-husband as the gall to accuse Mi Soo of having an affair when he was the one doing this. Can someone please give him a real beat down that deserves $30 million wons. Can Baek please find our soon and fix this issue but letting everyone know that Na Young is the one who cheat with Min Jae and she is also pregnant.

    God I was so happy when Chan Ki head butted Min Jae twice and I am with him, take the jail time instead paying him a dime. How much lower do they want Mi Soo and her family to sink. Payback and karma is a bitch and I cannot wait for it.

    I am truly believe that Attorney Seo and Mi Soo needs to put their feelings aside until he can resolve his marital situation. His Drama Queen wife and horrible family -in-law are too crazy to bring some one else into this matter. I like the fact that Attorney Seo is leaving the law firm to start on his own without their help . He needs to start cutting ties with that crazy family.

    I am not sure it is a good idea for Mi Soo to work for her ex-husband family business even though she is working for Drama Queen’s mother. Can we say sabotage from that bitch Na Young. She is going to make her life more miserable and then flaunt it in her face.

    Paging Baek you assistance is gravely needed.

    • True, Kyung Soo really should clean up his issues with his wife before solidifying his relationship with Mi So. I’m ready for Baek to start protecting Mi So from the shadows and doing his best to destroy NY & MJ. I am sure his revenge would be epic compared to Mi So’s since she’s a doormat and quick to forgive or ignore.

      While it may not be smart for Mi So to go back to work at CK, I think it’s a different type of revenge. Na Young thinks she’s all that since she lied and clawed her way there. Mi So has the brains and the background. I think she can show Myung Ja that Na Young isn’t nearly all that great.

  • Hey Hun, this was a Great summary!

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