30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 – Day 10

Ugh, I just can’t think of one character (and by this I don’t mean I think of multiple characters…I really can’t think of one, so I’m grasping at straws) for this question of the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge.

Day 10: Name an Asian character that is most like you?

I’m an amalgamation of trope drama characters. I’m reticent. I’m a homebody. I’m a pushover. Seriously…I’m not quite a doormat, but I tend to give in and give up stuff I want if someone else wants them as I don’t like fighting or conflicts. I’m sensitive and get hurt easily when people tease me. I am very easy to tease and get embarrassed easily. I am all about my family (to a certain respect) as my best friend to this day remains my unnie.

Crazy Love 38.0144

So…I’m kind of like Mi So from Crazy Love. Let’s face it, she’s a pushover, she hates crowds (me too), she does whatever she can for her family. She has a temper…too bad she doesn’t use it enough, and she keeps things to herself. But…I feel I’m not nearly as horrible a doormat as she is. 😛

Any other character out there that would be a better match? I’m all ears.

One comment

  • “amalgamation”…great SAT vocab word 😛

    I can’t really think of a character that really fits that description… :/ today’s question was pretty difficult though. I think that given drama-land’s big usage of trope characters, it’s pretty impossible to find anybody that clearly relates.

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