30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Set 2 – Day 6

This is a variation from a question from the first set in the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge.

06. Favorite Asian drama OST?

The last question was your favorite instrumental. This is a favorite OST as a whole. I have to say…no OST will probably ever be my favorite because I love music too much. These are just some top picks.


Sunao ni Narenakute
Yes, there are other great soundtracks out there for other Japanese dramas, but there was just something about the music in this one. I liked how they utilized English music, but the main themes were Japanese. For a full list of all the music used in the drama, see the OST post. I’m sure I may have used the music here for a favorite insert song of the last challenge, but this is for the ENTIRE soundtrack. Which, by the by, never had an official release that I know of.

This was just filled with intense instrumentals as well as some great themes by flumpool. I have a huge like for bands signed to A-sketch. You can see the full track list for both seasons on the OST post.


Another drama that never had an official OST release. So…no BGM music available and you just have to go through the drama to see if you can figure out all the songs used. But, that being said, I loved all the music in here, especially Jiro Wang’s solo version of “Momo.”

Devil Beside You
Who can forget Rainie’s poignant “Ai Mei”? Or all of Yida Huang’s contributions? And the opening title’s translation is “Jerk” and really fit Mike He’s devilish character who was a jerk, but one with a lot of scars (and mommy issues) who just wanted to be loved. Too bad I couldn’t find official videos for David Tao and XL’s songs.


Bu Bu Jing Xin
This topped my list for favorite instrumental OST. But the themes are amazing, too! This just has overall beautiful music.

My Bratty Princess
I can’t find an official soundtrack release for this drama either…However, the music was great! The tracks by Jang Nara and Alec Su were good, especially their duet. And the instrumentals of this series were great. Why no official releases for the soundtracks I love the most?


Boys Before Flowers
This soundtrack will haunt me for the rest of my life, I swear (in good and bad ways). “Almost Paradise” is forever imprinted on my brain. “Because I’m Stupid” – oh such a great song.

Full House
“I think I” by Byul…Such a great song and the reason I started really getting into Korean music. The instrumentals were awesome as well as the other regular tracks.

And…Full House Take 2
I do like the songs. Kudos to Park Ki Woong for taking on a rapping and singing role when he’s just only ever acted. He was, thankfully, not awful.

Haven’t finished the drama, but LOVE the soundtrack.


  • This is much easier than picking a favourite instrumental OST, lol. I remember when I first heard SHINee’s Stand By Me. Originally I thought it was just a SHINee song, before realising it was in Boys Over Flowers, and I didn’t like it because it just sounded like a bad 80’s ballad. I still think that, but the more i listened to it, the less I disliked it, lol

    • It’s amazing how songs that you initially don’t like start to grow on you. I didn’t really like Sherlock and all of a sudden I find myself singing “I’m so curious, yeahhhh” lol.

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