Quote It: Pure

Here are some great quotes from Japanese drama Pure starring Wakui Emi and Tsutsumi Shinichi. These quotes are more awesome when taken in context with the scenes they are from.

“Just like a caged bird, you’re a bird who cannot fly.”

Toru to Yuka, episode 3

“Life isn’t … only nice and … pretty … right?”

Yuka to Ryo, episode 4

“Make decisions for yourself. While you’re depending on people, you can’t fly.”

Toru to Yuka, episode 4

“You Don’t need to show her the way. She can walk on her own.”

Toru to Mrs. Orihara, episode 5

Yuka: “Is that the shape of love?”

Toru: “Love has no shape”

Conversation between Yuka and Toru, episode 5

Toru: “There is no such thing. Love has no shape. You Should make whatever you want. That’ll become your creation.”

Yuka: “My creation?”

Toru: “Yes. Just make whatever you desire.”

Yuka: “Okay. When I ‘m done with my new creation, will you take a look at it?”

Toru: “Sure.”

Yuka: “When I’m done, I’ll ring the magic bell.”

Conversation between Yuka and Toru, episode 6

Toru: “Just speak in your own words.”

Yuka: “My own words…”

Toru: “Yeah. Tell the audience why you make your creation.”

Toru advises Yuka, episode 6

“Yeah. People who see your creations will feel something in their hearts, so making creations is your job.”

Toru to Yuka, episode 7

“Is it wrong to want to be with you? Is that stupid?”

Yuka to Toru, episode 7

Mrs. Orihara: “What is important is the heart.”

Yuka: “Heart?”

Mrs. Orihara: “Right. The most important thing for a man and a woman is they are connected in their hearts.”

Conversation between Mrs. Orihara and Yuka, episode 9

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