Crazy Love Episode 37 Recap

I love Kyung Soo’s happy smile—it’s infectious.

we open with Kyung Soo calling up Mi So asking where she is and meeting her by the river. When he sees her wearing his shoes he smiles happily. She’s caught. Mi So looks down and quickly puts on her own shoes looking very embarrassed. She apologizes for wearing his shoes and he asks if she went to his office the other day. Mi So says that she did to return his shoes. She gives him them back and goes to leave, but he asks her to stay.

Mi So arrives home looking positively flummoxed. Or just out of it. We flashback and Kyung Soo says that night on the island wasn’t a mistake!!!! He sincerely meant it. [You can’t see me right now, but I’m doing a happy dance.] Kyung Soo then returns to his office grinning from ear to ear and we get him telling Mi So about Chan Ki telling him that Mi So made a special lunch for someone and Chan Ki thinks it is a person she likes…could that person possibly be him? He’s right, isn’t he? Mi So gets all flustered, but before she can say anything coherent, Kyung Soo says he has already confirmed it when he saw her wear his shoes. Mi So says he is a nice person and she was swayed. She must be out of her mind. Kyung Soo says that he knows she feels the same way for him as he does for her. Oh yeah. Unfortunately…he’s still married. Chan Ki comes into Kyun Soo’s office and the lawyer quickly hides the shoes. Seeing Kyung Soo’s happy expression he asks if something good happened. Kyung Soo stays tight lipped. But you know he is happy.

Jong Hee and Chan Ki discuss who Mi So could have a crush on. They just don’t know. Jong Hee tells Chan Ki that no matter who it is, they need to be supportive of Mi So taking the courage to date once more. Chan Ki will not agree to this. Mi So already had one knight in shining armor that turned into a beast. Chan Ki now plans on thoroughly investigating and testing the men out first to ensure that Mi So won’t get hurt again. Enter Mi So. Jong Hee tells Mi So what Chan Ki said about vetting the man she dates. The two then try to get her to spill her beans, but Mi So refuses and tells them to stop joking around. She then shuts herself into her room and recalls Kyung Soo talking about liking her once more.

So…gag me. Min Jae moves Na Young into the Lee house and caters to her every whim since she is pregnant and he wants to ensure a healthy baby. Meh. I mean, nothing wrong with a wanting a healthy baby, but there is nothing physically wrong with Na Young to warrant waiting on her hand and foot. The girl is unpacking and smiling about how this room is finally hers. However, she won’t live like Mi So getting disrespected and put down all of the time. Riiiight. We’ll see how her life in the Lee house turns out. Myung Ja arrives home and is livid to find her son cooking for Na Young. Myung Ja rushes into Min Jae’s room and immediately lights into Na Young who says she insists that she told Min Jae this was all unnecessary, but he’s worried. Besides, doesn’t Myung Ja remember what it was like when she carried him? enter Min Jae who rushes into the room pushing his mother aside so he can hand feed that…that…refraining from strong profanity…gijibae. Myung Ja can’t tolerate this disgusting display (can’t say as I blame her) and angrily slams out of the room which has Min Jae saying his mom is driving him crazy and he immediately asks if she’s okay. Again, not in a fragile state. Yes, I know the first trimester is the easiest to lose a baby if you’re not careful, but the woman is obviously in good healthy and not in danger of losing the baby unless under constant stress or in an accident.

Kyung Soo goes to work where Gu waits for him and begs for Kyung Soo’s mercy. Kyung Soo is horrified to learn from Gu that his father-in-law did not honor the agreement at all and him and all of his tenants who signed the agreement will be ruined if they do not receive the promised compensation. Chan Ki witnesses this display and Kyung Soo asks Gu to meet with him in his office. Kyung Soo apologizes for the man not receiving compensation and Gu says that it isn’t his doing, but Oh’s. Gu then sobs about how that was the first building he worked hard to buy/build and he opened up to others with a promise to never raise rent so they can work hard towards their dreams as well. Those tenants became his family. Kyung Soo says that he is so ashamed right now and will talk to his father-in-law. We all know how well talking to Oh about being lenient and fair goes.

