Crazy Love Episode 38 Recap

We open with Kyung Soo rushing to Gu’s room. He asks what happened and learns that Gu had just passed away before Kyung Soo arrived. The office then explains the older gentleman was in a hit and run. He kept asking for Kyung Soo up until the very last moments before he passed away as he had something to tell him. Kyung Soo lifelessly goes home where his family are sitting in front of the TV. He’s shooting his chortling father-in-law some not very good looks. Yoo Jung tells him to change and join them and Kyung soo quietly goes off to his room wondering just what it was that Gu had to tell him. Mi So arrives back home and immediately takes out her phone. To call or not to call? She decides to text him. She is worried as she knows something is going on. Is someone very hurt?

at the Yoon house, Mi So presents her frozen broth cubes. This way all you have to do is melt them in a pot and you have instant broth. Jong Hee is amazed and thinks it will be a big hit—how did Mi So think of such a thing? Chan Ki reminds Jong Hee that his beloved noona used to work in the food development section at CK. Then how come that product was never developed? Mi So got married. End of story. Wow. Was there some reason she had to quit work? I mean, if she enjoyed it and all…why did she quit and become basically a servant that doesn’t get paid for the Lee house?

Mi So leaves dressed all in black and Jong Hee asks where she is going. Mi So refuses to tell now and just says that she will let her know later. So where is she going? An interview! Good for her. They are impressed with her track record at CK and wonder why she didn’t try to go back there. Mi So hesitates before saying she wanted a new start in a new place. That’s because they wouldn’t bother rehiring her. The second man who remained silent then leans over and whispers something to the other man. He tells her she can leave and before she is even gone the men are mocking her for not staying the wife of CK’s heir as no one will hire her now. Oh, really? You were all gung ho about her impressive resume until you learned who’s ex she was. Jackie’s.

Baek reports Gu’s death to Oh. Tae San tells Baek to go to the funeral and give money and keep an eye out. If things go south, they could be in deep doo doo. Tae San then thinks a moment. If Kyung Soo knows this then he definitely won’t let him be. Of course not. we then cut to see the depressed Kyung Soo paying his last respects to President Gu. Gu’s wife cries and begs Kyung Soo to make sure the workers and tenants get a fair shake for her deceased husband. Kyung Soo tears up and promises to do just that. He leaves the funeral with a resolute look on his face just as Baek arrives. The manager does pause to watch him leave.

Baek fills out the money envelope and drops it in. Before heading in he takes one look back at Gu’s portrait. Like Kyung Soo, I don’t think he’s happy about this incident. He then sits himself down next to Gu’s son.

It feels like the world has come to an end, doesn’t it? Just think of this as the beginning. You have to harden your heart to make it through this—that’s the only way you can stop others from taking what is yours from you. You’re father…don’t ever forget how he died.

Interesting…it’s kind of like he’s telling that boy to hold his grudge and get back at Tae San. I’m sure that’s not the real meaning necessarily…but I don’t think Tae San would approve of our stoic manager’s words to the grieving teen. Again, I says that if circumstances were different, Kyung Soo and Baek would get along well. Neither are inherently bad men, they have just done bad things based on their circumstances.

Mi So goes back home all depressed from her job interview. She explains to Jong Hee about where she was and how she doesn’t believe she’ll get the job. Jong Hee then says there is a cooking contest where the winner gets money and has the opportunity to get hired in at a food development company. This is perfect to Mi So who can do this and earn money to open her own store. This immediately makes her happy and excited. Yes, go for it Mi So-ssi. It just so happens that there is a meeting about the contest and a tasting of past winners coming up. Funny how all these convenient situations pop up all the time in drama land when they hardly ever crop up in real life.

