30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 – Day 7

An intriguing question…

07. Do you watch Asian dramas for their storyline, actors/actresses or both?

It’s kind of 50/50. I might read a plot for a drama first and then take a look to see if I know anyone in the cast to see if there is further incentive for me to watch it if I’m borderline about the plot. I might also hear about a new drama for an actor I like and thus check out the plot to see if it’s worth watching. I will admit to giving dramas a shot even if I think the plot sounds horrible just because there is an actor in it that I like.

Either way, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised and other times I am horribly disappointed. The thing is that plot synopses are greatly misleading – especially those by the company themselves. They make a drama sound like one thing and then you start watching it and you’re like this drama is anything like the synopsis at all. It’s like trailers. I remember in elementary school when Congo came out. My summer school teacher went to see it and complained about how awful it was. The best of the movie was in the trailer, after that it kind of stank.

It really is amazing how packaging and promotion can make you think something is bound to be good (added bonus if it stars a beloved actor) only to have it turn out that the packaging is all that glitters about it.

I watched Shining Inheritance because of the plot. Sure, it’s a typical kdrama Cinderella-type plot, but that intrigued me back then and I really didn’t know any Korean actors or actresses to have a favorite to make me want to watch the drama. I fell in love with it. I started watching Natsu Nijii because of Matsu Jun and the plot sounded like it could be interesting. 4 episodes in and I was disappointed and stopped watching. I don’t know if I’ll finish it or not. But it just goes to show that some things work and some things don’t. I don’t care if I like an actor, I’ll drop a drama like a hot potato of the plot is abysmal now. I might change my mind and give it another try and realize it wasn’t as bad as I first thought or I’ll confirm it really was and will never touch it again.


  • I really hate it when they put all the best moments in the trailer 😦 So many American movies do that nowadays (cough, 21 and over cough)

    • I know. It makes me hesitate to go see movies anymore (plus, they cost a small fortune to see nowadays and I don’t have any one to go with as my friends all live out of state).

  • Yeah, it’s $18 to see a movie now, and $20 to buy a bucket of popcorn and 2 drinks! Pretty crazy. I don’t tend to watch movies very often, i’d rather watch a drama.

    I found the synopsis of Can You Hear My Heart to be wrong. It says something about Bong Woori pretending to be stupid because of her Dad. Yeah, that wasn’t her character at all, lol.

    • I know!!! She wasn’t pretending to be dumb at all! She did take on some of her father’s traits, but nowhere did we see her act dumb ( unless u count her pretending not to see Maru’s real feelings ).

      • And even that was more pretending to be ignorant, rather than dumb. The first time i read the synopsis, I thought it was just that website that had it wrong, but then I realised that nope, it’s that synopsis for every drama site, lol

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