Vampire Heaven Episodes 8-9 Recap

Koma watches over Sakurako as she sleeps in her coffin. Ken watches the suffering Koma who says it will take a while for Sakurako to heal. Why? Because they have not drank any blood since their arrival in the human world. Koma stands up and says she will get some human blood. Ken is against this—killing a human? Sakurako wakes up and weakly says she doesn’t need it. Is this because of Hayato? Sakurako shakes her head. They are too much like humans thus to feed off of them to survive seems odd.

Koma storms out of the apartment and sees Hayato. What is he doing there? He asks after Sakurako and Koma angrily snaps that it’s none of his business since he’s the reason she’s like that. He grabs her arm and tells her that he has made things clear with Risa—the one he loves is Sakurako. This hurts Koma and she turns on him. Why is he telling her this? What does he hope to achieve? He just stands there babbling like an idiot. Hayato says that is true and then says he will go see Sakurako. Koma says he can’t see her, but he should be able to hear her voice. He pats her on the head and smiles at her for her encouragement. Koma mutters that she wasn’t encouraging him.

The doorbell rings and Ken tells Sakurako that he will get it. When they hear Hayato’s voice, Sakurako asserts she will do it instead. She painfully gets up and makes her way to the door. Hayato asks if she is all right. She smiles and leans against the door, too weak to support herself. She’s fine. Ken looks at her and wonders which part of her is. Sakurako then asks if Hayato is worry about her. Nah, he’s just asking to be polite! Eyeroll. Hayato assures her that he’s very worried. This makes Sakurako smile more. She thought he hated her. Hayato calls her an idiot and says it’s the opposite. Leaning against the door as well, he apologizes for how things turned out. Sakurako assures him that it isn’t his fault. He apologizes again and Sakurako says that he must take her to the amusement park again. Hayato quickly agrees and says at night.

Hayato leaves and runs into Koma. Their positions are reversed now. So…did he get to meet Sakurako? No, but he did get to talk to her through the door. He then asks Koma to take care of her for him. Koma straightens up and says he has no right to ask that of her. Hayato knows, but asks anyways. Koma nods and he leaves. Meanwhile…Risa is upset and her friends try to comfort her saying she will find a new and better guy soon. The two friends then bail on the depressed girl. Wow. What nice friends. Risa tears up—why is she no good? Koma sees this and looks rather depressed even more.

In the apartment, Sakurako is drinking the blood of a turtle supplied by Aoi and perks right up. Enter Koma who is not happy. Sakurako happily shows her the turtle blood and Koma urges her to sleep so she can get better. Sakurako listens to her friend. Koma and Aoi then sit around drinking blood. Ken scratches his neck and asks if Aoi has a large stock of the animal’s blood. Yes, because like those two girls, she found herself more and more reluctant to drink human blood. Aoi’s theory is this is because being around humans reawakens their long dead feelings. Koma gets up and says she doesn’t want to be twisted around by humans. Aoi looks at Ken and says the young vampire is though.

The next day the goons are doing their best to sketch Aoi to show her to the Count since vampires can’t be photographed. So Aoi changes clothes and puts on a wig and poses for them. How these goons don’t know that she’s doing this intentionally is beyond me. Enter Ken. He asks why she’s dressed like that and Aoi, abashed, says that she’s gotten popular of late. The Count then gets their drawings and one is a close up of her chest and the other is a vague outline of a woman.

Koma is sitting in the darkened club strumming the guitar when Hayato comes in. He thinks it is Sakurako at first, but is disappointed to learn that it is Koma. The girl gives him the guitar back, but Hayato doesn’t want it. This makes Koma angry as Sakurako risked her life for it. She then says that Hayato isn’t worthy of Sakurako and that he will only make her unhappy. Does Sakurako think like that, too? Koma says she will, but Hayato doesn’t believe this nor does he believe that he will make Sakurako unhappy. He demands to know what the girls are hiding and yanks Koma to him. This fuels her desire for blood.

Enter Sakurako. Koma quickly covers her fangs and pushes Sakurako into Hayato. She then makes a run for it. She starts crying, but then something inside seems to snap. That can’t be good. Back inside, Hayato asks if Sakurako found Koma. No. Hayto then asks if Sakurako is feeling better. She says she is and he pats the stage next to him. Sakurako hesitates but does come on over. She sits down and takes the guitar. It’s a present from his father, right? Aoi says it is important to him. Hayato says that is a story from the past. He talks about how happy he was when his father gave him the guitar and how he played it all the time. That was until he realized his father hated him for being average since his father was a genius. Hayato thought he’d show his father up one day…but it’s impossible.

Does Hayato’s father really hate him? Yes. Did he tell him that then? Well…no. Then how does he know that he is really hated? Sakurako reminds Hayato that she thought he hated her. Hayato says the two matters are different, but Sakurako asserts they are the same.  You don’t know what someone thinks unless you ask. Sakurako learned that from this situation. She then says that love and hate are inseparable. Hayato asks if she knows what she is talking about. Sakurako laughs, she heard if from Aoi. So…how long since he last saw his father? 10 years. That’s a long time she guesses.

Sakurako starts strumming on the guitar and Hayato puts his arms around her to teach her. Sakurako teaches up and tells him it’s no good, but once the music starts, she says it is good after all. Hayato then continues to show her how to play. Sakurako then tenses up again. If she has something to say then she can tell him as he will listen to her. Sweet. Sakurako then starts playing the guitar once more. We then see Aoi and Ken’s heads pop up and then back down. They missed the chance to make their exit. Seeing Ken’s expression, Aoi asks if Sakurako broke his heat. Aoi then offers herself—she’s a lot younger than Sakurako and will be by his side for as long as he needs her. Ken refuses the offer and then wonders if Komachi happens to like Hayato. Aoi shushes him and says that Koma’s got all sorts of things. What does that mean?

