Crazy Love Episodes 39-40 Recap

Just when things are going well for our couple, relatively speaking, a new circle of Hell is about to open up and drag them in. Surprising? Not really. Disappointing? Yes, given how well things were finally going. Ah…and these two episodes were chock full of some surprising information that flummoxed me in how these people are acting and how long they’ve known the truth.

So episode 39 of Crazy Love opens with Jong Hee’s two year plan to get them out of their rental, up on their feet and on their way to success. I am surprised that she did have it written down that Moon Do should do construction jobs. Sure, my 77 year-old grandfather is still doing landscaping. Knowing how hard it is for him at his age to do that…I can’t imagine suggesting a strenuous manual labor job to an elder. Anywho, I think it is very unrealistic to encourage Chan Ki’s dream. I mean…there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s not like spending all his time practicing and auditioning is necessarily going to pay off. So…Mi So and Moon Do and Jong Hee encouraging a dream when they need to batten down the hatches and be more realistic seems odd to me. But…kudos for allowing him to keep pursuing it I suppose.

Meanwhile, Kyung Soo has decided on a future for himself as well and that means taking on his father which means he’s leaving the Oh household to live in his office. Hae Ryung flips a gasket as she cannot understand why her husband and father are fighting to the point where Kyung Soo is leaving. She doesn’t understand what the big deal is. Really. A man is dead. Like father like daughter. Oh…I’m sure it didn’t help that Kyung Soo visited his dead brother’s grave. Whenever, Kyung Min is mentioned she goes a little crazier. Let the guilt and worry eat away at you until you’re dead.

Mi So reveals her idea to come up with recipes utilizing sauces mad from her broth cubes. Jong Hee likes this an then confronts Mi So about having a guy. Mi So of course remains silent on the subject, but something does make her say that even if she found a good man, she would do nothing and just keep him in her heart so as to avoid causing him trouble. Nice thought, but I don’t agree simply because that gets to be too annoying. I get sick of those dramas where the one person is always pushing away the other because they deem themselves unworthy or don’t want to hurt or cause harm to another. I get the concern, but its stupid to add yourself into the already abundant roadblocks to love.

Kyung Soo is having his men prepare for battle and late night and all nighter sessions for the suing of Tae San Capital. Enter Ma. Is Kyung Soo serious? Can he handle the repercussions which could mean the end of his career? He can. So Reporter Ma jumps on his side and will help him finally take down Tae San. Yay! I feel that Ma in a way is sort of a substitute big brother and not just a sunbae.

Meh. More of Myung Ja scolding her son thanks to Yoo Jung’s comments. Of course…Myung Ja isn’t wrong as Min Jae is horrible when it comes to business. Of course, Na Young steps in and defends him and tries to get Min Jae to get her job back. Min Jae wants her safely at home resting until after the baby is safely born into this world. Granted, he has lost one child. Remind me how that happened again….Ah, the tangled web we weave (that was sarcasm earlier by the by).

Yoo Jung likes Mi So’s proposal. Out of all the old ones she is reviewing, that was by far the best. She calls assistant Yoon in to ask what happened with Mi So’s idea. It was shelved because the cost was too high. So what is Mi So doing now? Yoon doesn’t know and can only say she hears through the grape vine that Mi So is having a hard time since the divorce. Hard…but isn’t her life much better now that the whiny cheating abusive Lee family is out of her life? I guess you can call Yoo Jung’s connection and worry that natural bond between mother and child (if such a thing exists).

Jong Hee and Mi So are having a bad selling day. Jong Hee blames this on the loss of the bracelet and asks if Mi So can recall anything about it. Mi So replies she got it at a playground where there were lots of kids. She cannot recall the woman’s face, but she can remember the warm gentleness of the hand that put it on her wrist. Mi So is certain it was from her mother and as long as she has it, she will meet her again one day.

