30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 – Day 14

14. Do you watch Asian dramas that have a lot of episodes (ex. 40+)?

Yes, I do. Do I watch them often? No, I don’t. One reason is I’m not a huge fan of sitcoms. There’s nothing wrong with them but they just usually aren’t my cup of tea. I’m also hesitant on daily dramas because there’s a whole of of dragging on of plot points. Since they are over 100 episodes usually, that’s not surprising, but they can also be cheesy with bad acting and the like. I also think there must be a way to¬† do a drama with over a 100 episodes without useless fillers and ragging things out painfully, but I could be wrong.

And the others are historical dramas which tend to have lots of episodes. I’m never quite sure how interested I’ll be in those. Plus…if it involves war…I tend not to be able to get into them and wouldn’t you know there’s usually tons of war and political intrigue, so yeah, I usually won’t watch those. I don’t do military dramas or movies. I also don’t do horror (straight up horror, not comedy horror).

Part of the reason I like Asian dramas is the fact that they are short. That’s why my sister also likes Mexican telenovellas. Kudos for her for being fluent in Spanish. Anywho, yeah. I watch them. Final answer.


  • Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace), the Golden Age of Daughter in Laws, High Kick through the Roof, and the one I’m currently following… You’re the best, Lee Soon Shin.

  • I don’t think there’s a way of making a 100+ episode drama without re-using storylines and dragging out storylines. And if they don’t just drag everything out, then things get boring (as in, once a couple is together, it might not be as interesting), or they get too over the top and makjang.

    I’m watching You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin. That’s my first drama with more than 30 episodes, and even though it’s too angsty at the moment, it’s still a really good show so I’m glad i’m watching it. It would be hard to marathon though.

  • newkdramaaddict

    I admit to having a thing for longer dramas. Currently watching Crazy Love as well as Ga Am Heo Jun. Would love to add Sweet Springs and Thorn Flower to the list if I could find them. I also tend to marathon watch 50+ episode dramas which is why I never start watching them until the weekend which start on Thursdays for me! I’m saving Yellow Boots/Ice Adonis for the Christmas Break. Watched Jumong in 11 days straight last Christmas break.. Yeah, its like that. My first marathon was Gloria! I literally could not stop watching it!

    • I am getting into longer dramas now. I was interested in Ga Am Heo Jun. Is it any good?
      Ah, Gloria. A drama that was like crack. I loved our main quartet. Fond memories and lots of love for Suh Ji Suk.

      • newkdramaaddict

        Yes!! Gloria was my crack and I loved the couples! Yoon Seo’s father still remains the worse parent ever in a drama!! And til this day, I cannot watch all of ep 39 with that beatdown of Dong Ah.

        As I watched Horse Doctor, which I did like, I find GAHJ to be a little better and for the most part has been on the struggles of Heo Jun becoming a doctor and just a little less persecuted politicking. Horse Doctor drove us crazy because of that. Plus GAHJ is really not as much about the romance because he is married even though Park Jin Hee’s character is in love with a married man, Heo Jun. Up to ep 67 and still watching happily.

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