Ken comes across Hayato who had just called home. Ken says it is a relief that Sakurako is better. Hayato agrees and leaves. Ken then turns and gets a shock when he sees Koma. Where has she been? Koma says she is tired and irritated. She is also tired of being with Sakurako. Koma then says that things will be better if Hayato dies, right? Ken says he doesn’t think so, but Koma ignores him and starts heading after Hayato. Ken rushes into the club and tells Sakurako.

Hayato feels that someone is following him, but when he turns there is no one there. When he turns back around Koma is right behind him. She tells him bye bye and goes for his neck only to be stopped by Sakurako. The two girls struggle and then Hayato calls out Sakurako’s name. When she turns, she sees the wounds on his neck from where Koma’s fangs scratched him. Her own fangs grow and she tries her best to hid her face from him. Cat’s out of the bag now.

Episode 9 opens with Sakurako trying to keep her true nature hidden. She takes Koma’s hand and runs off. Koma yanks her hand out of her friend’s grasp and the two stop. Sakurako asks why Koma did that. Why not? There’s no rule saying she can’t. Does Koma hate Hayato that much that she wants to kill him? Or…does she like him, too? If that’s so, then why would she want to kill Hayato? Koma says that she doesn’t like him or care if he’s alive or dead. She urges Sakurako to quickly drink his blood and end things. Sakurako won’t hurt or let anyone hurt that which she cares about. Koma then thanks her for the past 100 years and bids her farewell.

Koma is then picked up by two guys. She says everything is troublesome and bares her fangs only to see the Count behind them. She turns to run, but he’s already there and the boys are dead. Koma grabs a sign and stabs him in the chest. When nothing happens the Count says it was a mistake to leave his heart vulnerable on the left. He then says he will forgive everything up to now if she joins in. That way they can both get what they want.

Hayato rushes into the club and asks if Ken knew all along. He had to have known since he lived with them. Hayato then sits down with Aoi and Ken to talk. Aoi confirms they are vampires and Hayato asks if the girls drink human blood. Aoi says that is normally how it works, but they survive by drinking the blood of turtles. Is that the only difference between them then? They are cold, they don’t age, sunlight burns them and they can’t be killed easily. Hayato then recalls all the times he talked about their future and how upset Sakurako was.

The depressed vampiress gets home and sits outside the club. Hayato throws his jacket over her head and tells her to come home already since it’s getting late. Sakurako and he end up since the club where Aoi and Ken give them distance to talk in private. Sakurako apologizes for not telling him earlier that she isn’t human. Hayato says that Aoi told him already. Hayato says he only knows about vampires from comics and movies. Sakurako says that isn’t what they are like at all so he knows nothing. Hayato cuts her off and says he can live in a place without sunlight. Hayato doesn’t care if he gets old as long as she’s with him. If she hungers for blood, she can have some of his, it won’t kill him. Sakurako smiles and says he will die as humans are fragile. She then says that she is certain one day she will suck him dry. She gets up to leave, but Hayato grabs her arm. She turns with her fangs out and tears in her eyes. This is who she is. She then walks away.

Sakurako sits depressed in Ken’s apartment for awhile. She then gathers her things and goes to leave. She takes one final look back before leaving the apartment. Meanwhile, Risa and friends are like stalkers following Hayato around. They then see Sakurako. The girl says nothing but bows deeply. The friends bow back in return. Sakurako smiles slightly and then continues walking away. Inside the café, Aoi says that the more a vampire loves, the more they desire their dear one’s blood. Hasn’t Sakurako been avoiding contact with him? In this kind of relationship between a human and vampire, they must avoid physical contact at all costs. Sakurako goes to a park where she watches humans play. If she were a human…that would be nice.

At the Count’s house, Koma asks why he doesn’t just kill them both. The Count replies that isn’t fun and too easy. He wishes to see Sakurako’s face twisted in pain. Koma says that is pretty sick and the Count says that once he gets what he wants, then she will be acquitted. Plus, she can do whatever she wants to Hayato—kill him or love him and no one will ever have to know about her feelings for Sakurako, her love for that man—her pride will be intact. Koma agrees to this and says she will destroy everything. The Count laughs. They will get along just fine. Is Koma really going all dark side on us now?

Sakurako gets up to leave the park when an older man stops her. She turns and he apologizes. He thought she was someone else. The two end up walking and talking. Was Sakurako waiting for someone? No, she was just killing time. Who is he looking for? Do they look like her? The man is looking for a precious person and Sakurako looks like her. He hasn’t met that woman in a long time. He goes to sit down and Sakurako follows him. Has he been looking for a long time? 40 years. Dang. Is she still waiting? How cruel a world to keep them parted. Sakurako then talks about leaving to make her loved one happy. The man says that is an excuse to him. He then shows her the picture of his loved one and Sakurako is shocked—that’s the woman he’s looking for? Does she know her? Will she take him to her?

Aoi is in the café all listless. Ken asks what is the matter and Aoi says it’s hell getting old as she is feeling melancholic. Enter Sakurako with the old man Minatogawa. Aoi is shocked to see him and the man is pleased to find her at long last. We then cut to the goons trying to break through Aoi’s barrier. Enter Koma with a broom. She tells them to get out of the way and she takes some cleaning product and pours it one the line and starts scrubbing it away. This impresses the goons. She hands them the broom and tells them to take care of it before going back inside.

Koma enters the café, surprising Sakurako. She puts on a pleasant smile and says she is back. Sakurako returns her smile and the two hug. Koma then apologizes. The Count watches this all with an evil grin.

Well, it looks like all Hell will break loose, but you can’t see that from the previews really.

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