Baek is with Tae San who kicks him in the shin. Didn’t he tell his “manager” that Gu is not allowed to set foot near there? So how could Baek allow him to come and cause such a big scene. Baek apologizes and Tae San orders him to have Gu sent to the police if he comes around again. Enter Kyung Soo. Baek leaves and Kyung Soo immediately asks what happened with the compensation. Oh says he is in business for money, not to help others. Thus, he would rather pay the penalty versus paying the compensation (because the penalty is less, I guess). Kyung Soo says he cannot do that since the tenants have signed the agreement and have also taken on new leases believing they will have the compensation money to help. Tae San says this is how he does business and he has technically done nothing illegal and will happily pay the penalty if the tenants sue. This does not make Kyung Soo happy.

Tae San then demands to know why his son-in-law is being so obstinate about this. He tells Kyung Soo once more that he is not paying out any more money than he needs to. Kyung Soo, with his best puppy dog expression asks, “So, you used me?” Well…duh. Did his father-in-law use him to help scam those people out of money? Of course! Tae San then gets miffed. How dare Kyung Soo look at him like that? Kyung Soo says that if Tae San plans on going through with not paying, then he will not stand for it. Tae San jumps up. Who does Kyung Soo think he is? Did he forget who paid for his education and helped his family? Kyung Soo reiterates that he will not stand for such actions any more and he will do whatever he needs to even if it means disobeying Tae San and going against him. Kyung Soo has decided to right all the wrongs. Tae San shakes in anger and raises his hand…but something stops him from slapping his son-in-law. What is it? It’s not like Kyung Soo had a death glare, just a resolute expression. When Tae San lowers his hand, Kyung Soo takes his leave.

Outside, Baek waits by Kyung Soo’s car. Kyung Soo then asks if Baek knew about the compensation issue. Baek says it is not his job to know. He then asks if Kyung Soo really wasn’t aware of just what kind of man Oh Tae San is. Very true, very true. I think…if circumstances were different…Baek and Kyung Soo actually might have been good friends.

Kyung Soo arrives back at his office where he is greeted by Chan Ki. Kyung Soo gives a cursory greeting back before calling his assistant for all of the takeover files. His assistant comes in with them and asks why he suddenly wants them. Because compensation isn’t being paid out. Ah. If the delay in compensation continues, Kyung Soo will make a motion to do…something about waiving authority rights…legalese that makes no sense to me. This shocks his assistant. He will go up against Tae San Capital and take away their ownership rights? Of course. His assistant worries, but Kyung Soo assures him that everything will be okay. Riiight. It won’t. I mean…Tae San has a pretty large reach and being Hae Ryung’s husband can only spare Kyung Soo so much. It’s too early to bring Tae San down anyways.

Chan Ki comes home and tells his noona about the tense atmosphere at the office and explains what he witnessed earlier. Enter Moon Do. He tells his kids to sit down and tells them the news that Jong hee has decided to shut down the factory since they are getting less money and the machines keep breaking. This means Moon Do is out of a job, too. Moon Do says that is not the point. After paying back all that needs to be paid, she doesn’t have the money left to live in her own place. Moon Do’s solution? Let’s bring Jong Hee to live with them. This way they will be able to better handle the rent increase when their lease is up. Chan Ki gets riled up and refuses to accept Jong Hee into their house (because he has a crush on her) and he storms off like a little child. In the bedroom, he keeps recalling the near kiss with Jong Hee. He must stop her from moving in at all costs.

The next morning Chan Ki is shocked to find Jong Hee in their house and to learn she has already moved in. He yells and goes back into the bedroom where he peeks out only to grin like an idiot. He shakes himself out of his stupor and reminds himself over and over again that she is not a woman. Meanwhile, Hae Ryung tells Kyung Soo breakfast is ready, but he refuses to eat. Hae Ryung wishes to know what happened between him and her father, but Kyung Soo refuses to tell her or eat with him. Kyung Soo bids his respects and leaves. Tae San badmouths him for being ungrateful like his dead brother. Hae Ryung overhears this and angrily asks if her father talked about his dead hyung. Tae San actually yells at her for marrying Kyung Soo and bringing him into the family, shocking both Hae Ryung and Tae San.

Hae Ryung goes back into their bedroom and she recalls a conversation she overheard between Kyung Soo and his deceased brother. Seo didn’t want his brother to marry Hae Ryung out of guilt or obligation. Kyung Soo asks if this is because he doesn’t like Hae Ryung. No, it’s because Seo knows his brother doesn’t love her. Kyung Soo says marriage doesn’t have to be about love. He then promised his brother that since he was so bothered by him marrying Hae Ryung that he wouldn’t do it. So is that what partly lead to the crash? The girl starts freaking out and shakily takes her meds. It’s all in the past. It’s all in the past.