Kyung Soo and his men are working hard on the case. Chan Ki is shocked to overhear the office manager asking if Kyung Soo will be okay with going against his father-in-law. This shocks Chan Ki. Oh Tae San is Kyung Soo’s father-in-law. Oh…I guess I kind of thought they knew already…but, no, I guess that never came out, just that Kyung Soo was the son-in-law of CK’s VP. So Chan Ki tells this to the Yoon family. Jong Hee and Chan Ki are rooting for Kyung Soo to win against Tae San as Kyung Soo seems to be a genuinely good person. Moon Do doesn’t care as he hates both of them. This worries Mi So and things are starting to connect in head about why he is having such a hard time. He’s been stuck in this purgatory for so long. Of course, Mi So is know the vitamin keeping him happy and going.

Tae San sees the morning paper and is livid that news of the issue was leaked. He has Baek take him to his son-in-law’s office. Is Tae San afraid of the article? Of course not, he’s Oh Tae San after all. Tae San warns him once to back off and Kyung Soo again tells his father-in-law he won’t. Tae San leaves and tells Baek to check out to see if there is any relationship between Ma and Kyung Soo. I smell trouble for our reporter sunbae.

Before Baek can do that, his men call and say they found the thief. Our young pickpocket says he doesn’t remember who he stole the purse from and takes off. He’s stopped by Baek’s men and he points out that he stole the purse from Mi So. Baek, needless to say, is completely stunned to learn that the woman he’s tormented and that Na Young has tormented and who is having such a rough time is his beloved Hong Eun Joo. Poor, poor Baek. You just want to hug him.

More meh. Hysterical Hae Ryung calls up Yoo Jung to fix the issue between her father and husband. This girl. And I hate how she always uses the “not real mother” leverage. Blood means diddly squat. Your birth mother can be the worst person in the world while someone who doesn’t share your blood can be more like a mother. So…it’s BS to play that card. Hmmm. My parent issues rise up way too much thanks to this drama. Sigh. So mommy goes to daddy to plead with him about the Kyung Soo issue. Tae San replies that it’s Kyung Soo’s doing, not his. Riiiight. What are those people called who never take responsibility for their own actions?

Baek sits alone in his dark apartment crying and drinking and thinking of all the bad things he’s done to Mi So. Yep…he’s being tormented with guilt right now and he’s not happy with himself. Again, don’t you just want to hug him? Go Se Won is good at the kicked little puppy look…Choi…is great at a whole other look that can be just as heart wrenching.

Things are finally ready to put the lawsuit in motion and Kyung Soo wishes to meet with the tenants. When he finds out they are having a sit in (do they call it that when you surround a building and refuse to move?) outside their building I believe. Office Manger doesn’t want Kyung Soo to go that far, but the man won’t hear of not doing everything he can for those people.

Baek goes to watch Mi So and he recalls all of their good times at the orphanage. He turns and walks away just as Kyung Soo arrives to buy a sandwich. So Mi So confronts him about his father-in-law. She also tells him she truly understands now why he’s hurting so much and why things are so difficult. She then proceeds to tell him to drop the lawsuit as she doesn’t want him suffering and going against his family. Kyung Soo takes her hand and assures her that he needs her support more than anything, not her telling him not to do it. He’s not scolding her or being mean. Just saying that she needs to be there for him while he goes through this.

He walks her home and has an offer. When this is all over and settled, will she start over with him? Mi So is shocked. Kyung Soo doesn’t want an answer right away and leaves. Assa! Kyung Soo then goes back to his office where Hae Ryung is. She demands to know how long he’ll do this for and Kyung Soo shocks her by saying he wants to end everything—even their marriage. Hae Ryung throws the accident in his face and he replies with he’s already known for a while now that he isn’t the reason she can’t dance. Say what?

We open episode 40 with Hae Ryung demanding to know how he knew and for how long. For a few years now. A professor of Hae Ryung’s told him when she came to consult with him. Because of his wife’s desperation, he tried to understand her and make their marriage work, but they are just not meant to be. Hae Ryung can’t accept this. She did it because she loved him. Kyung Soo tells her that isn’t love. No, it’s not. It’s an obsession, a desire to have that which does not want you. You know what I liked? Kyung Soo owned up to his own fault. He married her without love and that was wrong. Finally someone taking responsibility for the mistake they made.