Yoo Jung barges into Myung Ja’s office and the annoyed president tells her to have a seat. So why is Yoo Jung mad? She broke up Yoo Jung’s development team. Myung Ja says that it is a dead team that only wastes money—like with the Parel fiasco. Yoo Jung angrily asserts that was Na Young’s revenge and Myung Ja knows it. This flusters Myung Ja. Dude, if Yoo Jung didn’t already know the truth, Myung Ja’s reaction is a dead giveaway. Does she have proof? If not, how can she say that? Yoo Jung then complains about Min Jae being overly concerned with his private life that he doesn’t spare the company any mind. That very morning he was dozing off in the meeting! If he has no interest in the company, then the least he can do is be quieter in his personal life. Assa! I especially love how Yoo Jung then reminds Myung Ja that her son’s success is not from his efforts alone. Too true.

Myung Ja then angrily refers to Yoo Jung using the word “dangshin.” While this word can be saying “you” affectionately between couples, etc., it has a derogatory and inferior meaning as well, thus Yoo Jung’s annoyance at Myung Ja using that term to refer to her. Yoo Jung says that Myung Ja may think of trying to cut off her powers by destroying her team, but Yoo Jung won’t go down that easily. Yoo Jung goes to leave and Myung Ja, angry as well, complains about how Yoo Jung pushed her way in with money when she knew nothing about the business. Yoo Jung smirks and calls her ignorant. Not money, but strong financial backing. The worked up Yoo Jung goes back to her office where he assistant comes in with research on the best ideas from 2005 until now. Yoo Jung angrily throws the stacks of files on the ground saying she wants new ideas, not old ones. Their necks are on the line and she asks for an emergency planning meeting. The assistant rushes out and we see a file with Mi So’s name on it. Hmmm. I think it would be very fitting for Yoo Jung to bring Mi So in to destroy Myung Ja and Min Jae.

Mi So and Jong Hee leave the contest information session excited. They are allowed to have two people working together, so the two will form a team. Mi So is happily thinking about submitting several recipes for a greater chance at winning at least a cash prize. Jong Hee is all for this, but Mi So is also worried about the competition and coming up with new ideas. Jong Hee assures her things will be fine and says that if they win it’s like 5 million won, plus you get top food people mentoring you for a year! Nice deal.

The two go home where Jong Hee tries to dissuade Mi So from going out to sell since she has been busy all day. Of course Mi so won’t hear of it. Jong Hee goes to put money in her purse and finds Mi So’s bracelet from the orphanage. Mi So says she keeps it with her as a charm and to feel close to her biological mother. Jong Hee asks why she just doesn’t wear the bracelet. Because she doesn’t want to upset her adoptive family. Jong Hee assures Mi So that her father isn’t that kind of man. True, but she still doesn’t want to unintentionally hurt him.

Mi So is selling her kimbap and sandwiches when she recalls Kyung Soo’s phone call and worries over him again. A man then comes up top buy from her and a teen uses this opportunity to snatch her purse, which she and the customer don’t notice at all. Enter Baek and his men. Looks like he’s giving Mi So plenty of business. Awww. He’s helping her out without even knowing she’s his beloved Eun Joo. It’s fate, I tell ya. The kid then runs into his men and drops the purse. He doesn’t pick it up and just runs off. Baek goes over and picks it up and is shocked to find Eun Joo’s bracelet inside. He immediately looks up. Meanwhile, Mi So finally notices her purse is gone. Where did it go? She literally asks that. Mi So goes home all depressed. This confuses Jong Hee and Chan Ki. Jong Hee asks her what is wrong and scolds Mi So for not being more careful. She then asks if there was important documents and lots of money in there. No. But her bracelet was in the purse. Mi So wonders how she can find her most important bracelet.

Baek is sitting at home holding the bracelet when he gets a call from his men saying they can’t find the kid. Baek tells them to get everyone out searching as they know what the kid looks like, right? He hangs up and recalls stopping Na Young from smashing it and returning it to the happy Mi So. He sighs. Meanwhile, Mi So is still upset. She will go back and look for it just in case she might have lost the bracelet and purse elsewhere. Jong Hee and Mi So then reminisce about their pasts. Jong Hee talks about missing her first lov on occasion. Is there any one Mi So misses like that? Not a first love, but she misses her oppa from the orphanage. Awww. She misses him, too. As a brother only, of course. She wishes to know where he is and what he is doing. Would they be able to recognize each other now? Obviously not given how often they’ve met already.