At the Lee house, Na Young starts freaking out when she recalls Baek asking her about knowing where Eun Joo is. Baek won’t really look for Eun Soo will he? The panicking Na Young puts in a call to Mr. Awesomeness. He asks what she wants and she asks him if he is really thinking about looking for Eun Joo. Baek reminds her that she said she didn’t know Eun Joo’s whereabouts. She doesn’t, but him talking about Eun Joo had her curious. So…will he look for the girl? If he finds her will he meet her? Impossible, right? He wouldn’t want his precious Eun Joo who thought of him as a loving older brother to see him know, right? Baek says nothing and just hangs up. Sigh. He then picks up his wallet and pulls out the picture with him and Eun Joo. Brotherly concern and affection or something deeper and slightly more disturbing (only in that it seems odd for a child to harbor more than puppy love for 20+ years)?

At the office, Kyung Soo is hard at work when he picks up a book with an inscription from his brother about how he wishes Kyung Soo will be a person to bring hope to others. Kyung Soo then recalls when his hyung gave him that book.

No matter who’s side you stand on, make sure you stand firm in your belief. If you always follow your beliefs, you won’t do anything you’ll regret, and that’s all you need.

Ah, no wonder Kyung Soo talks about feeling badly about letting his family down. Plus, his brother was going to be a judge until he got a terminal illness. Kyung Soo is not bad, he just made a bad decision. If he lives by his brother’s (and father’s) advice from now on, I think he’ll be okay.

Mi So delivers forgotten documents to Chan Ki who thanks her quickly for bringing them and rushing back inside as the firm is hopping right now. Mi So goes to leave as Kyung Soo exits the building. He calls out to her and she turns. Awkward. The two go for coffee and Kyung Soo apologizes for not calling as he’s been busy. Mi So assures him this is okay and we get a sardonic smile. Right…she’s not waiting around for him to call. Mi So asserts that isn’t the case and then asks about what Chan Ki told her about Tae San capital. Kyung Soo smiles. He feels better having her worry over him, but it’s a bit embarrassing as he was hoping she wouldn’t find out about it. Kyung Soo says that another person is struggling because of him. He doesn’t like that and he will not make the same mistake twice. He will do whatever he can to help them. Kyung Soo says this is partly because of Mi So. He then asks for her help. If he should hesitate or stray, can she hold him tightly on to the right track? Mi So nods.

Kyung Soo gets a call from a police officer at a hospital saying that Gu was in a car accident and is in critical condition. He is asking for Kyung Soo. Our lawyer is horrified by this news.


Gu passes away and Kyung Soo refuses to drop the lawsuit. Tae San then blames Hae Ryung for the whole thing because of what she did to Kyung Soo’s brother. Say what!? I’m not 100% sure, but it looks like Baek bumps into a thief who has stolen Mi So’s purse and the bracelet from her mother ends up falling to the ground which he immediately recognizes as Eun Joo’s. Kyung Soo is depressed and wondering how he can right himself after becoming so bad. Mi So hugs him and tells him that he’s not bad, he’s a good and caring person.


  • I can’t wait for Baek to find out that Mi So is Eun Joo. I keep waiting and waiting for that to happen. I really want to know what his reaction towards Na Young is gonna be. And Kyung Soo needs to hurry up and get a divorce! I wonder how many total episodes this show is gonna be. I hope the ending isn’t tragic but from the intro to the show I don’t think it’ll be a happy ending.

  • Thanks for the recap. So may revealing things in this one episode. Drama Queen (Atorney Seo wife) may have contributed to Attorney Seo brother’s death. Drama Queen’s dad is a douche bag with no heart. No wonder is daughter is crazy like that. To him is all about money and nothing else. Cannot wait until it backfires and he starts to lose everything. Baek getting closer to finding out our Mi Soo really is and that bitch Na Young panicking. Please panic because once he finds out you and your hubby will never be the same. Mi Soo and Attorney Seo admitting their feelings for each other even though it may be a little strain because of their circumstances. Mi Soo ‘s brother is so funny and I hope the relationship between him and Mi Soo’s friend develop also.

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