The next day Jong Hee and Mi So check out ideas and are comforted that they are cornering the right market for women who have to work and have families and little time for cooking. Jong Hee then changes the subject about men again. Mi So has one, right? Mi So keeps denying this as Jong Hee keeps making guesses that make her laugh. However, her smile fades when Jong Hee asks if the man has some problem. Boy, does he ever!

More of Myung Ja griping to Min Jae at work. I’m over it. Na Young comes to save his bacon and urge Myung Ja to rehire her against Min Jae’s wishes. Knowing her son’s a lost cause without Na Young and not wanting to lose to Yoo Jung, Myung Ja caves. Na Young runs into Yoo Jung on her way out and announces her coming back after rubbing it in that Yoo Jung’s department was dissolved.

Hae Ryung is still freaking out. Kyung Soo already wishes to divorce her, she can never let him find out she killed his brother. Thus she rushes to mommy’s office to demand Yoo Jung take the wrap for her big lie. Again, bio daughter issue is hung out as leverage. Yoo Jung quickly agrees. It’s about time you just give up on Hae Ryung, she’s getting worse not better.

Yoo Jung goes to talk to Kyung Soo and she takes all the blame. Kyung Soo isn’t an idiot and knows that Hae Ryung is making her mother lie. Yoo Jung tries to cover this, but Kyung Soo says that Hae Ryung needs to stop commanding people’s lives like she is. Well, Yoo Jung can’t say he’s wrong. Her son-in-law then tells her to stay out of the matter as it is between him and Hae Ryung. That it is.

Ma and Kyung Soo go out drinking. Looks like Ma lost his job and Kyung Soo is unhappy about this. Ma doesn’t care as he was ready and it’s not the end of his world. But what about Kyung Soo? It will be worse for him. Kyung Soo is ready for whatever comes his way. Ma asks about the woman who changed Kyung Soo and our lawyer reveals his heart boils whenever he thinks of her and that he has asked her to start over with him. Ma gives his condolences as  that means Kyung Soo’s life is going to be even worse. But Kyung Soo is prepared and he believes that with Mi So he can finally fulfill the promise he made to his dead brother.

Mi So is busily preparing recipes for the contest utilizing her frozen broth cubes. She and Jong Hee will have Moon Do and Chan Ki taste test them for feedback—as if those two could give impartial opinions anyways.

Ma and Kyung Soo part ways when Baek comes along. Kyung Soo dares him to report everything to Oh Tae San. Baek ignores this. Will Kyung Soo take this to the end? What? Will he finish the war he’s started? If he will go to the end, then Baek will NOT report what he just saw to Tae San. Daebak! See…I knew these two were on the same page (they even have the same taste in women…granted I don’t know if Eun Joo is really a love interest for him or a beloved little sister). I have got that vibe that Baek really wasn’t all that happy or loyal especially after what he told Gu’s son at the funeral. Anywho, when Kyung Soo asks why Baek is doing this, Baek’s asks him the same question and then says to chalk it up to the same reasons Kyung Soo has. Oh…how ironic is that it really is for the same reason—namely Mi So and Gu’s death. Amazing, isn’t it?

True to his word, Baek likes to Tae San saying that Ma and Kyung Soo have no connections. Nice. Enter the drunk Hae Ryung. She talks of killing herself and how she is a murderer and just like how she always uses the biological mom thing with Yoo Jung, she uses her own life with her father. If he doesn’t fix things and bring Kyung Soo back to her then she will kill herself. Just institutionalize this woman already.

As predicted, the Yoon men only have good things to say. During dinner, Mi So gets a text from Kyung Soo asking to meet. She then sneaks out to meet him at a park where he has bought her ice cream. Awww. Cute date scene. I mean it. Such a cute moment. It’s nice to see them genuinely happy for once. It was also cute about how they both say they can’t help but worry. Mi So worries about him taking on his father-in-law and he worries abut her taking on too much with selling her food and entering the cooking competition. He also offers to be her objective food tester.