Oh is cussing out Kyung Soo for daring to sue him for ownership rights over the building. Kyung Soo says that Gu is dead. Tae San says that man’s death is not his fault at all. Kyung Soo reminds him of backing out of the deal and Tae San is livid. Kyung Soo tells his father-in-law that he is giving him one chance to do the right thing before taking action. Of course, Tae San won’t do the right thing. He dares Kyung Soo to try as he will regret going against him. At the law firm, Kyung Soo is being attacked by angry tenants for Gu’s death and Tae San not honoring the agreement. Chan Ki gets between them and Kyung Soo and assures them that Kyung Soo is working hard to build a case against Tae San Capital and will sue the company. Of course, the tenants don’t believe this. Poor Kyung Soo says nothing and you know he’s taking this all very hard.

Chan Ki tells the girls back at home what is going on at the firm and about Gu’s death. Chan Ki says it reminds him so much of their father’s case. Jong Hee then curses Tae San Capital saying they need to be brought down. Mi So then asks about Kyung Soo. Chan Ki explains that Kyung Soo was quite rattled and left without saying where he was going. Chan Ki says if he was in Kyung Soo’s shoes, he’d be looking for a cliff to jump off. This makes Mi So rush into the bedroom to call him up. Her calls goes to voice mail and she is even more worried.

So, where as our lawyer gone off to? He’s visiting his brother Kyung Min’s remains. He talks how about how he misses his brother and wishes to see him. He wanted to be a good little brother that his hyung could be proud of…where did things go wrong? He apologizes for not doing as his brother told him which led to people getting hurt. Meanwhile, Hae Ryung is starting to freak out over Kyung Soo’s disappearance. She goes out to her father and demands to know what happened with Kyung Soo that he’s not home, at work, or not answering his phone. Tae San says Kyung Soo is an adult and there is nothing to worry about. Oh then asks how long she will obsess over her husband. It’s all because Hae Ryung did something to his brother that Oh took him in that he’s suffering because of him now. Hae Ryung reminds her father of his promise to be good to Kyung Soo, but Oh doesn’t care any more. When he keeps mentioning Kyung Min Hae Ryung screams at him to stop and rushes to her room. Yoo Jung wonders what is up, but Tae San refuses to tell her.

In the bedroom, Hae Ryung recalls Kyung Min telling her to end things with Kyung Soo because his little brother is NOT the reason she can’t dance. Hae Ryung refuses to do this and promises to treat him well. Kyung Min does not like this. If she won’t tell, then he will. He goes to wheel himself away and Hae Ryung grabs his wheelchair and shoves it down the stairs. The rotten psycho! Meanwhile Kyung Soo is out drinking and he envisions his brother comforting him and telling him he’s always on his side.

Mi So goes to text Kyung Soo as she is sitting up worrying about him when she gets a call. She rushes out to meet him and scolds him. Kyung Soo says he is having a hard time right now. He wishes to fix things, but how did they get so out of hand and he become so bad? Mi So asks who called him a bad person. She knows he is a good and warm person. You can tell how happy that makes him. Mi So hesitates and then pulls our depressed lawyer into a hug. Sooooo touching. It’s nice to see their relationship grow.


Kyung Soo leaves the Oh house! Huzzah! Hae Ryung tries to keep him by reminding him of the accident and he says he has known already for a long time that the reason she can’t dance is NOT because of him. Wow. Tae San is livid with Kyung Soo’s actions and his reporter friend comes back into the picture as well. Meanwhile, Jong Hee wants Mi So to confess, but she refuses. Mi So wonders if she should let go of someone so they don’t struggle because of her. I have a feeling she may be referring to Kyung Soo. No! You can’t let him go. Kyung Soo asks if were to ask her to start over with him, would she wait for him?

Liking the progress. The pace has picked up a bit since the whole long kidnapping and abuse part.


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