Park Sun Young, Go Se Won

So the thugs bust up Mi So’s things once more asking for a fee. If she doesn’t have it by the next day there will be hell to pay. I was chuckling when I saw Baek standing back and witnessing it. All hell is getting ready to break loose. Once the men depart, he goes into action and kicks the rears and threatens them with death if they ever go near Mi So again. Yay! Older brother is back in action and taking on Mi So’s hardships. Assa! Just wait until he goes after Na Young and the Lee family!!!! After kicking butt, he heads over to watch Mi So eat her stomped kimbap. Another sad moment for Baek. He wishes to approach her, but can’t after all that he’s done to her.

Baek remembers what Na Young said about Eun Joo ending up like Mi So and gives the girl a call. He demand to know if she knew who Eun Joo really was. Na Young tries to feign innocence, but Baek isn’t stupid and doesn’t buy her act. So Na Young confesses she did and that she is quite surprised that Baek finally realized the truth himself. How did he find out by the way? Baek ignores this and asks if Na Young did all that she did with CK and Min Jae, and the attempted rape because it was Eun Joo. Of course! Didn’t she tell him already that it was Mi So’s fault for stealing her rightful place which led to a life of torment while Mi So lived a comfortable life? Baek reminds Na Young that he told her ages ago that was all his doing and NOT Mi So’s.

Pause. Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!! So he hasn’t been keeping it a secret and she already KNEW???? HOW can she blame Mi So? Aigoo. Na Young, Na Young. You are more sick in the head than I thought. And she proves this by saying she got even more upset to learn Mi So married well and thus she had to take everything away. Alarm bells should be ringing now because of Hae Ram and his initial belief it was her doing, but no. Not yet anyways. Na Young then says that she will keep on Mi So until she is completely beaten down. Baek’s temper blows. If she so much as touches Mi So’s finger….he will not sit still. Na Young is shocked—he’d choose to protect and fight for Mi So against her? Uhm…WHY is that shocking? What an idiot.

Mi So is busily packing a late night snack for Kyung Soo as he promised on their park date to be her unbiased taste tester. She goes to his office where she sees him sleeping. She doesn’t wish to wake him, but he rolls over and opens his eyes and sees her. He’s happy she came and happy she brought him food. She tries opening a jar, but is having difficulty. Kyung Soo goes and tells her to give it to him, but Mi So refuses and struggles to open it until she finally does and all the contents get on Kyung Soo. Whoops. LOL.

Crazy Wife comes to the office as Mi So and Kyung Soo are in the kitchenette trying to clean him up. Their fun and carefree attitude turns into a tense, charged moment when Mi So tries cleaning off the sauce with a towel. Oh yeah. As she hands the towel over to Kyung Soo, Hae Ryung’s voice can be heard.

End episode. And the previews…let’s just say they don’t look good for our budding couple.


  • Hi It’s me again:) Somehow I get this feeling that president Oh is involved in Yoo jung losing Mi so.Not wanting her sharing her affection.father and daughter are capable of doing anything to get what they want. But Tarnow I am happy that Baek has found his Eun joo:D

  • newkdramaaddict

    Yeah, I sensed that Baek had told Na Young before. I expressly remember him saying it once before that he was the one who switched their records for the adoption. No, I don’t think he wants a brother-sister relationship but that is all it will ever be. As far as Na Young, HELL is too good for her at this point. Her, along with Hae Ryung. I kept screaming at the TV when she was threatening suicide, let the bitch DIE!! I know, we couldn’t be that lucky! Yes, the next few episodes are definitely going to continue the roller-coaster rid but these episodes were a nice reprieve.

    • Yeah, Hae Ryung, Hae Ryung. She didn’t want to die badly enough because she had to call up her hubby to let him know she was doing it. That’s a cry for help. If she was serious, hello Mr. Gun. Although…females are less likely to shoot themselves – too messy.

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